BrainCube [Puzzle]

BrainCube is a mind-boggling puzzle map where your focus, intelligence and patience will be tested. Every single room is made out of 7×7 blocks in the map and consists of a puzzle with at least one solution for you to figure out.

Feel free to test anything you can come up with as redstone alternatives have made testing several alternatives possible.

Creator: GOnZO


  • Never break blocks
  • Play on peaceful
  • Never ride minecarts

screenshot-2015-04-03-15-02 screenshot-2015-04-03-15-03 screenshot-2015-04-03-15-04 screenshot-2015-04-03-15-04_2


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4 Responses

  1. urmumgaylol says:


  2. José David says:

    The link doesn’t work…

  3. Rowan Alfar says:

    Is it possible to download with only an IOS device?

  4. Mcpedl lover says:

    Oh yeah

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