BrainGames 3 [Puzzle]

BrainGames 3 is a puzzle map which takes advantage of some of the new redstone features in 0.15. In total there are 10 different levels and in each one you will find yourself in a room with a complex task. It’s a great map to stimulate your brain and improve your intelligence while playing Minecraft. If you enjoy this one you can try one of the other BrainGames maps.

Creator: AndrejHQ, Twitter Account


  • Keep all items you find
  • Don’t break blocks unless told to do so

brain-games-3-3 brain-games-3-2

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8 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Crafter says:

    Very good minigame

  2. kcirtap5002 says:

    Can u pls do on al your BrainGames a McWorld File? I only can play maps with a file from McWorld

  3. justice says:

    hey i made a yt video on this map check it out here:
    tell me when you make brain games 4

  4. Deacimalbeetle41 says:

    Too easy

  5. DeathCop4000 says:

    This is off topic and should be posted on the seed section .
    Dear Editor , You post many great seeds on , since there isn’t a really good flat seed (time was a really good seed on 0.7.0 but it was a old world) for people who are wants to build a house on a very wide flat area but with a lively environment. I found a seed! I didn’t find really it , just randomly typed in something and boom ! A huge plains biome! The seed is Roulette . I would appdeciate it if you upload it on mcpedl . Also if you find a village or two , you can take credit for that. Thanks and bye!

  6. PhantomBro95 says:

    There is Nothing in the zip file
    Please Fix..

    • Editor says:

      Yes there is. Sometimes no name is displayed but only a folder. Try looking inside that empty looking folder and you’d find the map.

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