BrewingPE is a mod which lets you brew potions through the use of alchemy. Combine items such as spider eyes and ghast tears with nether wart to make powerful potions. The potions can then be used to experience boosts and special effects.

The fact is that brewing is originally a feature for the PC version of Minecraft which yet hasn’t made its way into Minecraft PE, until now.

Creator: MyNameIsAnti


To get started with the brewing process you should begin by crafting or getting the following items:

  • Brewing Stand (502) 3 cobblestones + 1 gold ingot
  • Glass Bottle (374) – 3 glass blocks
  • Glistering Melon (408) – 8 gold nuggets + 1 melon slice
  • Golden Carrot (407) – 8 gold nuggets + 1 carrot
  • Nether Wart (372) – zombie pigmen drop them
  • Melon (360)

Place down the Brewing Stand on the ground.


Tap on the Brewing Stand to open the brewing user interface.

In our example we will brew a Potion of Healing with the use of Nether Wart and a melon slice.

On the left-hand side of the brewing window you can see the available items to use. Tap on the Water Bottles to add them to the brewing and then tap on a Nether Wart to add it as well (zombie pigmen drop Nether Wart).


After a 2-4 seconds the Nether Wart will disappear and your bottles will have turned into Awkward Potions. They are still not Potions of Healing so lets continue by tapping on a melon slice to add it to the brewing.


After another 2-4 seconds your bottles should have shifted into a red color. Tap on them to retrieve the potions to your inventory.


The Potion of Healing can then be used by tapping on the ground to refill your health.

Brewing Items & Recipes

  • Potion of Healing (379) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Melon Slice
  • Potion of Night Vision (376) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Golden Carrot
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (377) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Magma Cream
  • Potion of Swiftness (380) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Sugar
  • Potion of Regeneration (381) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Ghast Tear
  • Potion of Strength (382) – 1 Nether Wart, then 1 Blaze Powder
  • Awkward Potion (375) – 1 Nether Wart

Other Block/Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Nether Wart (372) – zombie pigmen drop them
  • Water Bottle (373) – tap on some water with a glass bottle to fill it
  • Glass Bottle (374) – 3 glass blocks
  • Spider Eye (326) – spiders drop them
  • Golden Carrot (407) – 1 carrot + 8 golden nuggets
  • Glistering Melon (408) – 1 melon slice + 8 golden nuggets
  • Golden Nugget (371) – 1 golden ingot
  • Magma Cream (409) – zombie pigmen drop them
  • Ghast Tear (410) – zombie pigmen drop them
  • Blaze Powder (411) – zombie pigmen drop them
  • Brewing Stand (502) – 3 cobblestones + 1 gold ingot
  • Spawn Ghast (412) – get it with Too Many Items
  • Spawn Blaze (413) – get it with Too Many Items

Important Install Info

The mod only works with the new BlockLauncher BETA. You can get it here: http://t.co/pIgLOjmXPG

Download (Dropbox)
Download (File-Upload)

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16 Responses

  1. asddsa says:

    can i use this in 2019?

  2. Ejmcpe says:

    How to use zip mods?

  3. Magnus says:

    I like potions there awesome.

  4. niek says:

    Fire recistance does not work

  5. Alex Mercer says:

    Hey mod creator can you help me on how to install it or something because when i download it its a zip. and i can’t open it in my android so i download it in a computer then it extract it in a folder and what I will do to the texture thing ? It would be help full if you can help me for an instruction on downloading it 😀

  6. Aradhya Kunwar says:

    me too!!

  7. N_DReW25 says:

    Also fire resistance potions have no effect

  8. N_DReW25 says:

    The Brewing interface looks very familiar to a concept made before 0.8.1 and you never said anything about ghast spawning

    This is got to be the greatest mod in existence

  9. sparky says:

    Could you please add splash potions and incorporate anvils and enchanted books for armour and weapons into the mod

  10. Jennifer says:

    I love MINECRAFT because it is made out of blocks

  11. Aradhya Kunwar says:

    how do u drink potions and swiftness potions r poison potions and ghasts randomly spawn I got attacked by one

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