Bricksville City 2.0 Preview

Having a big ang realistic styled city that over a 70+ buildings at total and 1000 houses on neighborhood. And added a Estates for additional living purposes and added a new lines of railway.

In the City you can explore it.

Choose your house at a neighborhood.

Riding a automatic railway. 

Having a safe ride with a train doors.

And much, much more!

I add Some Resources Pack to ensure that you’re in the real Hong Kong City Servers.


This resource is can’t work on some devices due to additional assets that I add on a file like sounds and paintings.

Let’s take a look for some detailed  screenshots on the City.

Taller Buildings



Railways and houses on the neighborhood

Fully refurnished buildings.

And that’s it on the Main City

And this is how people can live in the city.

Introducing the Estates Street.

Another features here in this city.

The Central Station

And the Orbital Line Railway

You can watch it here

This map only supports MCPE .

Changelog View more

Central Station

Orbital Line Railway

Beach Remove for expanding the city

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Ok no adfly but MediaFire.?


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. hellojk says:

    i love this so much!! but i have a request could you possible make the house from the movie poltergeist 2015 remake?

  2. Rayvex says:

    hHi can i use it at my LifeSimulator i tried to make my Own map but it take me 1 day just to build one house i wish u agreed to me that i can use your map also imma credit you??

  3. JMCbrine says:

    Sorry Guys for this update. I made this on caused by bugs and glitches while I made this.


  4. Why did you make it for the new beta

  5. JMCbrine says:

    Next Update of this city is currently planned and the date of submission of the next update. You can visit on my page on Facebook JMCbrine for more info.

  6. Guest-1084459501 says:

    thank you for using media fire

  7. Guest-2736657494 says:

    Wowowowowow amazing?

  8. Are the buildings uniquely furnished? Without cloning?

  9. BraveWheat5405 says:

    Cool map

  10. Guest-9735644128 says:


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