Bugs Addon | Improvement Update

Do you want to add some bugs into your life?

Then this is the add-on for you!!!

Please Note that this add-on only adds a few bugs and the bugs may not be very high quality as it is my first add-on. This add-on is an inspiration of the Erebus mod so enjoy!

This add-on adds 13 creatures and does NOT spawn naturally. 



HP: 35

Attack: 7

Drops: Blood

The mosquito is a powerful mob that can swarm you and will attack certain mobs, once killed it will drop blood.


HP: 25

Attack: 5

Drops: None

A dragonfly is hostile but is weak due to its damage and health. It does not attack any mobs except the player.


Hp: 65

Attack: 8

Drops: Scorpion Legs

The scorpion is one of the deadliest mobs in the add-on because of it’s health and also inflicts poison for 30 seconds.

Rhino Beetle:

Hp: 75

Attack: 12

Drops: Rhino Beetle Plates, and Rhino Beetle Horn

Rhino Beetles are extremely powerful due to their high hp and damage which can 2-hit a player.


Hp: 25

Attack: 0 

Drops: Larva

The larva is a passive mob which does not grow into anything yet.


Hp: 4

Attack: 1

Drops: None

Fly’s are pretty harmless and just annoying.

Pinch Beetle:

Hp: 100

Attack: 15

Drops: None

Pinch Beetles can tank many hits and can fling you into the air.

Hercules Beetle:

Hp: 90

Attack: 20

Drops: None

They are not as strong as a Pinch Beetle but they can pack a punch and also will fling you into the air. 

Black Widow:

Hp: 60

Attack: 5

Drops: String, Spider Eyes, and Webs

The Black Widow attack damage is low but when hit it will give you the wither effect for 120 seconds.


Hp: 35

Attack: 3

Drops: None

Ladybugs are tamable mobs using melons, they are as fast as your average horse and will not fight by your side.


Hp: 200

Attack: 3

Drops: None

They are extremely tanky mobs which are tamable using rotten flesh, just like the ladybug it will not fight by your side but a little faster than the ladybug.

Diamond Jewel Beetle:

Hp: 45

Attack: 0

Drops: Diamond Blocks, Diamonds

It is a passive mob which drops nice loot.

Emerald Jewel Beetle:

Hp: 55

Attack: 0

Drops: Emerald Blocks, Emeralds

They are a little big bigger and have more health which also are useful do to their nice drops!



Nutrition: 1

Effects: Nausea, and Hunger for 15 seconds.

Cooked Larva:

Nutrition: 6

Effects: Nausea for 3 seconds.

Scorpion Legs:

Nutrition: 3

Effects: None

Cooked Scorpion Legs:

Nutriton: 9

Effects: None


Nutrition: 1

Effects: Strength and Regeneration for 80 seconds.

Materials and Weapons

Rhino Beetle Plates: 

Uses: Rhino Beetle Chestplate

Rhino Beetle Horn:

Uses; Rhino Beetle Sword

Attack: 6

Rhino Beetle Chestplate:

Protection: 10

Rhino Beetle Sword: 

Attack: 12

Crafting Recipes:

Rhino Beetle Sword:

Rhino Beetle Chestplate:

Changelog View more

Better spawn egg textures!!!!!!!!!!!

Improved Dragonfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stronger Dragonfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fixed pack icons.

Added the Emerald Jewel Beetle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added the Diamond Jewel Beetle!!!!!!!!

added text for the ladybug and cockroach.

Added the Ladybug!!!!!

Added the Cockroach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Improved the Mosquito!

Increased the Mosquitos health to 35!!

Added Drops to mobs!

Added Scorpion legs!!!!!!

Added Larva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added Beetle Stuff!!!!!

fixed a bug get it

Added the Black Widow!!!

Improved Scorpion!!!!!

Scorpions now have 65 hp!!

1. Added the Pinch Beetle!!!!

2. Added the Hercules beetle!!!!!

3. Enlarged the Pinch Beetle.

4. All beetles will attack each other.

5. fixed stuff


1. Upgraded all pictures

2. Added the fly!!

3. fixed some stuff


1. I fixed the media-fire link for the behavior pack.


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17 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Metricraft says:

    Very good addon !!!, could you add everything that the erebus mod has? (armor, weapons, bosses, etc) would be great … if you need help in blockbench or something, I could help you

  2. PrestigePlayz says:

    This sucha great addon! Love the models. Could I have your permission to use and possibly edit your addon for a modpack I’m making? Which I’ll eventually post to MCPEDL and I’ll give you the credits.

  3. AlexCHY666 says:

    Actually, I prefer that the “bug” is “bug”(the one about computer, bsod)

  4. The Orespawner says:

    This reminds me of the bugs from orespawn so thats always nice. Also if you could add a little more textures that would be amazing (the models are good) also if you make them naturally spawn maybe make the bugs drop chitin so you could make chitin armor.

  5. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    The scorpion has the wrong amount of legs i would rate it 5 stars but that one thing bugs me, scorpions are arachnids meaning they have 8 legs not 6.

  6. You need an addon to get bugs in Bedrock Edition? Mine is already full of them…

    In all seriousness, this is pretty impressive for a first addon.


    More creatureeeeees

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