Building Wands Addon

This addon adds 5 new tools which allow you to build your worlds more easily. The wands can help you terraform, or clear out large areas. Works in the current version.


  • Air Wand (Removes Blocks)
  • Grass Wand (Fills Grass)
  • Sand Wand (Fills Sand) – turn off tile drops to decrease lag
  • Stone Wand (Fills Stone)
  • Kill Wand (Kills Nearby Entities)

The building wands will create/remove blocks in the direction you are facing making it simple to edit large areas by yourself or in multiplayer worlds with simple setup.

To receive all the wands, simply use the command /function wands


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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35 Responses

2.47 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-3000873798 says:

    The link doesnt work! ADFLY IS TERRIBLE!

  2. Guest-9882212526 says:


  3. Guest-6050332079 says:

    You have to save files for it to work

  4. Guest-1987880223 says:


  5. Guest-1424556836 says:

    Put myself in creative mode with experimental gameplay on and they don’t work.

  6. Guest-6752297908 says:

    Yeah did you turn on experimental gameplay?

  7. Guest-2123705813 says:

    Didn’t work 🙁

  8. SpringyMC says:

    This Addon after MACHINE_BUILDERS paintbrush addon releases: A D I O S A M I G O S

  9. carisa burns says:

    this mod is missing its dependcey is why it wont work


    Hmm it’s good but can you make an eye dropper wand for blocks for example a cobblestone, when i tap the cobblestone with a eyedropper wand the building wands will now build with cobblestone, Sorry for the late comment….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Use mediafire

  12. Emerio says:

    This doesn’t work fix it now or ill hunt you down

  13. CreepMeOut092 says:

    Good Service, Good Quality

  14. Alex says:

    Mmm recipes of wands?

  15. XxLLxX says:

    NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY message? I LIKE YOUR ADD ON BUT….NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY QUESTION CAN I ASK A QUESTION EDITOR?can you make a wither storm because it’s beautiful. it’s nice that the tentacles have animation and they have each stage. In any case no one answers my question no one even answers other editors I say but he doesn’t pay attention to the minute I go to him he didn’t see it

  16. Rockeous says:

    I don’t think this guy cares. He is mostly just money hungry and I’m not going to be clicking on the adfly at all. Fix the download link and I will try.

  17. AgentH14 says:

    this add-on doesn’t work when I type /function wands and nothing shows up in my hot bar or creative inventory either

  18. Micheal says:

    Does not work

  19. Moo-Craft says:

    Amazing! Works Great, at least on my version.
    If I find any bugs I will be sure to let you know.

  20. Emmanuel says:

    Please make a direct link. You have a awesome addon on your hands but you ruined it with adfly. I cant download it cause all the link does is bring you to then it shows a ad and thats all and some people refresh the page, Giving more money for you. Please give an actual download link instead of scamming people. Thanks. -Emmanuel

  21. Anonymous says:

    You made an awesome mod that would be extemely helpful but why you had to ruin it with adfly? I cant download it.. Just place a direct link instead of putting thesse scammy and unsafe links. Once u did that ill rethink about giving u 5 stars.

    • Rockeous says:

      I don’t think this guy cares. He is mostly just money hungry and I’m not going to be clicking on the adfly at all. Fix the download link and I will try.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is like worledit!

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