[1.4.0] bum_Crops!

Are you tired of the same old boring crops in Minecraft? Looking for something new, but don’t want to use an addon that fakes it with entities? Look no further!

Bumble Crops! introduces 11 new crops to your Minecraft world that can be accessed both in survival and creative modes! These crops are actual blocks and behave identically to the vanilla crops, being planted with seeds and then gradually growing over time until ready to harvest! Just like vanilla crops, you can also use bone meal to speed the process up if you’re impatient! if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

So what crops are currently included?


– low+slow saturation.
– planted on: farmland.


– low+fast saturation.
– planted on:  sand.

:: HOPS!

– slow+poor saturation.
– planted on: farmland.
—- NOTE: Planning on adding brewing/stilling in the future.. stay tuned..!


– fast+medium saturation.
– planted on: farmland.
—- NOTE: This crop will give speed 1 to the consumer for ~5 seconds, when eaten.


– supernatural+high saturation.
– planted on: farmland, podzol.


– inedible (an ingredient for crafted foods)
– can be thrown like a snowball (…because why not? c:   )
– planted on: farmland, podzol.


– turnip is proud and strong like ox. eat turnip and become strong, comrade!
– slow+medium saturation.
– planted on: farmland.


– fast+mild saturation.
– planted on: farmland, podzol.
—- NOTE: heals poison when consumed!
if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.


– fast+low saturation.
– planted on: sand.
– if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

:: Corn!

– first tall crop!
– dense, but you can still walk around it, similar to bamboo.
– corn crops inhibit jumping, also.
– decent saturation.
– planted  on: farmland.

:: Grapes! 

– dense!
– fast+low saturation.
– planted on: farmland+podzol.

There’s also a whole slew of recipes you can craft using the crops, with more to come!
Many of these consumables have extra effects that make them useful for survival, but I’m not going to spoil those here! Craft them for yourselves and see! c; if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.















Mobs —-


– wander aimlessly around the wilderness, collecting and trafficking rare and exotic crops!
– will sell you exotic seeds in exchange for emeralds.
– will also buy any exotic crops you’ve grown for emeralds… stonks!
– spawns anywhere animals can, but only on grass blocks!
– randomized exchanges!
– if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

.… and that’s about everything at the moment!

Special thanks to everyone active and involved in Bumble! It’s a really fun time and I’ve enjoyed all the creativity! I’d also like to give a special thanks to MarcosWX_YT for the inspiration! I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out without referencing his Ore Crops addon! if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

Remember to turn on all three experimental toggles:


Vex ( @Vex#3442 )
—-: general pixel art, crop textures, crop trader model+textures.
TempPenguin ( @Pineapple Gaming#4458 )
—-: pineapple textures.
Hiro Akiba ( @Hiro Akiba#9070 )
—-: strawberry+strawberry jam textures.
Clouddspiderr ( @clouddspiderr#8523 )
—-: behaviors, crop models, pack creation/organization.

if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.
if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

This content was developed for the modded SMP server, BumblecraftPlease only support original content hubs instead of websites that rely on theft/stealing content. If you’re stealing this content to upload on your own site *coughmcbedrockcough*, please remember that you are a dishonest and pathetic person. Be better.

The artwork assets are original and were created by Vex, TempPenguin, and Hiro Akiba of Team Bumble of BUMBLECRAFT.

1. In PRIVATE Modpacks!
2. On Youtube!
3. To Edit/Modify/Learn From.

… AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT!! (-    is that so much to ask? c:    -)
if this addon is anywhere but mcpedl; it has been stolen.

1. In Public Modpacks.
2. On Other Websites.
3. To Profit/Make Money.

Please enjoy this addon and I’ll be updating some of my old content soon, as well as dropping some new stuff. I hope everyone is staying safe and having fun!


Changelog View more

- The Aimless Horticulturist's spawn rate reduced.
---- she only carries five randomized exchanges at a time now.
---- she can only make a specific exchange five times total before it's exhausted.
---- has foxes because yes.
- fixed the eating  animation toggle for eating custom foods.

version 0.0.3:

- Aimless Horticulturist now gives rhubarb seeds instead of rhubarb (oops!).
---- Also now sells corn seeds + buys corn + grape seeds + grapes!
- Added Corn Crops!
---- first big crop! (huzzah!)
---- you cannot jump in corn!
---- corn is dense, but you can walk around in it. It's hitbox is roughly the size of bamboo.
- Added Grape Crops!
---- grape crops are dense and take up the full block!
- Added Grape Jam, too!

version 0.0.2:

- Aimless Horticulturists no longer have 9999 health; now has 21 health.
- fixed the use_duration for a few of the crops so that they didn't take so long to eat.
- updated and expanded the crop models; they look much.. plantier..?!
- updated textures for strawberry jam + cooked carrots.
- added rhubarb!
- rhubarb pie!
- sweet berry jam!
- pineapple jam!
- cooked turnips!
- cooked asparagus!
- sandwiches!
- chili!
- veggie stew!
- cabbage stew!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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133 Responses

4.81 / 5 (57 votes)
  1. Harol05 says:

    Hey, it could be that I could use the plantation code for an addon that I am doing. It is the first one that I do and I like the mechanism of your complement and would I give you the credits?

  2. majikl says:

    Hello Bumblecraft creators! You mentioned earlier that you wanted some ideas for vegetables that were missing.

    Just a few ideas!

    Vegetable: Lettuce, Cucumber, Lentils, Onions, Chives, Peas, Garlic, Soy, Green Beans, Eggplant, Watercress, Celery, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Radishes, Okra, Zucchini
    Herbs: Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme, Anise, Parsley, Mint, Dill
    Crops: Rice, Rye, Flax, Oats, Canola, Mustard
    Trees: Apple, Mango, Citrus, Avocado, Pear, Plum, Peach
    Berry: Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry

    Obviously we can’t expect all of these but some would be amazing!!

    Love this addon! Keep up the great work!!

  3. odarmamx says:

    I made a spanish translation of your add-on but it does not work I think due to the way you assigned the texts, in any case the translation would be functional if you use the en_US.lang file to assign names to items.

    • All of the items are named using the “display_name” behavior component.
      If you contact me on Discord, I’d be willing to incorporate the translations you’ve done and even give you credit for the translation!

  4. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    I don’t know if this is a mistake or is it intentional but I can see that for making a sandwich we have to use a raw porkchop which I think is wrong, I think the sandwich should be made by a cooked porkchop.

    • Most varieties of ham that is used for lunch meats/sandwiches actually are not cooked!

      Ham is generally cured with salts, and some varieties get smoked – which is as close to cooking as most kinds of sandwich hams get!

      source: i live on a farm and we slaughter our own pork. c:

  5. a random pigeon says:

    May I please use this in a map I’m using? I will give you credit

  6. Beam006 says:

    could you add apple Trees and apple saplings

  7. Ohking says:

    Very good Mod but can you add Avocados or bananas

  8. Anthony Key says:

    Excellent Ad-on, I loved it, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, I just hope that in some future you will add the Spanish language.

  9. Ariel01 says:

    I think that the new villager is cute, i want to hug them all

  10. Bramu777 says:

    Idk what to say

  11. RyanExx says:

    Really good and a lot of content!

  12. Wailin says:

    foxes? hmm time to get a bunch of senkos

  13. bum_Flora coming soon, and shortly after it will be another update for bum_Crops!

  14. KrubT says:

    This is a fantastic addon! Can I use this addon in multiplayer with my friends? Does it support multiplayer?

  15. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    I kill villagers

  16. majikl says:

    This is a fantastic addon! Great job!

  17. Sam_of says:

    great plugin, I hope there will be more updates soon but It is a great wonderful complement

  18. SupaPoopa says:

    I promise you the eating animations thats not displaying correctly in first person can be fixed. I’ve done several other addons with custom food that doesn’t have this issue. I’d recommend getting in contact with one of the addons creators who make custom food addons and ask how they add animations to them. Not complaining just trying to help!

    • I insist this is isn’t anything that’s in our control. It *could* be fixed if we made our own animations, however that really isn’t a worthwhile use of our time when there’s vanilla animations that just need to be properly fixed with an update.

      Be patient. Bedrock modding is still alpha/in development. (:
      Thank you for your suggestion nonetheless!

  19. TheGoodShot says:

    You have discord

  20. Hagustín Wd says:

    Hola xd

    Primero que nada me disculpo por dar mi opinión en español, es que mi inglés no es muy bueno y no quería dar una mala redacción usando google, hablando del complemento aún no lo e probado, ya que quiero esperar a que se actualice pero vaya, se ve genial, las texturas de los ítems y cultivos están muy bien hechas, quedan geniales además de que se apegan a los cultivos de la vida real, espero con ancias más actualizaciones que agreguen más comida, recetas y cultivos

    Pd:Me encantó el detalle que haga que la fresa cure del veneno, podria darle una utilidad similar a la leche que quite cualquier efecto se posion?

  21. Lu1z231 says:

    I really liked the addon, what really attracted me was the texture, the addon in if it is already good, but I think it is still quite incomplete, several fruits and vegetables are missing,So I won’t be downloading it now, but the addon is already good 🙂

    • Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

      why won’t you download it -; . This addon is legit the best out there. The fact that there have been only two updates or at least I think, is amazing. Totally worth it even though you think it’s incomplete. Really fun having 11 more crops added to Minecraft.

    • Vexed says:

      Fear not, the fruit is currently in the works! It may take a little while because we have roughly 7 fruit trees (not counting dragon fruit) that are being textured right now, it is taking a while because I want to make sure each new wood type has a unique look and feel for builds.

      Also you mentioned missing vegetables, what do you mean/what kind of veggie are you looking for?

      • majikl says:

        Just a few ideas!

        Vegetable: Lettuce, Cucumber, Lentils, Onions, Chives, Peas, Garlic, Soy, Green Beans, Eggplant, Watercress
        Herbs: Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme, Anise, Parsley, Mint, Dill
        Crops: Rice, Rye, Flax, Oats, Canola, Mustard
        Trees: Apple, Mango, Citrus, Avocado, Pear, Plum, Peach
        Berry: Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry

        Obviously we can’t expect all of these but some would be amazing!!

  22. AwesomeGamer4085 says:

    Ever since version 0.0.2. I haven’t been able to download this add on because it keeps saying it’s invalid plz fix this 🙁

  23. Metal sulvio says:

    pls make a animals for this addon

    • Vexed says:

      Hello! We will most likely not be adding mobs to this addon in particular, but instead mobs may find their way into a new “Bum_” addon dedicated just for mobs, we’re currently working on “Bum_Flora” which will add some real neat plants, so stay tuned!

  24. Malphas says:

    One of the best add-ons in MCPEDL, and certainly the best crop add-on. But, some things can improve.

    – Add eating animation to the foods.

    – The villager spawns too often, make his spawn more rare.

    – Add sound when placing the crops. (This one isn’t soo important)

    • – There are eating animations. They just seem to only display in third person. This is an issue with bedrock addons, not anything we’re able to fix atm, unfortunately.

      – Will fix the villager spawn rate for v4!

      – Didn’t even notice the lack of sound when placing crops! I’ll have this fixed in v4 as well!

      Thank you for the kind words and feedback! We’ll work on these issues and improve the addon as best as we can. c:

  25. MikeMikeMike says:

    Is nice c:

  26. SupaPoopa says:

    Also add sounds for the crops so they sound like crops whenever they’re being planted just an idea!

  27. SupaPoopa says:

    Very good addon but could you add eating animations? Thx!

  28. iKorbon says:

    Amazing addon! I have a suggestion, is it possible to limit the amount of trades, like villagers? You can make mad emeralds since there is no limit. Overall 10/10, great job!

  29. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    OML YESSS 0.0.3 OMG YAY 😀

  30. Unstoppablejm says:

    I can’t trade with the new villager you added with all items I tried the emerald too but it didn’t work… Fix it please and BTW where to put this pack in world packs or game pack?

  31. bum_Crops 0.0.3 has been submitted and will probably be updated here sometime soon!
    Update introduces grapes and corn, and fixes a couple minor issues!

    Stay safe and happy New Year!

  32. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR 0.0.3 😀

  33. Noobs_4_le_lunch says:

    I split the zip file to make it work. The addon is now missing the seeds and the trader only gives one trade for rhubarb please fix. Fix mcaddon link too.

  34. MikeMikeMike says:

    (Edited comment)Hey can you fix the .mcpack link? I always cannot import zip file however i tried and somehow i cannot import the mcpack file of this addon either.

  35. MikeMikeMike says:

    Hey can you fix the .mcpack file? I cannot import zip file however i tried.

  36. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    For some reason, I can’t plant Rhubarb. Is there a bug or something?

  37. AwesomeGamer4085 says:

    I love this addon but after I downloaded the new update it just says it’s invalid so can you plz fix that?

  38. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    Where can you get corn from?

  39. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    I already own the previous version of this add on, do I re-download it? Also, did the brewing stuff ever get added? The one where it said hops were going to be used in brewing somehow.

  40. Tristan7046 says:

    The new update is more cool and awsome!

  41. bramudyastudio says:

    Hey can you make the crops spawn naturaly or went destroy a grass it will drop a random seed

  42. bramudyastudio says:

    Hey you make a great addon btw
    Why not put a support link that use linkverse or adfly

    • Because I disagree with monetizing addons! I understand that’s how some folks make their income, but it just doesnt sit well with me. It’s also incredibly annoying to use those sites.

      If people want to support us, they can donate to us via patreon or paypal!

      We are talented folks who do this stuff as a hobby and passion project. Profits arent even a consideration/motivation. c:

  43. So we have a handful of new flowers we want to add. Should we put them in this pack or a separate pack?

    … I think they’d fit okay in this pack.. Opinions?

    Expect an update in a day or two!

  44. Harol05 says:

    I wonder if in the future you could use the same cultivation system to make a planar ores addon?

  45. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    I think there’s a problem, it won’t let me eat the crops. Other than that the add on is pretty good.

    • Eating animations are awkward atm. That’s a bedrock issue and not something we have any control over; that said, i assure you they’re still edible, some of the crops just take a couple seconds of holding the consume button to eat them. No sound or animation plays in first person, but i 100% promise you that they’re edible.

  46. Ragthor says:

    I am developing a food addon and I was looking for a long time to create crops. Can I use part of this code to make my own crop? I will give you credits in the post.

  47. Vishal Gupta says:

    This doesnt work in minecraft

    • Vexed says:

      That version is the new beta, this add-on currently only works on the current stable version (16.101.01), if you want to try this add-on try reverting back to the stable version.

  48. JonnyBoyGr says:

    Very cool add-on. Im guess you will add more crops with the time so i won’t ask any of that. I reccomend makind the trated have normal health and a spawning cicle like the wandering Trader. Also make the trades a litle more fair (instead of 8 for 4 >> 1~2 for 1) and randomize them (corn isnt in the trader) also the eating seems slow and wrong! Keep up the good work btw!!!

    • We will make the crop trader have normal health and improve its spawning.
      I’ll adjust the emerald ratios for trades.. a little, too. c:

      Corn isn’t in the trader because corn is not yet complete. I’m still working out the kinks for two-block crops. :p

  49. BUTTERSKY11 says:

    Why does the aimless trader have 99999 health

  50. Wailin says:

    does this work in realms?

    good addon btw

  51. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Guys I Love This Add-on It’s Really Great It’s Polished Too, I’m Looking Forward For More Crops And I Haven’t Heard Of BumbleCraft I Might Try It On My YouTube Channel It Seems Fun Like A Modded SMP WOWW!!!, I’m Excited If You Guys Are Gonna Publish More Add-ons, But For Now Let’s Praise The Work You Guys Did With This One Good Luck Team! 😀

  52. Arleking says:

    The addon is good but could you be not a copy of the croparia for Minecraft bedrock?

  53. AwesomeGamer82472 says:

    Do you mind if I made a video on this add-on? I would provide a link to your post and account

  54. lostie says:

    Oooo, didn’t know I’d find a Bumble-related addonn, lowkey missing it lol

  55. Adr857 says:

    Can i showcase this mod?

  56. Dream5707 says:

    I don’t have anything other than the aimless trader when I apply resource and behavior packs also the aimless trader is invincible…

  57. PrestigePlayz says:

    To awesome! So much fun! Love it! ??

  58. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENAS TARDES hasta que sacan un buen addon de esta vercion digo ya hay muchos buenos pero faltaba esto bro MUY BIEN HECHO pero una cosa…… Y DONDE ESTAN LOS CULTIVOS DE ELOTES ?

  59. Tristan7046 says:

    Does the block sound like grass on the ground?

  60. Bannabrains says:

    It dose not work for me my phone ver is zte 7

    • Make sure you have experimental modes enabled and are running on Minecraft version 1.16.100 or later.

      You may need to restart Minecraft after installing the addon for it to show up. Some mobile users have been having this problem with installing 1.16 addons.

      I hope this helped!

  61. S'm0res says:

    Very cool! id love to see sandwiches and/or pie added that are made with the food!

  62. THE_BLUE says:

    How did you make entities act like crops?

    • They aren’t entities! They’re actual blocks!

      1.16.100 brought a lot of improved modding capabilities; more robust control over custom blocks (which crops are blocks) being one of them!

      Feel free to look at the behaviors and learn from it!

  63. Uganda_Knuckleslmao says:

    noice add on, are some of these going to be used to make potions?

  64. Al rules says:

    This addon is fantastic! Also I wondered if you were planning on updating your blood moon addon as it’s broken? 🙂

  65. Kirby420 says:

    A modded smp server named Bumblecraft… hmmmmm
    Sounds familiar.

  66. Hgdd says:

    Mmmmm bum flavored crops

  67. Tohru-Chan says:

    Complements like this can change the world… I love this kind of complement ?❤️❤️

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