Buried Treasures Mod

The treasures in this mod spawn randomly in the world, usually underground. If you find one you can break it to get the contents which can be everything from gold ingots to an ancient treasure map which can be used to find more treasures.

Creator: Kingbudderjr, Twitter Account

How to get started?

Treasures are found usually underground but they can also above ground. Once you have found one simply break it to get to see what is inside of the chest.


The loot is pretty good for the most time. In this case we were given two gold blocks and two gold ingots.


Sometimes the chest will drop an Ancient Treasure Map which you use by tapping on the ground and then it will search for a chest underneath it. If one is found you’ll be left with a clue about the depth and can begin your digging from there.


If you are unlucky a pirate mob will spawn when trying to take a treasure. Kill him and you will get his weapon: Pirate’s Hook which deals 10 damage every hit.

pirate screenshot-2015-02-27-18-57_2

Block & Item IDs

  • Treasure (200)
  • Ancient Treasure Map (322)
  • Pirate’s Hook (326)


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27 Responses

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  1. Kittengirl says:

    I wanna get these mods

  2. Iman Oakley-smith says:

    Hi I like your app

  3. some one who wants to use this add-on says:

    please make windows 10 it looks awesome


  4. EthanHelliwell says:

    Report : Bureid treasure is aready added to the game!

  5. Anorak says:

    Could someone please make a teleportation mod?

  6. Owen says:

    Cool mod can you make a mod about fishing please.

  7. Dan says:

    When I download this mod, it shows some random letters.zip. Help?

  8. christian says:

    The pirate hook drops when you kill anything!

  9. Nordz says:

    Where do you get the texture?

  10. Luhn says:

    Is this only for android

  11. Michelle says:

    How do you download the mod?

  12. Bailey S. says:

    How do you get to play on it i download it and then it won’t let me play on it

  13. Brennen says:

    And then it said download and I did and then I opened mc and nothing had happened

  14. Brennen says:

    I hit download and all it did was take me to the AppStore and download candy crush soda game! Is it supposed to do that?

  15. Jason montalvo says:

    Ok, so I downloaded the mod and it said I needed an app called Dropbox to put it there so I dowmloded that then I got the file there ( when I tried to view it it said o couldn’t view “this file type”) so now what do I do?????

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