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Did you ever thought of driving a bus? Now you can drive one, and have fun with your friends and take them anywhere you want! Hope you guys enjoy the addon and have a look on my Instagram profile @jaunsardzes.

With this add-on you will be able to get a bus which you can drive anywhere you want with your friends. It’s a fast bus and you can quickly take your friends wherever they need to go. It was created by kanayu and hope you guys enjoy the addon and download it!


Download that link then apply it on minecraft 


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

2.5 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-4976571156 says:

    I was going to just Download this until I realised It replaces another mob. I downloading Addons that don’t replace.

  2. Guest-3770205243 says:

    Can you make a mini bus and their own spawn eggs, no keys needed, inventory??

  3. DriftTimez says:

    Because if you will update is with bus sounds i will give u 5 stars Thx

  4. Amir Sayed says:

    Misaobrui plz update the bus I ❤️ ur addon without it saying Invalid Zip Archive
    PLEASE I WANT A VALID ZIP ARCHIVE it’s an important favor

  5. Guys this addon really work on version 1.12.1 and it replace horse

  6. says:

    無断転載されているので見に来ましたが、このアドオンは日本人が作ったものであり、ここで紹介されているものは無断転載の物です。本当のリンクはhttps://mobile.twitter.com/Eidan7_Sub のツイッターから見ることができます。既にツイッターでは大分拡散されているので、製作者も無断転載されていることに気づいています。間違って評価したり、ダウンロードしたりしないようにして下さい。

  7. Hira says:

    I am a Japanese person, but this add-on is a reproduction without permission of the one created by the Japanese. I can not forbid to reproduce without permission what I made with effort-I have already reported to the person.😡

  8. For those who said it doesn’t work, it actually does… It replaced horse, so get a horse spawn egg to spawn the bus.

  9. LithuaNian says:

    You could make more seats atleast 4people

  10. Me. says:

    The texture pack is messed up on mcw10. The busses shape like busses but look like mobs. Please fix this as soon as possible.

    • Bro someone send the add-on to then she told me to upload it I even didn’t downloaded the addon to make sure that it work or not but sorry I’ll tell her

  11. A.C. says:

    Is it free and can i get it in the minecraft marketplace

    • Yeah it’s free but I don’t think the addon work cuz it’s not mine someone send it to me and told me to upload it I even didn’t downloade to make sure it work

  12. Marcus says:

    Downloaded it and it wont work and you used a photo without permission from the original creator

  13. Leandro says:

    What map is this?

  14. Random says:

    Can’t even download 😭

  15. ARTHUR says:


  16. Yes Nou says:

    Bad doesn’t work no matter what.

  17. I am the person who is a bit involved in creating this add-on, why are you distributing this add-on? This add-on is still a prototype and should never be distributed.

    • Bro the original creator send the photos and told me to upload it I even didn’t downloaded to make sure if it work or not but @mcpe__dl

    • Compaxius8685 says:


  18. There are no spawn eggs for the busses

  19. EnchantedUnicorn says:

    Doesn’t work on Apple IPad cause no key slot in inventory

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