Butterflies Add-On

This Add-On adds beautiful butterfly mobs to the Minecraft game. Butterflies are even able to spawn with 4 texture variants, and are the perfect aesthetic mob to brighten a Minecraft world. 

Creator: MWCubed 

TikTok: vsco.mod.minecraft Youtube: MWCubed

Website:  Instagram: mwcubed ♥    


4 butterfly variants, which spawn in grasslands, forests, jungles, and more. While only one mob, the variants includes-

  • monarch butterfly
  • swallowtail butterfly
  • blue morpho butterfly
  • cabbage butterfly

Sunflower texture change for better screenshots, based on the vanilla Minecraft sunflower texture.


(note: some screenshots taken with RTX on, in Minecraft Windows 10 Beta)

Changelog View more
  • updated download link because of link changes on my website

Fixed the supported versions, should support most recent versions of minecraft bedrock


1. Download the .mcaddon file, run it to import into Minecraft

2. Worlds must have both the resource pack and behavior pack enabled for the Butterflies Add-On to work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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15 Responses

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  1. ERROR 404 - Page Not Found says:

    please update your download links.

  2. ClockwerkKaiser says:

    So, this addon has a few issues which need to be addressed. All of which are easily fixable.

    The variant texture array in the render controller is broken due to the texture “names” not matching what you’ve defined in the entity file. Example: in the render array you have the variant names set to “monarch”, “cabbage”, “morpho”, and “swallowtail”.

    However, in the butterfly.json file, you have the array defined as “green”, “blue”, “red-yellow”, “grey”. Change either of those, and it’ll fix the butterfly rendering. Also, the syntax in the render controller is a bit wrong as well. You’re missing a closing bracket and a comma.

    Additionally, you have three unfinished entities packaged in. Fly, Shark and Hedgehog. The entities are spawning in the world. But are invisible due to being unfinished. You should probably remove them form the files.

    All of it was fairly easy to fix on my end (I REALLY wanted to play with these custom mobs. You designed them well!). Just go through your files one more time and double check you naming and such.

  3. Guest-3095084978 says:

    Um? What it won’t let me add the resources in my Minecraft pocket edition. It let me add behavior but not that. It said I need dependency ??

  4. Guest-4927860274 says:

    Hello, I really enjoy both your mods so far! Though, I’ve noticed that there’s two mobs added that have no texture but do exist in the game (shark and hedgehog)

  5. Guest-7822359180 says:

    nice addon

  6. Guest-4000031467 says:

    this looks like the butterflies in terraria

  7. Guest-9859518250 says:


    Please make an addon called ‘Adorable Pets’ that add in different animals you can tame.

    You can get a lot of breed of dogs such as Bernese mountain, husky, Akita, chihuahua, collie (pls pls border collie) Australian Shepard and more you can tame them with bones and make them wander, sit, find or follow. Find means looks for cool stuff like how cats do when u sleep. They can find iron, bones, rotten flesh and mob drops.

    Rabbits: You can get more types of rabbits, idk types of rabbits so you choose.
    They can tame with carrots and can wander, stay, or follow.
    They are more fluffy and bigger than normal rabbits.

    Horses: You tame them as normal but there is more textures, and better looking saddles and bridles and all that. You can feed them hay or wheat and you can get ponies, smaller horses with shorter legs.

    Ik you probably can’t finish all of this but here’s more ideas:

    You can get different snakes, hog nose, anaconda, corn snake, ball python, Burmese python, with different morphs (colours) and some will be agressive, some will only hurt you if you hit them. Some are venomous and give the poison and nausea effect if they bite and some strike more than once. They can follow but only with food such as mouse (I’ll talk about those later)

    Lizards: they eat lots of things and are omnivores, most can blend in with certain places and don’t like snakes. They are tamed with apples or crops and they can follow, wander or stay.
    Idk if they eat mouse.

    They are similar but rats aren’t as fast and they hurt you more if they bite.
    Mice are fast like Minecraft rabbits and I’m not sure what u tame them with.

    Just some idea. 💛✨💫🌻

  8. ProGamer672 says:

    Amazing! Thank You!!! 🙂

  9. Guest-9158594690 says:

    Updates the butterfly and Koi addon to version 1.14 which is the last official version released so far

  10. Beam006 says:

    Plz add dragon​fly, deer, tamable hamster and tamable vanilla rabbit

  11. Guest-8950641693 says:

    The addon failed to import into Minecraft on Windows 10

  12. Guest-5346164672 says:

    I loveee your work💛 Can you please make a rabbit pet addon that adds lots of different breeds that you can make your pet. They can all have different personalities like a Moody, cuddly, energetic, lazy to name a few.

    • Guest-6101402675 says:

      I’m saying this because my pet Netherlands dwarf rabbit named thumper just died, and I’ve been terribly sad. Thanks for the help💛

  13. Guest-9775205977 says:

    Oops I might have posted my comment twice sorry 💛👉👈

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