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Published on June 21, 2014 (Updated on June 21, 2014)

CactiPE Mod Menu [16 Mods]

How do you download it? It just brings up the code it is a .js file and not .mcpack or .zip
This is not for bedrock edition, it was last updated 6 years ago before mcpack's existed.
Hi. Im a programmer so i see a lot of scripts in this mod and it works is cool
It shows the coding how am I supposed to download the cactipe mod? ?????
It’s for Android you need blocklauncher pro I know I wanted it too
How do u insert it into mcpe
U click on Macworld file and select minecraft
How do you open the mod menu on windows 10?
it says "all easily accessible in-game by pressing C"
When I get to there I become a mod in the website I gone too and I saw this code codenamed "null null null null null null null null" maybe that code was supposed to be used for null the new herobrine but was scrapped and was here instead I don't know why that's even there!
iOS wont work it will only show the coding for it..
Thats because its java script
Lol u guys suck at doing this apks yol
Good for people new to mcpe mod menu's
Does this mod works on iOS. Plz awnser.
I try to download it on IOS And a bunch of jobberish coding comes up how do I put it on my game tho
Can you help? When I press download it shows tons of texts how do I download though?
So when I click download it brings me to a page with a bunch of scripting I think, what do I do next? I watched the video but it doesn't really help me. I'm on IOS btw thanks!
Sorry don't know either but I'd like to know
Guys please help once it brings u to medafire with the image thing what do we do then??
Please explain a bit further. What do you mean by "image thing"?
How do you transfer maps on mcpedl