Cadillac Deville Addon

Do you like old cars? If yes, then this addon is for you. This addon will add 6 different types of 1980 Cadillac Deville that you can ride your world with your friends.

• Car info 

Full-size cars of the American company Cadillac, a division of General Motors Corporation manufactured in 1949-2005.

• Addon info

You will see 6 various types of this car:

Classic white, classic blue, red, black, police edition and lowrider.

Every type of this car can carry up 5 players at a time. Also it has special lowrider edition, that can jump. 

• Summon commands

/summon cadillac:deville_blue

/summon cadillac:deville_red

/summon cadillac:deville_white

/summon cadillac:deville_black

/summon cadillac:deville_police

/summon cadillac:deville_low

• My contacts for any questions or suggestions

Twitter – @mcfl0wer

Gmail [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

15 Responses

4.56 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-4899025195 says:

    Link pls

  2. Guest-5857595408 says:

    What i need to download? the behavior and the resource or one of them?

  3. Guest-5534356981 says:

    Hi! How do I get in the car? Please tell me!

    • Guest-7904572792 says:

      If you are on a Computer like Mac or Windows 10 you right click. If you are on touchscreen, you probably have to tap and hold, or just tap, or sometimes there is a button above the hotbar slot

    • Guest-2876406807 says:

      Bro this is one of the best car add on I have played can I make a video out of it

  4. Guest-8045106513 says:

    63 impala next

  5. Guest-1818318991 says:

    This dope as hell just make it spawn eggs and it would be nice as hell if you could make a 63 impala next

  6. Guest-2584580123 says:

    How do you make it work? I tried summoning but did not work

  7. Guest-4592600354 says:

    Installed it but summoning doesn´t work

  8. Guest-1175368910 says:

    I really love your creations but a bus,taxi,ambulance, or fire truck next would be great!

  9. Guest-6521437739 says:

    Where is taxi variant????

  10. Guest-8323734336 says:

    Because you made a cadillac instead of lamborghini centenario a or bugatti chiron

  11. RaffyBlue47 says:


  12. Guest-8818182200 says:

    100% amazing 🙂

  13. Guest-4840518262 says:

    Very cool ! 👍

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