CakeWars (Map/Minigame/PvP)

This is a game not so well known to Minecraft Bedrock players, it is CakeWars.

A BedWars-like minigame in which 2 teams face off to defend their cake and destroy the enemy cake. Once your cake was destroyed you will not be able to respawnear,

How to play:

To start selecting on a random team, then teleport to your spawn island.

Each team has 2 gold generators on their islands with which you can use to exchange with the villagers that are necessary on the island.

You must go downtown for emeralds and get better weapons.

You must destroy the enemy cake, place it on top of its base, destroy it there are 2 ways (Destroy it normally or Eat it), then you must eliminate all the opposing team to win.

How to use it:

To have a good experience during the game, you should not execute commands of: / kill, / give, / tp, / gamemode.


– Reload map

– Custom shops

– generators

– Achievements

– Particles

– Winning effect

– Death timer

– Login (Beta)


YouTube:  i TheFox

Team Cubitos MC



How to install the map?

 • Download and install Mcworld
 • Click on the file and it will be exported automatically in your minecraft.
 Doubts and suggestions?
 Visit our website!
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7 Responses

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  1. Guest-8208432113 says:

    How can i get into creative because im studying maps to maek a bed wars map for me and my friends

  2. Guest-9106478221 says:

    What’s the maximum amount of players

  3. Guest-4455411674 says:

    The game is cool! But it will be interesting when u add bow, explosives, potions and some useful items like ender pearl… i still liked the game tho

  4. Guest-3528785649 says:

    Some simple commands! Nice

  5. Guest-2522678675 says:

    Cool map, but can you please block the crafting table? Also, can you add bows to the game?

  6. Nightblade45612 says:

    Cool map, definitely will be playing this with friends

  7. Guest-8703284752 says:

    Amazing, 5 stars

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