Call Of Craft

Welcome to Call Of Craft. where there is a jungle a hospital, graveyard, theme park, city, nether and hundreds of ZOMBIES!!!!! Join the battle with your friends and choose out of up to 9 load-outs from engineer to infantry we have it all on this delightful zombie destroying minigame! You can cowardly sit in a corner, swing in the trees and even fire around the place on a minecart. download this map and join the fight.

the world of call of craft creates an illusion of death and destruction and dominance of the undead the arose to destroy the world. as a team, we will overrun these foul beasts. pick up your ak and join the fight. in this game, there are 25+ kits including engineer and sniper these will make your experience 100% more enjoyable and give all of your friends a way to play.

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made it so me and creators will get revenue for creating this map.


now players can play well. reduced glitches include 

  1. multiplayer servers are now compatible where before there was a glitch with multiplayer
  2. lag has been reduced where water was broken
  3. the boss countdown works better now it lights up more effectively

wow, what a few months. this virus is forcing us all to stay inside. id like to help the community by giving you something to do so I updated the map for BOSS BATTLES NEW SWORDS PATCHED GLITCHES AND MORE. this map is completely free no profits go to me as I don't scam you with add fly! I hope you enjoy my map. the only profit for me and the most appreciated one is your support. thanks -Mabsuarez9

Literally just changed the description. new updates will be made. currently working on a boss battle to get an even better sword!!!


this is my first map as a creator so if this doesn't work please tell me in comments 


thanks for playing. please subscribe to my youtube channel

my youtube channel


Supported Minecraft versions

1.8 1.9

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  1. Guest-2581444051 says:

    Good day! the map doesn’t work with multiplayer only the host can interact with things e.g. clicking buttons, damage enemies, etc.. my friends can join but they can’t do anything even when they given items.

    • MABSUAREZ9 says:

      thank you for reviewing my map we are sorry about the multiplayer issues. me and my team will be working on that as soon as possible. thanks for downloading my map we hope to see you defeating zombies once again!!

  2. Guest-3851032535 says:


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