Call of Duty Weapons in Minecraft Mod

Here is a completely unique weapons mod. Not only does it have top modern weapons you’d see in real life, it also got a fully customized graphical user interface (GUI) which adds so much to the user experience. The only thing which makes it feel like Minecraft is that the shooting objects actually are arrows. Besides that it’s totally unique and a really cool mod.


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapons
  • Custom UI
  • Grenates, launches, explosives (soon!)
  • Enemy mobs (soon!)
  • And more!

Install Guide

  1. Click the Download button in the bottom of this page
  2. Copy Black Ops 2 GUI to /sdcard/Download
  3. Open Blocklauncher
  4. Load the script and the texture pack
  5. You are good to go!

How to use the mod?

When you are in-game, type /weapons to gain access to all the weapons. Once you have pulled a gun and hold it in your hand a new button will popup in the bottom right. Tap it to scope your weapon and then tap the weapon itself to fire it.

The GUI can be hidden in the settings.

Creator: MyNameIsAnti

cod1 download

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20 Responses

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  1. Çxhhcfg says:

    Its sharpness 7

  2. SlimShadyCEO says:

    Why does all of these links have to be so bad?

  3. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    The strongest sword is Diamond sword with sharpness 5 AND Fire aspect

  4. Kai says:

    What is the strongest animal

  5. A Google User says:

    Hey Creator! Wut is da strongest sword?? Pls tell me

  6. Derp says:

    On a kindle it says When I try to extract the mod it says bad zip file

  7. kemaljohn8 says:

    The link is moved or deleted

  8. buben says:

    OOOOOOOO! I cant wait to get this mod and when update?

  9. medinamj999 says:

    it says that the file has been removed

  10. karrot says:

    Bad link…

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