Camelot PE [Survival] [Creation]

This map consists of a small town which got a surrounding wall protecting the inside. On the inside you will find several houses both homes of the ones living in the town but also some shops. The centered focus in the town is the castle which are several stories high and got a beautiful interior to explore.

Close to the town is also like a small harbor where a ship has anchored.

Creator: DiamondCrossbow

screenshot-2015-02-22-10-45 screenshot-2015-02-22-10-45_2 screenshot-2015-02-22-10-46download

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12 Responses

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  1. JR says:


  2. Kendaya says:

    Yeah an mcworld would be easier

  3. Hey... says:

    .mcworld pls?

  4. Cynthia Ramiez says:

    This map is awesome me and my bro play it all the time!!!!!

  5. siddharth says:

    Amazing map .Extremly amazing.

  6. Nick says:

    It says that safria cab not open this file

  7. Ashley Combs says:

    It is not letting me download it -.-

    • Editor says:

      Click the grey download button and then you are redirected to MediaFire from where you can click another green download button to download the actual map.

  8. batna says:

    how do I use this man!!!!!!??????!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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