Published on February 22, 2015 (Updated on February 22, 2015)

Camera Mod

Um, hello guys is there any camera mod available more than this? I mean, a camera mod that put pictures in-game not external. It would be great for me if there's such thing like that (by the way mod only for android i already saw camera mod but only for pc :( .)
Can you remake this now?
How do we download this mod??
Nice but make an add on
It only took me to Dropbox not mediafire and said we could find what your looking for why?
xXbehind_the_screenXx February 25, 2015 at 10:15 pm
Sorry try this instead
I have no idea who to actavite it :(
Ho w do i download this mod beacuse arew deleted from dropbox link that you insert in this page
Try this guide: