Camouflage Doors

This texture pack changes the textures of doors and trapdoors to blocks! Why is this useful? BECAUSE! You can troll your friends, make secret entrances, make cool decorations and patterns, and other tactical uses! Who cares about acacia doors, bookshelf doors are better!

This pack changes all door & trapdoor textures besides the oak door texture, just incase! Will I tell you what I change them too? No. Guess you will have to find out.

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Changed green stained glass trapdoor to glass trapdoor. Slight change to title from Camoflage to Camouflage.


Want different door textures? Contact me on twitter @GotchaCyphere11


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14



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14 Responses

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  1. Virtual TaTz says:

    make a addon, please!

  2. Guest-1403525576 says:

    it won’t work. it says invalid file. 🙁

  3. Guest-9379088046 says:

    there not trapdoors there doors an trapdoors

  4. Guest-4285043336 says:

    It’s not working

  5. Guest-2804994932 says:

    it says failed to import

  6. Guest-3034944613 says:

    Why you little!

  7. Turtle says:

    it won’t work when I try to camouflage the doors or the doors

  8. ss says:

    its only trapdoors

  9. Rolan says:

    Can you please don’t replace the actual doors?

  10. molly says:

    this wont even let me download it >:(

  11. THE_BLUE says:

    Thank you this is good for trolling people

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