Canceral’s Addon (Paxel And Battleaxe Update!)

This addon will add many things to the minecraft world and will be updated more for better experience.For now this addon only have added new ores,weapons, and more.. 

This addon adds 7 new ores and a bunch of tool and weapons for each of the ores.

Note: This addon is not finished and will have more features in the future.

Only works for version

New Ores:

• Copper Ore 

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=65

• Tin Ore 

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=55

• Silver Ore

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=45

• Platinum Ore

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=35

• Ruby Ore

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=25

• Aluminum Ore

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=16

• Amethyst Ore

Can be found at levels y=0 – y=16

Each ore has his own block that can be crafted like this.

You can also turn it back to ingots when simply putting the block in the crafting area.

Sword Edges 

Sword Edges are necessary for crafting the new swords.

Each Edges can be crafted like as shown in the bottom.

Crafting recipes:

Wooden Sword

Stone Edge

Iron Edge

Gold Edge

Diamond Edge

Copper Edge

Tin Edge

Silver Edge

Platinum Edge

Ruby Edge

Aluminum Edge

Amethyst Edge

Netherite Edge

Weapons: [ Will add more type of weapons in the future. ]


•Copper Sword

Damage: 4

Durability: 100

•Tin Sword

Damage: 5

Durability: 300

•Silver Sword

Damage: 6

Durability: 800

•Platinum Sword

Damage: 7

Durability: 600

•Ruby Sword

Damage: 8

Durability: 800

•Aluminum Sword

Damage: 9

Durability: 1000

•Amethyst Sword

Damage: 12

Durability: 1000

Triple Edged Swords:

•Triple Edged Wooden Sword

Damage: 8

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Stone Sword

Damage: 11

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Iron Sword

Damage: 14

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Gold Sword

Damage: 8

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Diamond Sword

Damage: 18

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Netherite Sword

Damage: 25

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Copper Sword

Damage: 9

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Tin Sword

Damage: 10

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Platinum Sword

Damage: 14

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Silver Sword

Damage: 12

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Ruby Sword

Damage: 16

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Aluminum Sword

Damage: 18

Durability: Same as before

•Triple Edged Amethyst Sword

Damage: 20

Durability: Same as before

Update 1:

Now Added:


Armor Recipes:



-Tools and Weapons are now enchantable.

-Removed Asgardium,Caramel Sapphire, and Starium.

-Removed Drill.

-Changed Crafting Recipe of Sword Edges.

Update 2:

Now Added:

-Battleaxes and Paxels.


For crafting the Netherite Battleaxe just surround

a Diamond Battleaxe with a Netherite Ingot in a crafting table.

Battleaxe-Do more damage than a triple Edged swords.It can also be used for cutting down trees.

Paxel-A tool that is made by combing shovel,pickaxe, and axe.It functions just like a shovel,pickaxe and axe.


-Fixed bug that you can’t break a Redstone Ore.

-Now compatible for the latest minecraft beta version

Changelog View more

-Fixed a bug where you can't break a Redstone Ore.

-Compatible with

-Added Paxel

-Added Battleaxe

Tools and weapon are now enchantable.

Removed Drill and Endgame ores.(Might add back later.)

Changed Sword Edges Crafting Recipe.

Future Updates:


-New Entities

-New Boss

-New Ore

-And many more.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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29 Responses

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  1. Vishal Gupta says:

    can you add these ores Asgardium,Caramel Sapphire, and Starium with all weapons

  2. GodzillaPlayz says:

    The textures dont show

  3. Gouzei says:

    Hello, I think your work is very good, there are very few such excellent behavior packages in China, so I want to translate it into Chinese to facilitate Chinese players to play, so that you can also get higher downloads.If you agree, please add my Discord tag:Gouzei#0132

  4. ItsAaron945 says:

    Can you update the textures of the ors(nice addon bro)

  5. ash_master says:

    the crafting recipes are not working for me im in the beta and im doing the recipes correctly pls fix it

  6. WitherKing says:

    Its a very good addon but i think you need to solve the resource bug cuz i can’t play properly also you should add more ores

  7. supermegaBOH says:

    I tried your addon and i love it but the second version doesn’t work for me. I hope you will help me, thanks a lot 🙂

  8. CanceralPH says:

    There is a problem that can occur on some device with the latest minecraft version that the items appear as an no textures item or invisible.
    If this still happens to you even if your not on it’s maybe because you have the version or below.
    For those who have the latest minecraft beta who have the problem I will fix it in the next update.

  9. Superkid777 says:

    For those of who are wondering that the armour only goes on the head, that’s not true. The beta of I believe adds the feature for complete custom armour enchantable and with armour bars.

  10. r4vm says:

    Good addon, well done.

  11. Tai The God5409 says:

    This is meant for the beta for everyone that’s like it’s not working this is a great Addon and you must be in BETA. Owner of the Addon a quick tip before you post tell what version the Addon is for. Keep it up.

  12. Riverfuzzbee says:

    The stuff is invisible, do you need to be in beta? Looks good though

  13. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    LIKE HOW???

  14. CanceralPH says:

    This will be updated in a few days for the update.

  15. ash_master says:

    does this add on work on windows 10

  16. MrStriking says:

    Can u add the other tools (pickaxe, shovel, etc.). I’m also looking forward for new types of weapons such as wands and daggers. Thanks!!

  17. ash_master says:

    bc the crafting recipes are not working

  18. ash_master says:

    do we need to turn on exparmentle gameplay

  19. CanceralPH says:

    If you found some bugs make sure to tell me and I will fix it immediately.
    Feel free to give me idea on what to add.

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