candy crush saga: Extreme Mountains & Overhangs

To get to the extreme mountains biome all you have got to do is to load the seed and then once you have spawned turn around and you will see the amazingly large mountains, waterfalls and overhangs.

The reason why the images look a little bit different in terms of colors and such is because a texture pack was enabled at the point of playing. But either way it will look really amazing and the seed is definitely one of the best extreme mountains seeds we have seen so far.

ScreenShot000 ScreenShot003 ScreenShot002 ScreenShot001

Seed: candy crush saga

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10 Responses

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  1. Violet Hamilton says:

    We’re is the download button and is it for IOS

  2. vinsensius says:

    whag kind of that?!

  3. JordanKristianWicaksonoIDN says:

    Wow! It’s so beautiful!

  4. PinkFluffyUnicorn says:

    What texture pack are you using?

  5. ashton says:

    thank you for the free minigames

  6. Dawson says:

    Hi I would like to know if this works on 0.16.2

  7. Mark says:

    I like that answer.

    • J9nKidz says:

      oh my goodness! I just flew everywhere here across the world, in creative on PE–I passed a huge birchwood forest and saw a regular sized hole. I dropped down just to take a look inside: Found THREE levels of mineshafts, until I got to what must have been a Skeleton Monster Spawner .. It was crazy! I don’t know WHERE because I don’t know how to figure that out on minecraft pe! It was amazing!

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