Candy Invasion Addon

This addon adds 5 new entities (a candy, a candy bar, a candy lollipop, an ice cream, a donut), these will appear in your world depending on which entity it is, the donut and the candies will appear in the woods, the palette of caramel will appear in the deserts, and the ice cream in the snowy biomes. 

Website: ©CubitosMC 

Creator: ThePammYT

Twitter: @pammsitoh

Each one will give you a different object that will give you effects such as (speed, regeneration, fire resistance) you can also create those objects on the worktable. They are also cute.


 •Ice cream: 1 sugar + 1 snow + 1 bowl

 •Donut: 6 bread + 2 sugar

 •Candy: 1 sugar + 3 paper

 •Candy Corn: 1 carrot + 2 sugar

 •Candy lollipop: 1 stick + 1 apple + 1 sugar


How to install the addon in our worlds?

Download and install the McAddon

• Activate both behavior and resource pack you installed in your world settings.

How to download the file?

 Click on the letters where it says: "Download", then I waited 5 seconds, if you ask: (Activate Notifications) select the option to DENY, now skip advertising or continue and go!, Now you can download the file.

 How to install?

 Once the file is downloaded, just click and Minecraft will automatically open and export. If you cannot open the file, you will need to download a file browser in your store.

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Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

4.22 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. JoshyPenguin says:

    I downloaded it and applied it and it doesn’t work. Clickbait

  2. fuk says:

    add candy saucer as UFO mob and it item too

  3. jonfog says:

    nice i love it keep up the good work

  4. Nice says:

    It looks really cute! Looking forward to it. 😀

  5. Alice says:

    This addon is super duper amazing and very fun!

    Side Question: May I know where/what skin is that your using? And may I get a copy of it?

  6. cedric says:

    the crafting resipe dosnt work

  7. Jeff says:

    Pls fix the names of the spawn eggs and pls add stuff like weapons and new ores my discord is trolliloki#8505 maybe u can make a server where we talk about the updates for this addon and maybe some new addons to make

  8. Gem_Wolf says:

    does this actually work?

  9. Lerrycapetime says:

    HOLY COW I LOVE THIS MOD SO MUCH. Hope to see more content and features soon!

  10. NewAgent40d says:

    How do you put your mods to because it will not work

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