CARMA (Crafts Adventure Resource Mobs Ambient)

This addon will complement your Minecraft, in almost every sense! At least according to our plans. It adds tons of content.                      


Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Why when I create a stick from crimson planks I get an oak stick?”. This Add-on will fix everything!
When you make a stick from birch, you will get a stick from birch, not oak! Use it!


Meet! New variations of axes! You can take any stick and working part. And do something of your own. For example, an Andesite axe with a bamboo stick. In general, you can make a lot of variations. Have fun!


Sword, a very sharp weapon! We’ve added more variations of swords!


We’ve added a lot of variations. From completely wooden to stone with bamboo stick.


A shovel is … a shovel! Very interesting as a weapon, but you need it for digging earth, gravel and sand! So use it wisely children!


Hoes are a very useful farming tool! Now we’ve added variations for her too! Have fun!
To add all new things, activate this functions:

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FJ Youtube Channel: Visit


If you will use our modifications, texture packs and our other work in the video, then leave the original mcpedl link in the description!

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Fixed submission.

Added hoes variations.             

Fixed submission.                 

Added variations of shovels.               

Added variations of pickaxes.               


Added variations of swords.             


Fixed submission.               


Fixed submission.                


Fixed submission.                  


Fixed submission.


Added new crafts of items.


Added variations of axes.


Fixed submission.                 


Fixed submission.                


Fixed submission.               


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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36 Responses

4.4 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. FeltyThunder352 says:

    can you add damage

  2. Knuckles la Enchilada says:

    Why do you have to use That stupid site tried to install malware in my device (I have a good antivirus so I’m safe), what a shame that you had to use that site

  3. Hagustín Wd says:

    Primero que nada, me disculpo or escribir en español, pero mi inglés es bastante malo y no me gustaría dar una mala traducción con Google.

    El addon es increíble, obviamente es algo que falta en Minecraft que le agrega más realismo, no se si el hecho de agregar armaduras de Diorita o demas sea lo correcto, sin embargo en ese caso, sería posible que en una futura actualización agregarán palos de distintos materiales? Como piedra, hierro, hueso, slime o demás, y esos marcarían la durabilidad de la herramienta, si el palo es de madera seria la misma durabilidad de una herramienta de madera, si el palo es de hierro la durabilidad seria equivalente a una herramienta de hierro, y así, y aquí hay un informe que no se realmente si es el complemento o mi celular, pero al craftear algunos de los palos de distintas maderas en la mayoría de los casos me da el palo de madera vanilla, espero pueda repararse pronto

    • FromJava says:

      Our add-on is not really about the variety of materials and tools. We just decided to devote the first versions to this! Our add-on is about adding nice little things, a little more realism and globality. But we will still try to stick to the minecraft style! Thank you for your comment!
      P.S we have partially added our characteristics to some sticks! But only crimson and warped! They don’t burn in the furnace .

  4. Amara Black says:

    you’re link my bad

  5. Amara Black says:

    link takes me to not the actual download page i don’t want to have any viruses on my computer from you link

    so change it please

    thank you

  6. FeltyThunder352 says:

    Can you give the link in mediafire

  7. Gamerboythewolf says:

    could you/ will you ever add bows I’m just curious

  8. Maxwell1096 says:

    Wow, just wow. You have a lot of dedication and free time dude! This is looks like something from MC Java. Nice work.

  9. This looks very tedious to do from a creators stand point. Very Good tho

  10. NickGamerMCPEDL says:

    what is green stick?

  11. null_eqn says:

    Shovel? Hoe? When to update?But this mod is very good.

  12. TheGoodShot says:

    Crafting Recipes

  13. Can you add Flint variations next and possibly make a full turtle armor set? Maybe Armors from wood, Emerald(as well as tools and weapons)?

  14. Maxwell1096 says:

    This add-on keeps getting better over time!
    Just take your time updating this add-on, no rush.

  15. GibbsX says:

    Have all the item variations been completed?

  16. Maxwell1096 says:

    I like this add-on very much, I always wanted variants of, everything, especially weapons, tools and blocks, pls add more.

  17. GibbsX says:

    Are there other implemented items or just the axe?

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