Carnage add-on (1.8.0+ / beta

This add-on adds more than 100 entities into the game and if we include the variant count, you actually get more than 200 individual mobs. It also adds new variations of vanilla mobs, making them more terrifying, horrifying, and all in all weird and bizarre. This also adds 4 new weapons that has special abilities but has no other damage. A handful of entities have the abilities to spawn in the world. It also adds 11 new bosses to battle, it includes the “Vained-time”, “Hivale”, “Goblin champion”, etc. If you’re hungry for fighting monsters and wicked boss battles, this enticing add-on will let you binge in the carnage. If you can’t handle the wave of monsters in the middle of the night, the guard is there to help you. Spawn one in and watch it aid in your battles.

Entities: There are too many of them to name, here’s a list.

Boss battles:

  • Vained-time
    • It has the power to stop you from moving, best to beat it with ranged weaponry!
  • Hivale
    • It can use a force field to shove mobs and you away, it has high damage so I recommend you to use good equipment
  • Goblin champion
    • A bigger and experienced warrior for you to fight, It will kill the villagers too.
  • Moth mother
    • It can switch from melee to ranged mode and throws silk at you to slow you down.
  • Blitzir
    • A superior to the blaze series, It rules the nether and isn’t afraid of you either, it switches from melee to ranged schemes and throws both small and large fireballs.
  • Grimstone golem
    • A protector of the Nether dimension, It can and will eliminate who dares to tread its homeland.
  • Wyvern warrior – suggestion by @Pedro07511224
    • A mere human who has the power to transform into a Wyvern at will, it feats both strength and speed against its opponents. It breathes fire and won’t hesitate to burn its mere prey.
  • Dragon-hearted
    • The older brother of the wyvern warrior himself, an experienced warrior that has the same ability as his sibling but has more capacity to spray flames at you. It has the ability to breath fireballs at the player too.
  • Maximum dragon
    • The final and irreversible form of a previous warrior ( possibly their father ) that packs a significant amount of health to live for long, even to the point of killing withers.
  • Fate master
    • The final boss of the series and will always be ready to beat you. It uses the ability of most of the other mobs and can summon different kinds of monsters.


  • Guard
    • Protects and aids you in battling monsters
  • Male
  • Female
  • Male child
  • Female child
    • Non playable characters that adds life to your worlds


  • Astral axe
    • Summons rings of fire that protects you, but it counts as a player so mobs can attack it too, It turns into fire after some time.
  • tempest wand
    • Summons a twister that levitates enemies, it disappears to thin air after some time.
  • crimson staff – from the anime show “KonoSuba”
    • Has the same ability in the show, it summons a beam that blows up the area, so EXPLOOOOSION!!!
  • Chronic charge
    • Triggers an explosion that can temporarily slows down anything in the near vicinity of the spell.


  • goblin
  • shroombit
  • wraith
  • ramwolf
  • skullshed
  • black slime
  • blood slime
  • crawler
  • hobgoblin
  • noir
  • cursed spells
  • riptide
  • black water
  • rotscade
  • dead vele
  • parakyte
  • phantas
  • gargoyle
  • dead adventurers
  • spitter
  • hollow ent
  • rotten pumpkin
  • black snowman
  • solid slime
  • shadow
  • undead livestock
  • molt zlato
  • blood stained
  • land leech
  • Fire maiden
  • fly dragon
  • morgue-man
  • biserpent
  • rootling
  • lunarid
  • giant scorpion
  • moving fungi
  • shellbit
  • terra-terror
  • shroombie
  • white lady
  • dusty paladin
  • shulker warrior
  • cursed armor
  • vile zombie
  • bloody zombie
  • corrupt villager
  • solar warrior
  • dune maiden
  • reverse body
  • vicious spider
  • bone eater
  • land shark
  • scarecrow
  • graveraiser
  • dullahan
  • deadhound
  • ivywake
  • shadow maiden
  • brutal zombie
  • cruel slime
  • dreadman
  • irican
  • wood crabs
  • moving poison
  • bird brain
  • headless chicken
  • headless horse
  • minotaur
  • skinless hand
  • stone warrior
  • inferno
  • cannibal – suggestion by @Beam30587292
  • vanta ray
  • stud bark
  • grass chomper
  • tetrapede
  • sentient mucus
  • iriditite
  • stone ram
  • trauerr
  • skeleton child – suggestion by xXBulletStormXx
  • undead barbarian – suggestion by @Live2014Well
  • shadow ghast – suggestion by @LuizEdu68642966
  • fertile spider – suggestion by @Ziggly001
  • bender
  • mother crawler
  • corpse crawler
  • black ice
  • mag i

Changelog View more
  • Fixed mobs unable to spawn or crashed the game.
    • Wyvern warrior
    • Bird-brain
    • Moth mother
    • Shadow ghast
    • Dragon-hearted
    • Dune maiden
    • Blitzir
    • Cursed spells
    • Inferno
    • Fate master
    • Maximum dragon
    • White lady
    • Shadow maiden
    • Gravitite
    • Fly dragon
    • Tetrapede
    • Land shark
    • Sentient mucus
    • Ivywake
  • Fixed "Trauerr" mob textures
  • Fixed "Hivale" mob textures 
  • Added support for versions 1.8 to 1.9


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • Do not use this add-on to mislead other people such as clickbait and other misleading titles, especially to earn money off of this content.
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.8 1.9

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314 Responses

4.05 / 5 (174 votes)
  1. Guest-7813997678 says:

    When is the update to this?

  2. Guest-4378745893 says:

    Can you fix it or change it so non monster or some monster dont burn at day like the NPC’s.

  3. Guest-6347836466 says:

    Plz add drops i wanna make like a modded survival but there is no reason to hunt mobs And if you find a mob you could just run

    • Guest-9272126622 says:

      Yeah that will be super. Also, can u fix the texture of the cow cuz it’s messed. Thanks for such a great addon.

  4. ACupOfTea says:

    I love this! I have a suggestion: how about trolls?

    Trolls could be 0.8-5 block tall humanoid creatures with stony gray skin, big noses, glowing eyes (or one eye), pointy ears, and a hunchback with bushes and mushrooms growing on it. Perhaps they can regenerate, and if killed without the use of fire or sunlight which turns them into stone, they split into smaller trolls much like slimes? They could spawn in forests or mountains at night, and as mentioned before, turn to stone in sunlight.

  5. KanadaEh says:

    I love the reference to Konosuba with the crimson staff lol. EXPLOSION

  6. Guest-9728673720 says:

    Pls make it less laggy thank you!

  7. Guest-4018266465 says:

    Great mod but t weapons excluding the axe just don’t look good in Minecraft, too realistic basically

  8. Guest-7269566459 says:

    I love this addon so much! But please give the mobs animations… and also… could you please add a lock ness monster? Please?

  9. Guest-1971154073 says:

    𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗢𝗨𝗡𝗖𝗘𝗠𝗘𝗡𝗧: The Carnage add-on will be updated on the Mid-June of 2020.

  10. Guest-6631256600 says:

    I really like these Add-on, actually it is really cool, just hopefully you can update it and make the mobs drop stuff and XP, that’s all I ask, thank you!

  11. Guest-6442016515 says:

    Nothing. Ex gameplay was on. NO MOBS 😠 and if you call me a idiot your GONNA GET IT

  12. Guest-4594584954 says:

    CodanRaigenXXI’s Twitter says there will be an update to Carnage and it renamed to: “Echo of Carnage”.

  13. Guest-1149609478 says:

    If you can make it to 1.14 that’d be amazing cuz I can see the monsters perfectly and they work perfectly but they don’t really attack me and I can’t really do anything since I have a different version

  14. Guest-3831185185 says:

    This add on is absolutely amazing! I love the mobs, the bosses, and especially the little tiny adrenaline rushes I get when I come across a tiny mob that seems harmless but isn’t! There is one tiny flaw, but it doesn’t affect my given rating: is there a way to make leg/arm movements? The mobs look *awesome*, but a tad bit silly when they’re motionlessly sliding towards me.

  15. Orangejedi says:

    I love it, it’s just the I think it’s stupid how the mobs don’t drop anything, not even XP. Please make them drop stuff.

  16. User-4868909960 says:

    make more like this like of thing

  17. Anthony says:

    How do we make the items and summon the bosses on survival

  18. KatKnip4324 says:

    My biggest suggestion is to add experience drops to these mobs. Right now they don’t drop anything. Loot is nice, but XP is nicer in a lot of situations. With how many new mobs there are, it would be difficult to focus on only killing the regular mobs for XP. Other than that this is a fantastic mod and I am going to be using it for an adventure map I am making.

  19. HiH says:

    It works in 1.13 ?

  20. Thespiderscientist says:


  21. Epoi enal says:

    Please add to 1.13.

  22. Josh says:

    CodanRaigen21, I have a problem.

    – Some of the other mobs (e.g. Cursed spells) burn in daylight and others (e.g. Cursed armor) won’t kill me in survival or adventure.
    – The cow’s texture is messed up. Fix it.
    – 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 works, but 1.12 and 1.13 isn’t working.
    – Stop making addons first, CodanRaigen21. You will gonna update first the Carnage add-on please to 1.13.

    So please, update this to 1.13 beta.

    – Josh

    • Guest-3861510685 says:

      -Most mobs burn in daylight for a reason.
      -You could try being a decent human being and at least *try* saying please?
      -1.12 and 1.13 have no issues for iOS devices.
      -“You will gonna?” What?

      • Guest-6273197329 says:

        Ignore the grammar. I have bad English. I need to practice English. Oh wait, I know how to speak English now.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey can we get a tameable version of some of these mobs, most specifically, the moth mother! I’d love my own put mothman

  24. Zack Taylor says:

    someone pls tell me how you download this addon it keeps saying duplicate pack detected

    • Guest-3655439491 says:

      You maybe tried to download it from a different website or app, or just search for the file and delete it

  25. ItsElTrollino96 says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if they added the Addon to 1.13, because I wanted to try it and review it in that version

  26. LUCAS KOEHLER says:

    Giving it 3 stars, cause there’s no point in adventuring if the mobs don’t drop anything. :/

  27. Oops says:

    Please update to 1.12

  28. Person says:

    This is beyond cool! Even though some of the mobs totally disgust me… but some of them I actually find adorable :3 oh and please fix the cow

  29. Megumin says:

    Bakuretsu Bakuretsu La La La! Bakuretsu Bakuretsu Bakuretsu La La!

  30. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I’ve got some more ideas: the cow bug needs to be fixed, the cows head is still straight while the rest of it’s body is up in the sky!!! The undead livestock attack live livestock. The headless horse and Minotaur is lightning speed underwater can you make them not so quick? The Minotaur will be called something else. Why? Well because it doesn’t really look like one. Some mobs need an actual sound added for them. Headless mobs, those book mobs, and scarecrows don’t burn in sunlight!!! It honestly looks stupid to me when it happens. Some of the mobs are way too OP and can spawn like villagers at a village!!!!!!! Make some of the weapons items.

  31. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    Could you make mowzies mobs for mcpe please? I could imagine you making those.

  32. Hi says:

    hi could someone drop me the mediafire link

  33. Mason says:

    I used this for a dungeon and dragons sort of thing

  34. And I oop says:

    The Addon is great.

    THE COWS DOE. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a great addon.

  35. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay creator I’ve waited so long for this to update and there’s still no update!!! I’ll still make suggestions. Okay let’s get started. The weapons can easily be craftible in 1.12 when using them just sneak and then they work. Now I want some drops for the mobs since this addon is a bit on the gory side I think that the corpse crawler should drop a load of rotten flesh, bones, zombie heads, skeleton heads, and a undead token used to craft a new sword. The new bosses should have exclusive loot too. Dragon hearted- drops a load of experience and a Soul of unforgiving. Wyvern warrior-drops a load of experience and a soul of hatered. And lastly the Master dragon- drops a load of experience, 3 nether stars, and a soul of bloodlust. It adds another new sword the dragon soul sword crafted with 1 soul of unforgiving, 1 soul of hatred, 2 souls of bloodlust, and a blaze rod. It deals 20 damage and gives the player regeneration, fire resistance, slow falling, and speed. For the final boss(Fate Master) he should be able to do an attack that when he hits you you will be thrown a far long ways. When the date master dies he drop The wand of pure evil. When sneaking will do 1 of the attacks of the fate master. When a boss is killed it will have a custom animation. Each boss will have a boss bar. The Grimstone golem will spawn only near the portal and will deal a load of damage. Grass choppers will at first look like they are a normal peice of grass with any kind of flower on it. When they are hit they will do their second form reddish eyes, and a dead flower they can spawn in the nether we’re their only form is soul sand with a nether wart. Also add new types of mushrooms that can spawn in mushroom biomes such as green, pink, blue, or purple glowing mushrooms. And fluffshroom(sheep of the mushroom biomes), cluckshroom(chickens of the mushroom biomes), oinkshroom(pigs of the mushroom biomes), brown mooshroom, mushroom inhabitants(mushroom people). Adventurers alive not dead adventurers. Moths tiny little insects that love light.

  36. Jacob says:

    Can we update it so we can take some of the mobs like the rootling for example that would be great ^w^

  37. Minecraftisthebest says:

    How do you even get this add-on I WANT IT NOW

  38. Anonymous says:

    are we aloud to use this in an adventure map?

  39. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    Who else wants an update!!!!!!!!!

  40. Billy bowl man says:

    Y’all can’t tell me that the corpse crawler does not look like a necromorph from dead space

  41. Shivaiya says:

    Fantastic add-on! Works like a charm, only complaint is that on Xbox cows orientation becomes messed after loading up the world after the first time. They walk on their head!

  42. Sorrow36 says:

    Xbox user just rename it to:
    And remeber Dat=Bp and Res=Rp

  43. Ragedragon35 says:

    Add The OverWorld King or The One Eyed King as a boss and add Excalibur Sword And
    The Dragon King as a boss too

  44. Weasel Da Great says:

    Please please please add armies. Here’s a list of suggestions:
    Villager army
    Illager army
    Nether army
    Ender army
    Dwarf army
    Frog army
    Fish army
    Alien army (Advanced, like UFOs and laser rifles)
    Classes: soldier, archer, mage, summoner, leader of some sort (king, headmaster, etc.)

    • Weasel Da Great says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that it would be nice if each army had one or two of there own unique class.

    • Weasel Da Great says:

      Sorry, last comment, I swear! I would have made this army Addon myself, but my dumb computer’s files don’t operate and I was slapped with a blue screen of death after 10 minutes of block bench.

  45. Nicolas says:

    Please update this for 1.12.0 update till we can have it still

  46. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I see that the gelatinous cube is from dungeons and dragons so why not add more? Such as an owl bear or something.

  47. Vicki Sosbe says:


  48. HasanTheBeast says:

    Please make the version for 1.11 and 1.12 they are gonna come out soon and this is a awesome addon to have

  49. Dlord2860 says:

    why does some of the spawn eggs have missing textures ?

  50. RedFire says:


  51. Inoob8C says:

    I Love This Addon But Only One Thing Please Add Drops And Items Like The Old Stone And Stuff Like That And Also Add It So All The Mobs Spawn In Your World

  52. CatZ says:

    I tried using this an older version of this addon and the cows were stuck dong handstands.(the cows were turned sideways and the head was always looking forward.this is in the 1.9/1.10 version

  53. Spoon says:

    Add a zip download for xbox because this mod looks amazing

    • Anonymous says:

      If you download the files, you can rename them and put .zip at the end and it’ll work. I’ve done it with other mods

  54. Albert Pacella says:

    Where do u get the weapons and where do the bosses spawn

  55. 96Guard says:

    Hi! Pls add raids.example is a dead traveler raid and pls add a new npc called the alive traveler and guard archers.and pls add horse that guards can ride 🙂

  56. EpicLuffy says:

    Can you please add drops to the mins because it feels like there’s no point in killing the mobs

  57. CubeChrisGaming says:

    I was playing with this addon. I think it is a horrible addon. BUT a GREAT mod! How do you do this?!?!? It’s creepy, fun, and intriguing at the same time! This is great, five stars.

  58. Timmy says:

    Something is wrong with the animations in 1.12

  59. Me encanta este addon, es de mis favoritos, me gustaría que agregaran más criaturas de diferentes biomas, ya sea del océano, del Nether, subterráneos, etc.
    5 estrellas

  60. Anonymous says:

    Will this mod work in 1.12 version ?

  61. Rawkoer says:

    I think this is the best addon I have seen on my mcpecel so far. One issue: weapons only have one use!! This is a big problem, please fix!!

  62. LambDPro says:

    I’m rating this 4 stars because even though there are so many things I love about this add-on, I would like it to have drops and loot too. Also please add more weapons such as magic or melee swords. And make it possible to get these weapons! So far the only way is by cheating, and that ruins the fun of adventure for me

  63. mamafurby says:

    how to download it with forge?

    • Anonymous says:

      it crashes my game

      • Morgan says:

        Same here dude! I will apply it to my resource/behavior packs it will be loading and then it kicks me out of the game. I even turned off everything that could have made my game lag😫😩😠😠😭😭💩💩💩💩

  64. Someone that exists somewhere says:

    To the creator/editor, I have created a big walking dead addon from this addon. I wanted to put it online but I was wondering if u wanted to see it before I did

  65. Naufal says:

    Can you please fix the bug where the the cow body look wrong

  66. Angry persson says:

    It crashes every time I open it up y?

  67. Random user. says:

    Can you add a wendingo please 8 think it would be great to havecin the addon, I think it would work like this, if a cannibal eats 10 or 20 people it will transform into a “wendingo”!!!!. Can you please add the mob.

  68. Redhood1121 says:

    hydra catulu mobzilla grim reaper

  69. Julie stoken says:

    I rate this 2 stars. Make it useable and I rate this five stars.😤

  70. Julie Stoken says:

    Would be great… if it didn’t crash your game every time you tried to play a world equipped with this addon

  71. Darknight says:

    Can you pls add more friendly mobs like knights archers king heavy knight good wizard and heavenly soldiers

  72. Julian Zalewski says:

    Can you try to recreate the twilight forest mod? i miss that map so much and it really looks like youre capable from the looks of it.

  73. Josue 111 says:

    Please add the following mobs to the next update on the Carnage Add-On: Cthulu, Hydragon, Mobzilla, Kraken, Thunderbird, Loch Ness Monster, Phoenix, and lastly, the Grim Reaper.

    For the weapons, I would recommend the Club, it seems like a cool and annoying weapon.

    And, I would recommend new Armor, add-ons hardly have armor these days.

  74. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    (sorry for all the lists)
    •Fire spirit (drops elemental shard)
    •Earth spirit (drops elemental shard)
    •Air spirit (drops elemental shard)
    •Elemental shard (can be traded with villagers) (item)
    •End villager
    •Nether villager
    •Nether rip (a rip in time) (summons mobs from nether including bosses)
    •End rip (a rip in time) (summons mobs from the end)

  75. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    It took me a long time to make those lists so please at least put 1 of my recommendations in the mod.

  76. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    MORE MOB RECOMMENDATIONS: (I made another list too)

    •Werewolf (adventurer (see my other list) at day but at night, the adventurer turns into a werewolf)
    •Water spirit
    •Lochness monster (boss) (drops lochness fin)
    •Vampire (inflicts the wither effect)
    •Grim reaper
    •Hell hound
    •Pheonix (boss) (drops flaming feather)
    •Cyclops (drops club)
    •Thunderbird (boss)
    •Elemental (comes in all biomes)
    •Demon (summons hell-bound)
    •Hammerhead (see orespawn hammerhead)
    •Hydragon (Hydra and dragon combined)(boss)
    •Black widow
    •Manticore (search for it)
    •Basilisk (boss) (inflicts poison)
    •snake (inflicts poison)
    •skeleton mage (inflicts many bad effects)
    •Kraken (boss)
    •Chill rave (from your bedrock 2.0 mod) (boss)
    •Cthulu (boss) (drops bloody tentacle)
    •Shapeshifter (can change into any passive mob to trick you)
    •Wraithen (from your bedrock 2.0 mod) (boss)
    •All mobs from biome project 0
    •Biome boxes (comes in all biomes) (from your biome boxes mod)
    •4-winged dragon (boss)
    •Club (makes blocks shake causing monsters on those to go flying in the sky) (weapon)
    •Bloody tentacle (weapon) (slaps the nearest mob away from you)
    •Flaming feather (weapon) (sets mobs on fire)
    •Lochness fin (does 5 damage) (gives you water breathing when you hold it)

  77. Darkest says:

    •Sea serpent (boss)
    •King of phantoms (boss)
    •King ent (The big version of ents) (boss) (spawns ents)
    •Lava serpent (boss)
    •Stone dragon (small) (spawns underground)
    •Dweller of the deep (boss) (spawns in ocean monuments) (basically a big guardian with 5 heads)
    •Hydra (boss)
    •Mobzilla (boss) (drops lightning scales)
    •Lightning scale (summons lightning)
    •Adventurer (tells stories of his or her tricky situations)
    •Controller (has the ability to control you for a short time but need to regenerate after doing so)

  78. Darkest says:


    •Sea serpent (boss)
    •King of phantoms (boss)
    •King ent (basically a giant version of the ent) (boss) (summons ents)
    •Stone dragon (would be small and spawns underground)
    •Hydra (boss)
    •Lava serpent (possibly a boss)
    •Chest mimic (from your fantasy mod)
    •Titan (boss)
    •Deep dweller (spawns in ocean monuments) (boss) (giant guardian with 5 faces)
    •Giant worm (jumps out of ground attempting to murder you)
    •Adventurer (Tells stories of tricky situations he or she was in)
    •Controller (has the ability to control your character for a short time but then having to regenerate)
    •corpse (from your fantasy mod)

  79. BaldiTheJester says:

    Carnage + Biome Project 0 = Hytale

  80. Some Dood says:

    PLZ make a magic addon full of things like the tempest wand thnx.

  81. Leonardo says:

    I have fixed the problem of the addon crashing on iOS platform in and lower. The fate master resource pack is affecting the whole addon to crash. It might have something to do with the animations. How do I know this? I removed each mob from the file until I found the one mob that crashed the whole game. I removed fate master and now it works for iOS. For iOS users please let me know if you want instructions on how to fix the crash. Fix fate master codanraigen21. Also fix the cow texture and add mob drops

  82. Leonardo says:

    Carnage seems to be the best and biggest addon there is. Codanraigen21 if you are reading this please continue. First of all, you said in your twitter account that carnage works for Yes it works from 1.8.0 to However with that being said, you are using an android platform while using this addon, but the addon does not work in any version on iOS platform. It only works in android. I tried the carnage addon in each version of minecraft from 1.8.0 to with android, and it works fine. I tried using the addon from 1.8.0 to on an iOS platform but it crashes my game every time I join a world. Second of all you need to fix the cow texture. Please fix both of these bugs please I want to use this addon in my worlds.

  83. Unknown says:

    Hey…….. update to 1.11 I’ll give you 5 star

  84. IffySoulGem says:

    why is the cow walking around on its head

  85. Mike says:

    This is a must have add-on so many mobs!

  86. ToxiFize says:

    Sadly it doesn’t work on 1.11 beta

  87. Lean3121 says:

    Reminds me of terraria

  88. Leonardo says:

    The addon looks amazing and it works on 1.8.0 and beta. However, I am using version 1.9.0 and the addon crashes my game very time I load into a world with it.
    I would also like to have mob drops if possible when the mobs die. If You made weapons for the addon you should use the weapons as loot when the mobs die, just a suggestion. So please fix this addon for 1.9.0 I would like to use this addon

  89. Namrhele says:

    Guys you need to turn on the experience mode thing to work it

  90. Fred says:

    Can you please add mob drops. Its a fun addon but why go after the bosses knowing all your going to get is xp

  91. TheOofyGang says:

    Hey, I like the addon, but for my version, there are no textures. Not even anything spawns in! Only a sound and some noise. Fix this please!

  92. MCRPG says:

    Any chance we are going to get fixed Cow animations? and fixed animations in general?

  93. Entity_destroy says:

    I love the addon, but my friend doesn’t. He says it is too “scary”. I told him I would ask if you could remove the mobs he didn’t like. He doesn’t like the mobs bird-brain, headless horse, headless chicken, corpse crawler, and other stuff. He says he doesn’t like the ones with blood. I like the addon, but I also like my friend, so can you please change this.

  94. Anonymous says:

    pls fix the textures :c

  95. ScArEdPyRo says:

    Okay so the this add on is very creative and I love that it adds a lot of mobs but the Addon is very useless because the mobs don’t drop anything and not even xp so really the add on is very useless to keep using. Please add mob drops ASAP cause this add on will be the best add on ever but until then there’s no point in using this Addon at all. If this add on does get mob drops which I doubt it I will but if it does ill definitely give this add on 5 stars

  96. Hithere says:

    I’m on IOS and I can’t open worlds using this addon ever since the 1.9 update. I love the addon so I hope you can fix the problem please

  97. Doggie says:

    The addon crashes the world since the 1.9 update. It was fine before the update. I loved the addon and I hope you can fix this please

  98. Pilot Raptor 64 YT says:

    Great addon just some recommend for an update

    -add special or normal mob drops

    – make it so that the boss holding the respective weapon (ie astral axe) drops it

    -theres some glitches with regular mobs like some mobs don’t spawn anymore (for me it’s creepers)

    – some mobs with multiple skin layers don’t move such as the zombie pigman head layer won’t move only the skull part.

    -mobs that hold weapons hold them incorrectly (ie zombie pigman doesn’t hold golden sword it floats under them.

    -suggest adding some armor and making the weapons in the addon have a durability and not just a one time use.

  99. Nicholas Tine says:

    I can’t even get on to the world. It keeps crashing. Plz fix this NOW!

  100. Ryjen says:

    Can you fix cow textures?

  101. Pig says:


  102. Anonymous says:

    You should make an Alien Vs Predator Addon

  103. Anonymous says:

    Do this mobs randomly generate in your world!?

  104. Moose says:

    The whole add-on sounds amazing and I downloaded it but it doesn’t seem to be working on mcpe for me. I tried spawning in something in creative, and I couldn’t see it, but I heard it. And I have not seen any mobs that are mentioned, in survival

  105. Neil says:

    Here’s what needs to happen IMO.
    -Add mob drops. and if its like the big blue spider make them drop more xp and 4-5 string or something just so its worth killing them.
    -Again increase xp. it feels like your only getting 1 point of xp per kill.
    -Fix the cow glitch, its funny but now its old.
    -Creeper spawn rate? Me and my friends seem to notice that creepers like never spawn anymore.
    -Help? You added these weapons to the game but yet i can’t figure out how to get any of the weapons or fighting any of the bosses. I think I met the mob that is supposed to drop the crimson staff, because his character has the same symbols floating around him like the crimson staff visual effect has when it spawns the rings.

    I love this mod its great and adds so much more to the game but i think it was released a little to early then it was meant too with the things I’ve mentioned above. My friends also agree that its great but there no reason to have it but to annoy us. Also it’s not that its a big deal in the sense of difficulty because we are already in end game. hope this gets updated soon theres so much potential in this. i honestly think this could be one of the best mods for bedrock.

  106. RafatAr32 says:

    Why the addon is not working in Minecraft

  107. Smith says:

    I have an idea for an update, add drops to the mobs, I loved it a lot for the amount of mobs and boss (and spells / weapons), so something I miss are the drops and xp, for example, the black scorpion could drop spider eye, in the end, I hope that in a future update you add drops to the mobs, meanwhile, I’ll take advantage of what you already have, thanks. ^^

  108. Anonymous says:

    This is very good! I love it! Could you please add custom drops and animation though?

  109. Anonymous says:

    I love it the crush problem is fixed
    But only 1 then
    Just add some drops to the mobs

  110. Vixn says:

    Please fix cow texture, i use your addons and get more bug for cow

  111. udhuahwud says:

    please have the gaurds spawn as well as the npcs

  112. Fred says:

    The addon works but one problem
    All of them won’t move for example the hand or legs of the mob won’t move and im on mcpe 1.10 pls fix it

  113. Cody says:

    This addon is awesome but… the mobs dont have anamations at least in 1.8, the weapons look really weird in third person view I know there spawn eggs but you can give them a 3D texture, this is just a suggestion but most of the mobs should fight each other. But other than that this addon is amazing.

  114. TYberiasuarusRX says:

    May I use this in my youtube minecraft bedrock series Crazy mobs? Its like crazycraft but for bedrock and just mobs

  115. Incredibat says:

    All the mobs are invisible and their spawn eggs are black. I can hear the mobs though.

  116. Damien says:

    Does this work on xbox as addons work?
    Xbox is version 1.8.1 for me and other addon s work but i dont know if the DAT Folder is for the behaviour packs folder

  117. Goblin slayer san says:

    Goblin slayer refrence thats what i see goblin champion and such

  118. JoshZilla says:

    I love this addon!! But it’s a shame that the mobs don’t drop special items….and I can’t get the weapons in survival, this addon makes Minecraft very hard…which I love but plsss keep updating it and give the mob drops and lastly make a way to obtain the weapon in survival

  119. Affan says:

    It’s a really cool add-on and I think you should add things from Skyrim and more mythical creatures like maybe a vampire and werewolf and Cyclops or Medusa something like that 😁

  120. Baldi the jester says:

    I thought the download file is big because it has so many mobs and weapons

  121. Anonymous says:


  122. Anonymous says:

    Minecraft but it’s Terraria add-on

  123. A Minecraft Player says:

    Nice Addon:>>>

  124. Matheus Silva de Almeida says:

    Player transform into Dragon possível?

  125. EntityDestroy says:

    This if for biome project 0 addon, it doesn’t work for 1.8.1. Also this addon is amazing.

  126. Salutations! says:

    This is an awsome addon, definitely one of the best ones out there! Adds a perfect spice to survival, also I love the spells that you’ve included in this, it’s a great use of custom entities and i think there’s great potential for creating an addon solely dedicated to Spells with this mechanic.

  127. Goldie says:

    Nothing showwssss uuuupppp.

    The mobs are invisible.

  128. Anonymous says:

    It crashes for me

  129. HLFThemax says:

    Very nice mod , hope you fix the cow bug, on my phone they are rotated .

  130. Dam says:

    Since its an addon will it work on xbox bedrock edition
    as others tend to?

  131. Anonymous says:

    Um I think that this addon would BE STUPID CRAZY when you mix it with biome project and crazy craft!

  132. Anonymous says:

    I keep crashing everytime i spawn some of the mobs…

  133. OinkTitan says:

    the cows are standing on their faces anyway to fix this?

  134. Only thing I don’t like is that there is no mob loot.

  135. Anonymous says:

    No spawn eggs or weapons were added.

  136. Arshil says:

    This addon is amazing and works perfectly well although lacking animations! I love it and really wish a I could have it as part of my multiplayer world, but it appears to have an issue with crashing certain players on iPads, no general specification in the type, so if you could please fix that, it would be amazingly appreciated, this addon is absolutely amazing otherwise, I just wish it was multiplayer compatible all the way.

  137. Legendarycrazygamer says:

    Also the weapon that slows down enemy’s temporarily it’s hard to use it, it has to be below the mob to slow them down, can you fix it to be ranged so that whoever is in the explosion will slow down

  138. Taegha says:

    First off, this addon is sweet. I like the variety of mobs included and it could really add a lot to minecraft. A couple problems I found:
    1) Animations are hit and miss. Most mobs just float along and bounce into each other while attacking. It’s not game breaking but it is a bit weird.
    2) at least 3 of the mobs are seemingly invincible. I tested the fate master guy and the 3 dragon transformers. I put them against dozens of friendly NPCs. I surrounded them with dozens of TNT. I poured lava on them. I whacked they with a diamond sword for a few mins. Nothing killed them. Its obvious that unkillable enemies would be an issue.
    3) Cows animations are all messed up. Their head in on the ground and their legs are out straight in the air. Not sure if this is on purpose but its weird.

    I really hope you read these and updates these issues because I really want to support this addon

  139. Kyuketsuki Kitsune says:

    The midiafire page holding the download key has been taken down for some reason, was unable to download. 🙁

  140. COOLCAT09 says:

    Media Fire does not support it anymore pls fix

  141. Anonymous says:

    Is if this will show up, but it says media fire doesn’t have it,specifically it’s not stored in media fire anymore. I’ll change my rating once this is fixed, and I can actually GET he addon

  142. Merek says:

    The ad is there but the download isnt

  143. Riley says:

    It keeps saying something is missing when I get to mediafire. Help me please? I really want to use this add on but it won’t let me bc it says something is missing!

  144. Riley says:

    I really want to download this but when I try it says something is missing, on mediafire it says “The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire. Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.” Can someone PLEASE help me? I really want to use this add on!

  145. The last jew says:

    You should create an alien vs Predator With colonial marines and ships and stuff like that

  146. Thiago says:

    I will leave here my suggestion of a new boss: How about a giant of 500 of life that would hold a giant sledgehammer. It would have two modes of attacks. Above 250 life he would attack melee only under 250 life he would strike faster and the distance the distance attack would be so he would hit the sledgehammer on the ground and would have dirt particles going to you very fast if you did not follow you to divert and be hit you would be thrown high. And when dead he would drop the sledgehammer with ranged and melee attack.

  147. Rex says:

    The link is broken

  148. jujujujuujuuhuggygygggftft says:

    no u

  149. Anonymous says:

    The link doesn’t work. It said there’s something missing

  150. SupaGama says:

    The Mediafire link doesn’t seem to work for me.

  151. BlazingRed says:

    The file appears to be missing? I cant download it

  152. Kazidal says:

    The download link won’t work? It said something is missing from the download?!! Please help I want to download this🙏🙏💀

  153. Anonymous says:

    The download link won’t work for me, what’s wrong with it

  154. Barry says:

    Is it just or the download link is not working?

  155. msa says:

    hey it says that the file no longer exists on Media Fire? help?

  156. Die potato says:

    Help it keeps crashing

  157. Anonymous says:

    Link is broken.will give 5 stars if you fix the link to mediafire

  158. null_eqn says:

    I can’t download the link.

  159. Miner says:

    Someone PLEASE give me the link because it I can’t even download it.

  160. Mcplayer says:

    The link is broken,can you give anothr link for download?

  161. Soannoying says:

    New link pls.. yes doesn’t work.. .

  162. Smith says:

    I would like to play but the link to install is broken, could I fix it?

  163. Smith says:

    Oh my God, this is epic! Great job!

  164. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    The link said it wasn’t available on mediafire

  165. BadDoggyCed says:

    The link is not working???????

  166. Oozy says:

    The link to download the addon isn’t working for me :p

  167. Fauzi says:

    Why ia not working the link

  168. Cedric Mitchell says:


  169. Stupid says:

    I can’t download

  170. Jerry says:

    I can’t download it!

  171. Jake says:

    You remove the file in mediafire

  172. StormBringer228 says:

    It seems the pack has quite a few issues.Unsure of wether this is because the creator removed it for reupload or wether it’s been removed by someone else or maybe it’s a problem on my end.Whatever the case , no matter how many times I try to download it with the link , it leads to MediaFire and tells me that the key for the file is invalid.Unsure wether this is a uploaded issue, a device issue or a link issue.Either way hope it gets fixed soon.

  173. Devariel says:

    Add the other link…….
    On the link mediafire is”Something appears to be missing”…….. Please i can’t download this add-on…

  174. Lop says:

    The file is dead dude fix it

  175. Anonymous says:

    the download link or the file is not exist or gone why?

  176. Devariel says:

    Why The mediafire is “Something appears to be missing”???
    I can’t download it…….

  177. TCSPlaysMC says:

    Download link is broken for me

  178. Anonymous says:

    I tried to download it but it says that the file was removed from mediafire
    What can i do?

  179. Heavlieddor says:

    Download link is not working

  180. Elijah l. Anthony says:

    I can’t download it when I try it keeps saying this that they owner of this file has removed this link

  181. PEDragon says:

    Well… i’ve I click on the download link, it says something is missing, wich is very sad because I am very interested in this addon.

  182. TheGrimmCreeper says:

    The lonk is not working. Can you please help? Thanks. Im super eggsited to try out the addon though

  183. yupguy65 says:

    ummm… the download link in mediafire is missing..

  184. DevaCraft says:

    please fix the link because it cannot download via mediafire because the addon file was deleted

  185. KryZeez says:

    Help me i wanted to download it but the link doesnt seem to work

  186. RScorPioN says:

    Very Awsome mod and i want to download it very much, but something happened with the link! It says that this link appears to be missing! Please help!

  187. Flexiy says:

    the file has been deleted, give an alternative link

  188. RScorPioN says:

    The link isn’t working! I want do download this mod very very much but it says that the link appears to be missing! Please help!

  189. K says:

    I am very disappointed as the link doesn’t work 🙁

  190. Michael says:

    Link is broken

  191. Greenpoison2005 says:

    It’s a good addon but sometimes it’s crush minecraft in moblie plz update the addon and fix this problem

  192. Chen says:

    I cant download it

  193. Anonymous says:

    The download is not working for me. It says the media file link is invalid.

  194. DLGODMC says:

    The download link is invalid it says, plz fix it I want to cramp it with all the other addon and make a super cluster of modded stuff

  195. 7D34dlyS1n says:

    I can’t download whyyyyy!!!

  196. Harrythemagician13 says:

    It crashes my world!

  197. BigFootStomps says:

    Can’t download it says the file may have been removed from the owner.

  198. CelestialLust says:

    I have a problem when I download the addon they say that my device is recorded or something and make me download a VPN shield app, can anyone tell me how to download? I’m on IOS

  199. Soannoying12 says:

    Can you add new Link? I really want this addon and I spentd my time trying to download but it just says its nit in media fire anymore. I would really appreciate it if you would reply.

  200. Die potato says:

    The link is broken. It says no valid link

  201. Mada says:

    The link doesn’t work

  202. Geme says:

    Cow have a bug using this addons please fix cow and some mobs crash

  203. Themax says:

    Very nice mod except that cows are rotated weirdly .
    Here is my suggestion ;

    Stormfighter , an human like aggressive mob that will attack it’s ennemies with lightning beam ( like fire breath with lightning texture ) , once defeated , it summon a submissive storm fighter which act as a dog you can tame

  204. BOB says:


  205. guy says:

    this addon is amazing but it has only one problem, some of the mobs crash the game

  206. Man oh man have I been waiting for something like this. The number of features is just…. overwhelming.

  207. jose george njarakattil says:

    Omg I absolutely love that ur a konosuba fan! #MeguminBestLoli

  208. Whuhxsitnqxswhn says:

    Mobs legs don’t move maybe that’s just me

  209. Icey Unicorn boy says:


  210. udhuahwud says:

    Spells would be really cool to see in this!

  211. Devan says:

    This is the best addon ever dead adventures is my favorite mob in this addon

  212. Explosioner500 says:

    i cant get it to work in 1.8.1 all the entities are invisible and the spawn eggs are black with no texture pls help me I’m confused. and why is the download pack only 2MB i would think it would be more than 2MB. i get two warnings that its missing ID’s?!

  213. Maxil89 says:

    the best addon I’ve seen … spawns very well and are very well created I love it and it works in version 1.10.3 I’m going excellent I love 5 stars

  214. Ace says:

    The creator of this add on is a proper Weeb! XD

  215. Nice says:

    Some of the Mob Spawn Eggs, will Crash the Game!! Can you fix this Issue?

  216. Anonymous says:

    You have to put experimental gameplay on

  217. BallPythonsTV says:

    Lord has blessed us with mcoe’e crazy craft

  218. Cany0udance says:

    This mods looks super impressive! The new items replace the unused yellow flower items, I assume? And how would you obtain these items in survival?

  219. Cany0udance says:

    The new items replace the unused yellow flower items, I assume?

  220. Ty says:

    Some mobs crash the game the scarecrow and a dark blue and light blue egg I can’t remember the name

  221. Explosioner500 says:

    i cant get it to work in 1.8.1 all the entities are invisible and the spawn eggs are black with no texture pls help me I’m confused

  222. Barbara marois says:

    It crashes a lot

  223. Sandía says:

    10/10 Will install again … Jajaja

  224. Doge dogero says:

    but Minecraft is extremely heavy to play. I could not make it work

  225. Fauna says:

    Do the mobs have drops?

  226. Natebaseball6 says:


  227. Bruce Jacobs says:

    I thought you meant carnage the Marvel villain

  228. ZhoulGuy says:

    I use minecraft windows 10 but when I try to generate some mobs my game crash. I use an i3 71000 with 8 of ram you know and is due to my requirements?

  229. firefox says:


  230. YeEt says:

    It doesn’t show up in my world…but other than that I think it would be a great addon…

    • Legendarycrazygamer says:

      Also the weapon that slows down enemy’s temporarily it’s hard to use it, it has to be below the mob to slow them down, can you fix it to be ranged so that whoever is in the explosion will slow down

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