Carnivo’chicken Add-on (Tame Update)

Carnivo’Chicken is a prehistoric carnivorous chicken that will attack mobs for meat.

She is a very agile and fast predator, and there are five variants.

See below how it works:

They are always hungry and will attack the following Mobs:

  • horse 
  • player 
  • zombie 
  • cow 
  • chicken 
  •  pig 
  • sheep 
  • rabbit 
  • ocelot 
  • cat 
  • donkey 
  • mule 
  • spider 
  • parrot 
  • illager 
  • witch 
  • wandering trader 
  • cavespider 
  • llama 
  • villager
  • Enderman
  • Polarbear
  • Panda
  • Mushroom cow
  • hoglin
  • piglin
  • zoglin
  • pigman

Despite being aggressive they fear wolves and foxes.

They spawn naturally in the world and you can use eggspawns in creative mode.

You can tame using a beef

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Now you can tame using a beef

When tamed you can access an inventory

Added new mobs to the target list

  • hoglin
  • piglin
  • zoglin
  • pigman

Added new mobs to the target list:

  • Panda
  • Mushroom cow

Removed random stroll behavior

  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Added new languages
  • French from Canada
  • French from France
  • Russian
  • Added Enderman and Polar bear to the target list

Added new languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese from Brazil
  • Portuguese from Portugal


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

4 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-4369087242 says:

    Could you give them a bit more dinosaur like features ? Addon is great .

  2. Guest-6578045194 says:

    linkverse ñeñeñeeñ

  3. Irish Jevil says:

    Very inventive! This is the closest to a dino chicken we’ve had. If I could ask, could you possibly make baby versions? They’d be able to be tamed. Also, could you make them have slightly less of a big derpy face, and have a fully feathered dino tail? It would be appreciated!

  4. null_eqn says:

    Hi, you will join Chinese, right?
    Thank you?

  5. Jeremy2001 says:

    Son domesticables y reproducibles?

  6. Alex says:

    Can you make them also attack foxes ,wolves and polar bears

  7. GordHaha says:

    Pretty derpy and cute mobs! Cool mod

  8. Alexplays says:

    This is a cursed chicken addon it’s funny and awesome! They sounded like a derpy cave ducks cool addon can you make bigger versions of them?

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