Cartoon Cat Add-On (New Cat Song Update)

Cartoon Cat is a evil, giant creature created by Trevor Henderson. Cartoon Cat is very dangerous and he has a body like rubber and he is even able to extend his body to become taller. Stronger than a human he is definitely no one you wanna meet in a dark forest!

Cartoon Cat Statuses:

Health: 800000

Damage 20-200000


1.Swallowing Attack: Cartoon Cat Has a body like Rubber, this allows Cartoon Cat to swallow enemies instantly, he also defeats even the strongest enemies like Original King.

2.huge snapping(Now cartoon cat can take big slaps so they can make powerful Knockback Attacks)

this is Old Model

So that’s the Cartoon Cat model.

Well, you have called this Cartoon cat like Cartoon Rabbit, now not anymore, I have fixed the model, you can see the model

Besides that, Cartoon cat can also change your mode to Survival, Adventure to collect the debt.

Thank you for Downloading, I hope you like and greetings

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Add New Song For Cartoon Cat

Song Used: "He's The Cartoon Cat (Original Song)"

Song Link:

Now there is a second update this time, I added quality to the cartoon cat, he can now kill his enemy in one slap like chara which can kill enemies instantly with her Bloody knife. Cartoon cats can swallow enemies within a radius of 10.

Added a new model, increased the power of Cartoon Cat, cartoon cat is now more deadly than 096, Ash Skeleton

1.fix bugs

2.Fixed cat cartoon model

3.Correct the wrong words

1.Bug Fixes

2.Increase Cartoon Cat Model

3.Increase Animations For Cartoon Cat


Warning: I'm not using someone else's code in this addon, I'm using my own code, but if you guys want to keep accusing me, just accuse me.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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41 Responses

4.75 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Unlost Thunder says:

    You have not mentioned how to spawn cartoon cat. Can you please say me how to spawn it?

  2. Deathstrike2345 says:

    ive made a morph about this, wearable one

  3. francesco Rizzuto says:

    you could also add sirean head which is stronger than carton cat

  4. francesco Rizzuto says:

    you could also add carton dog

  5. Deathstrike2345 says:

    the model looks good and all but not everything has to be perfect. ill give you 5 stars

  6. KenziKun says:

    Why the eat animation and punch animation quiet look like BendyTheDemon18 and when this cartoon can punch it explode like BTD18 cartoon cat? And if it die it spawn? Like BTD18 scp-682?? Is this ur real code? Im not accusing u use other people code i just talk why the code quiet same?

  7. Francesco rizzuto says:

    You can also make a carton dog mod please and carton cat and carton dog are enemies please

  8. Francesco rizzuto says:

    You could make it more fluid and the chest is round instead of the chest which is now square and make it immortal and add them more skills and lengthen the ears and the round chest like the old version

  9. Francesco rizzuto says:

    Puoi rispondermi per favore

  10. Francesco rizzuto says:

    Puoi creare anche una mod di carton dog per favore e che carton cat e carton dog siano nemici per favore

  11. Francesco rizzuto says:

    Potresti renderlo più fluido e il petto sia rotondo al posto del petto che e ora quadrato e di renderlo immortale e di aggiungerli più abilità e di allungarli le orrechie il petto rotondo come la vecchia versione

  12. saic mo says:

    It’s a great add-on, but it looks different from the cartoon cat Make it a little smoother and have smaller ears, and modify the model with reference to the cartoon cat picture.

  13. Reden says:

    Can you make playable cartoon cat please
    hope you make it. in the next update

  14. Jacopo Gianfreda says:


  15. Im not a impostor says:

    Very nice addon,i love it,it much stronger than Blood gaster,,

  16. Im not a impostor says:

    Very nice addon,i love it,it much stronger than Blood gaster

  17. Instinct.s says:

    Can you update your herobrine addon and make it as strong as this ?

  18. Leod1012MCPE says:

    Watch Asgore boss fight on YouTube to see how he looks like, also his powers

  19. Goggalcon says:

    Fake information. He can’t beat original king.

  20. Bridan6223 says:

    Addon request: maybe you can try to do Betty noire from glitchtale

    You can think of the attacks if you want

    You don’t have to do it honestly idc

  21. Pokest45 says:

    I’m srry, but why does it look like a rabbit? No offense, its still pretty nice.

  22. Jin_Rummy says:

    Trevor Henderson art + Minecraft = delicious nightmares! I am both disturbed and intrigued!

  23. Bridan6223 says:

    Hello this is a great add on kinda like bendythedemon18’s cartoon cat

    But there’s a thing I want you to remove

    Could you plz remove the power where he can change you to survival please

    Still tho great addon

  24. Leod1012MCPE says:

    This is just like BendyTheDemon18’s Siren Head add-on’s Cartoon Cat and I love it! Can you make Siren Head or Asgore from Undertale?

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