Castle of Whiterock

A small medieval fantasy Castle inspired by the mythical sausage. There is interior and also two wizard towers you can find in this world, plus there is an elvish village. Have fun exploring.

This map includes one fantasy castle with a elvish forest and two wizard towers. It was made by me and I’ll keep updating it as I build more stuff. My youtube channel is Ihackneverday 9, check it out for more similar contents.

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Added witch tower and watch tower to the world, both can be found at swamp near spawn.

A more detailed submission added more stuff to have more details


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17 Responses

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  1. Guest-6323836425 says:

    Pretty epic map. What’s the texture pack of the Armour, It looks pretty cool.

  2. AshGames says:

    hey, just wondering if i could use this world for a YT rp with a few changes and buildings added. (credit would be given*

  3. Redslash11 says:

    Is that shader included in that map?

  4. Kane Crafter says:

    I was just watching Sausage!

  5. Guest-1563775201 says:

    Nice castle but what texture pack are you using

    • Guest-5772315712 says:

      this is a Java edition pack called little taste of jerm. these pictures where taken on java edition just to showcase

    • Guest-4696578441 says:

      You can use a little taste of jerms bedrock edition for this map and there is suppose to be a resource pack in this map

  6. Guest-6613461685 says:

    What shaders tho…the castle looks very awesome

    • Guest-6517125149 says:

      Oh, the creator used a shader from Java which looks more robust than Bedrock’s shaders. But don’t fret, because in my opinion, Ray tracing in Bedrock actually looks superior to Java’s shaders.

      • Guest-4628955526 says:

        Because Ray tracing is superior and its not comparable to Java shaders. Except Seus ptgi which will soon get an upgrade to path tracing which is more advanced than ray tracing. The thing is that the bedrock ray tracing is going to cost a lot because you need a brand new graphics card or new gen console.

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