Casual Skin Pack 2.7 (Time for Xmas!)

This skin pack is ideal for people who want to change skin quickly and who want a skin pack with a mix of skins. This skin pack contains 508 skins!


if there is any bug or something else write it in the comment and if you have an idea for the next update write it.

Its Time For Christmas! The halloween Skins has been replaced by the Christmas skins But if you want the old version with Halloween skins just click on the old version link!

You can follow me on:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SimonIT71111471    You can suggest me skins here too

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXWN-A_nleF4-NMTRYzWufA

My USERNAME on XBOX is: @SimonITA23; I usually play on 

Broken Lens: play.brlns.net:2000

The maximum number of skins for the next update will be 15-20 skins

-if you want to see what the skin pack adds, read the description after the photos-

Here are all the photo of the Skin Pack!


This skinpack includes

  • Undertale characters
  • Famous Cartoon Skins
  • Boy Skins
  • Boy HD Skins
  • Christmas Boy Skins
  • Girl Skins
  • Christmas Girl Skins
  • Girl HD Skins
  • Famous Singers Skins
  • Super Mario Skins
  • Kirby Skins
  • Marvel Skins
  • Famous Youtubers Skins
  • Most Famous Anime Skins
  • Fnaf Skins
  • Famous TV Series Skins
  • Deltarune Skins
  • Meme Skins
  • Horror  Skins
  • And much more!

Changelog View more

New Skins:

  • DDLC new skins
  • Frisk and Papyrus skin changement
  • Other skins from Undertale
  • Spiderman, Deadpool and Superman
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Micheal Jackson

And others!


  • SCP Skins!
  • One Piece Skins!
  • KSI Skin!
  • Famous Horror Characters skins!
  • Bug fix!

And other!

 Now the skin pack has reached 100 skins !!!!!!

New Skins:

  • Deltarune Characters
  • Generic Boys Skins
  • More Girls Skins
  • Mob Girls Skins
  • Ricardo Milos Skin
  • Error Fix
  • And Much More!

The skin pack is now sorted into categories and colorful Texts  have been added to all the Skins!

New Skins:

  • Derp Skins
  • Shrek
  • Thanos
  • Bendy
  • and much more!

New skins:

  • Simpson skins
  • Logan Paul skin
  • Other family guy skins
  • And much more!

New skins and bug fix:

  • Finally you can download the pack without delete the old version!
  • More girl skins
  • More Boy skins
  • Changed some skins

New Skins:

  • Stranger things characters
  • more boys skins
  • more girls skins
  • other superheroes
  • and much more!

Guys thanks a lot for the support and for the people who advise me skins in the comments!

New skins

  • Added more boy skins
  • More Girl Skins
  • Seven Deadly Sins Skins
  • More memes
  • Skins Recommended by you
  • And much more!

New Skins

  • Amazing world of Gumball skins
  • New skins recommended by you
  • Other youtubers skin
  • Other Boy skins
  • Other Girl skins
  • More anime characters
  • Fixed the bug of the skins that needed the Alex format
  • And much more!

Here is a BIG UPDATE that adds about 80 new skins and more!

  • You can celebrate halloween with new skins for males and females and more!
  • Re zero characters!
  • Death note characters
  • Mob Psycho 100 protagonists
  • More boy skins
  • More HD Boy Skins
  • More HD Girl Skins
  • More Girl Skins
  • Yuno Gasai from Mirai nikki : The future Diary
  • Saitama from one punch man
  • Camo Skins
  • Skins recommended by you in the comments
  • Fruit Skins
  • Hello Neighbor skin HD
  • Bug Fix
  • And Much More!

New Skins:

  • More Boy Skins
  • More Girl Skins
  • Skins advised by you
  • Bug Fix
  • And Much More!

New Skins:

  • Fnaf 2 skins and other Fnaf 1 skins
  • More dragon ball skins
  • Adventure time skins
  • Bug Fix
  • And much more!

New Skins:

  • More boy Skins
  • More girl Skins
  • Looney Tunes skins
  • Marceline Skin from Adventure Time
  • Fnaf Sister Location Skins
  • Tom&Jerry Skins

New Big Update!

  • Replaced Halloween Skins with Christmas Skins
  • Added Darling in the franxx skins
  • More fnaf skins
  • More meme skins
  • Added old link (2.3) For people who wants to use halloween skins
  • Bug Fix
  • Images improvement
  • Added skins recommended by you
  • And much more!

New Skins

  • Added more Xmas skins for boys and girls
  • Added winnie the pooh
  • Bug fix
  • Added more meme skins
  • And much more!

New Skins

  • More Xmas skins
  • More meme skins
  • More funny skins
  • More boy skins
  • More Girls skins
  • Demon slayer skins
  • Skins suggested by you in the comments
  • Bug Fix
  • New photos
  • And much more

New Things:

  • Added More adventure time skins
  • More steven universe skins
  • Skins advised by you in the comments
  • more Xmas skins
  • More boys and girls skins
  • Bug fix
  • More meme skins
  • New safer links
  • And much more!


  • Click the link
  • Disable adblock or link skipper for download the pack otherwise it will not take you to mediafire.
  • After you download the Casual Skin Pack : 
  • If it is the first time you download it; if you are on the phone, just download the .mcpack version of the skin pack and minecraft should open and import itself


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13

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644 Responses

4.47 / 5 (261 vote)
  1. flashninja says:

    flashninja Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    December 2, 2019 at 9:13 am
    What I want for Christmas is Goku Black, Jiren and Vegeta with his funny pink shirt.



  2. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Well um, if you could, can you add these please? Again it’s a mix so it isn’t all just one thing.

    Here’s the boy stuff:

    The girl stuff:

    And lastly, the others:
    (These characters are from a video game called “Sly Cooper” and something that was a part of my childhood ^w^)
    (This was Jschlatt’s original skin before he changed it)
    (This is another Niko from the game “One Shot” but more refined looking. Though please keep the other Niko in your skin pack pls?)
    (And lastly, this character is the GamerCat from “The GamerCat” comics. I was gonna add Mae Borowski from “Night in the Woods” instead but um…I haven’t found a good one yet. So GamerCat was a replacement.)

    That’s all for a while from me! Hopefully you’ll add them, and hopefully this makes it through moderation! Last time it didn’t and got removed for some reason so…I pray it makes it through this time- :’c

  3. Kai says:

    Hi is there any chance you could add or make a new skin pack for the band Queen please as it is my favourite band and would make my Christmas

  4. Ellis says:

    Wow that is really cool man beautiful 🤝 thanks for that bro 👏 cool

  5. Jahseh says:

    hi can you put some skins from the movie spiderman into the spider verse

  6. Chrisdaspeedster says:

    THIS PACK IS SOO GOOD I really love all the skins

  7. HaydenLavarias says:

    Hey my suggestion is can you add adventure time skin With jake the dog,finn the human,princess bubblegum,ice king,marceline and all of character pls do it thank you

  8. S0AR DeadPool says:

    This was a gread skin pack

  9. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hey Simon. Long time no see huh? You don’t mind if I request some skins right? It’s quite a bit but I made it so it gives boy skins, girl skins, and other skins

  10. pedro says:

    can you do a stranger things pack plz

  11. flashninja says:

    flashninja Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    December 2, 2019 at 9:13 am
    What I want for Christmas is Goku Black, Jiren and Vegeta with his funny pink shirt.




  12. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you make a direct download because i have minecraft education pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the skins are really cool by the way.

  13. Sans Himself says:

    *megalovannia intensifies*

  14. Natha says:

    Cant you make skin kimetsu no yaiba plsssss😊😊

  15. Anonymous says:

    It takes me to another page about making free money whenever i try to download, i tried usingfile downloader but the file director isnt in the link 🙁

    but this looks like a pretty sick texture pack, its so cool

  16. YOU SUCK says:

    what you call casual is just dam edgy

  17. Anonymous says:

    add apex legends skins

  18. Anonymous says:

    add fusions of bendy and fnaf characters

  19. luis says:

    i cant get it because i am in a school laptop and i can delete it.i only have the first casual skin pack that came out.

  20. Jahseh says:

    i cant get it because i am in a school laptop and i can delete it.i only have the first casual skin pack that came out.

  21. Bearcraftt says:

    Simon can you make a naruto skin pack

  22. gckus says:

    can you add senku/gen from dr stone? Thanks, i appreciate all the skins x2

  23. Natha says:

    Cant you make skin kimetsu no yaiba plsssssss😊😊😊

  24. OOFUS DUFUS says:

    Can you please add a fusion Between Bear and purple guy. If you dont want to then can you make more fusions

  25. E says:

    Add some more jojo’s bizarre adventure skins

  26. KONO DIO DA says:

    add a DIO skin

  27. AustinA says:

    Can you plez make it 1.12.5 minecraft education edition plez

  28. Simon_ITA says:

    Guys im preparing the new update, since Christmas is coming I have decided to replace the halloween skins that no one uses anymore since halloween has been over for quite a while now (I’ll surely add different halloween skins in the nex year not the ones I’m going to remove). to add Christmas skins I will also add other skins recommended by you etc.
    Get ready for the new update!

  29. Francisco says:

    I would like you to put Vegeta beyond blue and Jiren and Goku Mastered Black.Ultra Instant Goku.
    This is the skin I want.

  30. Francisco says:

    I would like you to put Mastered Ultra Instant Goku, Jiren, Vegeta SSB Evolved, Goku Black and that it.

  31. OOFUS DUFUS says:

    Can you add a fusion between Purple guy and Bear I think it could be a masterpiece with this skin

  32. jojo fan says:

    add more jojo skins

  33. Jahseh says:

    Can you do an avengers skinpack plz.And can you do ore skin packs not just casual skin pack thx.

  34. Francisco says:

    I would like you to put Vegeta beyond blue and Jiren and Goku Black.
    This is the skin I want.

  35. Zero two says:

    Can you add a zero two skin please

  36. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you make a link to direct download because i only have minecraft education edition

  37. MasterMason935 says:

    I would like you to put Vegeta beyond blue and Jiren, Goku Black.Please Please Please

    This skin at least

  38. Startpoul says:

    invisible skin pls

  39. Espartan3E3 says:

    Excelente skins! Fueron de mi agrado


  40. Anonymous says:

    add more bendy skins in 2.4 because bendy is the only skin there

  41. Derk says:

    Can you add Lois, Meg, and Chris skins from family guy?

  42. AustinA says:

    can you make one that is for 1.12.5 Minecraft plez

  43. Natha says:

    Hey cant you +anime cheater kimetsu no yaiba plsss 😁😁

  44. E6 and sandstorm gaming says:

    Please may you add fnaf 2 withereds or fnaf 3 animatronics heres 2 links as a suggestion you dont have to add them this update just wondering https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13549176/springtrap/ https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13472463/withered-bonnie/

  45. Shadsedge says:

    Please add in hollow knight and hornet.

  46. Patrick says:

    Pls add connoreatspants skins thank you!

  47. Pp says:

    Add a crying cat meme skin please

  48. Simon_ITA says:

    guys tell me if you want me to remove the halloween skin to replace them with those of Christmas since halloween is now running out, reply to this comment

    • Floofyfoxxo says:

      Maybe you should keep them so that you don’t have to add them again next time when it’s Halloween. But if you want to remove them, remove all of the Halloween skins except these ones: Halloween boy 4, Halloween boy 7, Halloween Bear, Halloween girl 6, Halloween girl 3, and Halloween girl 5.

      Oh, and can your skins not all be slim skins please? I’m not really a fan of slim skins that much and every skin in your skin pack is a slim skin. I prefer the original size of minecraft skins more.

      • Simon_ITA says:

        If the skins are slim there is a reason, the fact is that many of the skins are created slim so if I’m going to put the model steve behind it would be all glitched.
        Instead for the halloween skins I will provide immediately because surely in a year I will put other skins different from those that I have now so I believe I take them off, but I don’t confirm it, I want to remove them also because in this way there aren’t too many useless skins and used by few people , but I still have to decide whether to take them off or leave them.

        • Floofyfoxxo says:

          But…most of the skins weren’t even slim models. They were fine until 2.1. Not only that but after the 1.13 update for bedrock came out slim skins glitch out and have things floating in place, like hair for example. I can’t even use your pack because of these bugs and it makes me sad cause my favorites are in here…

          I honestly blame the 1.13 update for this. Ever since they added that skin creator, skins that aren’t made in that skin creator glitch out unless they aren’t slim models. Not only that but servers on bedrock are literally dying because of the lag issues. The Hive server doesn’t even function anymore and they STILL haven’t removed that dumb Halloween skin changer that forces your skin to be something from Halloween, despite Halloween being over and we’re in November 18.

          I just miss being able to play this game…it’s been weeks since I could really ever play on it…

          • Simon_ITA says:

            I hate the new update and unfortunately since I’m from windows 10 I can’t go back to the old version, on android I think it can be done but not on playstore, the skin creator is very nice just because you can add 4d objects to your skins but it’s literally full of bugs, one of which is that when I exit the game and I saved a character from the pack, it strangely erases me. In fact I don’t use it as you can see from the photos. I use an add-on created by a mcpedl user that adds the skin selector of the old versions and I like it. unfortunately I don’t know what I can do about these bugs that you told me. The skins of the girls must be slim because many users prefer them that way and if I put on the steve model it would be invisible a part of the arm behind or black. Same thing for some skins for guys that strangely are created slim, maybe they are the most used skins at the moment. I really hope the bugs will be fixed soon

          • Simon_ITA says:

            But I don’t remember what it’s called this addon so if you want it you should look in the addon section and once downloaded it should be in the menu a skin script and from there you can see the old skin selector

        • Floofyfoxxo says:

          Oh. But girl skins don’t always have an invisible or black part on their arms when they have the Steve model. I honestly didn’t even know the Steve model did that. I’ve seen the invisible or black part on skins before but I thought it was because whoever made them forgot to fix it, not because of the model. But it’s okay. I’m probably the only few who prefer the Steve model over the slim one, but I’ll try and get use to slim skins.

          And okay cool, I’ll see if I can find that addon you mentioned. I hope it works on Xbox because that’s, well, what I play Minecraft on. Thank you

    • UrMumIsWeird says:

      Oh! Yes that would be great!

    • diabetes says:

      please don’t be like walmart

    • atomic flounder yt says:

      add christmas skins, therefore you wont have to add new ones every christmas
      and keep the halloween skins for the same reason.

    • ReKt SHOKz says:

      Yes please, that would be great! Also, could you add captainsparklez new skin with the technoblade robes on? Thanks!

    • Jacobforeman2 says:

      Yes please

  49. Funtime foxy270 says:

    Simon can you please add fnaf sister location skins

  50. TigRMine says:

    doesnt work on xbox because of the ads

  51. Anonymous says:

    can you make for xbox?

  52. The2nd says:

    Could you add some more jjba skins and add a stand called “whitesnake”

  53. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Do you need anymore boy or other type skins Simon?

  54. Hunter says:

    Can you put in more my hero academia skins? Preferably mei hatsume, stain, or tenya iida

  55. E6 and sandstorm gaming says:

    Thx for adding fnaf 2 please may you add withereds next?

  56. Saul says:

    Hey. How do you make your skinpacks??

  57. Zayeq says:

    Medifire link

  58. Zayeq says:

    Need mediafire link plz

  59. E6 says:

    Add fnaf 2 withereds next pls. Reply if you want me to give links

  60. Anonymous says:

    can u add fnaf vr skins

  61. FoXtails002 says:

    Please add Fredbear and springbonnie! I really need them for future roleplay videos!

  62. When I tried to download it to Minecraft, it said Filed to Import CasulSkinPack2.2 See output log more details
    idk why it doesn’t work for windows 10 edition

  63. jake says:

    can you do an xxxtentacion pack plz

  64. Funtime foxy270 says:

    ADD FT FOXY FT FREDDY AND LOLBIT ALREADY! I’ve been asking ever since 1.5 and im getting fed up with waiting

    • Guy says:

      Wait till he/she ready

    • Floofyfoxxo says:

      Asking like that will most likely result in him ignoring your request. Better start asking nicely. He still hasn’t added some of the things I asked of him but do you see me getting upset about it? No. So do the same like I’m doing: wait. He’ll get to you eventually he has other requests to take care of. But if he forgot, remind him nicely. Can’t blame him if he forgets as he stated before he has other things to do in real life than to just sit here and put skins in a skin pack

  65. TheMadZoomer says:

    Hey, Simon can you add Marceline from adventure time? I’d appreciate it and um… Yeah

  66. Remy says:

    These are amazing dude! Best skin pack ever!! Can you please add Sailor Moon? If you can make her sailor scouts too that would be unbelievable. Ty so much for these!

  67. eattheloops says:

    Can u please add hornet and the hollow knight?

  68. OGMCFAN says:


    I have one question, when u make an update do I have to download it again or will it download on my minecraft automatically

  69. Garfield says:

    Want Lasagna? JK ALL MINE

  70. SCP-049 says:

    Hi. Please make more SCP Skins

  71. Francisco says:

    You should make a Namek texture pack from DragonBall Z.

  72. E6 adventures (e6 and sandsorm gaming) says:

    I want fnaf 2 skins cause I obsessed with fnaf please

  73. benjaminurface1 says:

    Can u pls add more naruto skins like kakashi itachi and sasuke

  74. Morphinsmortz says:

    Theres 2 of the same creeper girl

  75. Anonymous says:

    link not working!!!

  76. Bonnie says:

    Can you update it again so it work for 1.13 and you can use skin on xbox

  77. AGZ says:

    I just wanted to ask how can i make a Custom skin pack because i want my skins to be in there and if I did that so then i can add a cape into it

  78. Floofyfoxxo says:

    If it’s okay to ask, are you ever gonna update your other skin packs, like your dragonball one? I’m curious tbh (also sorry if you see this twice the first time I tried to comment it disappeared)

  79. Anonymous says:

    Hey if it’s okay to ask, are you ever going to update your other skin packs, like your dragonball one? I’m curious tbh

  80. Why it doesn’t anymore…

  81. Pls help says:

    When I tried to download it, it said unknown pack

  82. Lori o3o says:

    Omg u added the skins i asked again tysm. Im sorry if its a bother
    Btw i love your skin pack ^-^

  83. Nathan says:

    It’s not working bit

  84. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hiya Simon! It’s been a while huh? I’ve got some requests to ask, but don’t worry they aren’t girl skins! Well 2 are but other than that most are male-based, so I hope that’s okay.

    Also, I’d like to request some skin changes again if that’s also okay? There’s only a few that need a new look imo.

    Oh, and some skins do in fact have places on them where the colors do not fit the skin at all. Examples are the slime girl and catnite creed. If you look up and go 3rd person with them on you will see a color under their heads that doesn’t look right. Dunno if you can fix them at all to make the colors match the skin but I thought I’d just bring this to your attention!

  85. gckus says:

    Add senku from dr. stone, please?


  87. jake says:

    Can you do a xxxtentacion pack plz.Like you can put when he was young and when he had his hair white,blue and black and yellow thank you

  88. Anonymous says:

    Can you add in some tf2 skins please?

  89. jimmy says:

    i am really sorry but a few of the skins have errors like the boy 8 has blocks of colour on his legs and some characters have little spots of different colour sorry to be a bother but if you can it would be nice for it to be fixed!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Add glitchtrap in 2.1 please

  91. Catkuveremila says:

    Cna u make cats

  92. AustinA says:

    four some rezen my minecraft keeps saying Failed to input these skin can you soon make a 1.12 or just comment what i should do

  93. Benjamin Bitterling says:

    Could you add more naruto skins and prestonplayz from YouTube? Good job btw.

  94. funtime foxy270 says:

    more fnaf skins in 1.10/2.0

  95. LilyRose Sidekick27 says:

    Hi I forgot to ask for these in my 2.0 request sorry if ur mad also if your not willing to add the Frisk and Chara Skins can i change them to this plz?
    Frisk: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/3156903068
    Chara: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/3435433100
    If not then can you change Frisk into the othe YOUR Frisk idm about Chara if u dont change ok plz add these requests that didnt make it to my last comment r.i.p

    Herobrine’s Daughter?: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1473873286
    Lady Toxic/Biohazard: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1906423495
    This Pink or Red Girl: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/3201133030

    I think im bugging you with these requests lol sorry if I am

  96. Anonymous says:

    Add glitchtrap skin from nova skins in 2.0

  97. Jacobforeman2 says:

    Please can you add firework skins for bonfire night and Christmas skins

  98. Lori o3o says:

    Omg ! I didnt expect you to add the skins I suggested Simon ! tysm ! ^-^

  99. AustinA says:

    can you add a nightmare baldi skin plez

    • Merk says:

      Haikyuu Skinsss Pleeeasseeee

    • Floofyfoxxo says:

      I can’t get Twitter sadly. I have no space for it-

    • Floofyfoxxo says:

      Also, again thx for adding some of my requests! Are you gonna eventually add all of them into the pack? I’d be sooo grateful if you did! If you forgot what they were I can always find them and put them here again! I’m gonna stop requesting so much from you cause I feel like I’m a strain with my requests, so for a while I won’t ask you to add anything else for me! Though I’d love it if you could eventually add the requests I asked before but wasn’t added in yet. Again if you need a reminder on what they were I’ll gladly put them here again! I think you got most of them sooo I think there’s probably a few left :3

      Oh, and I hope I’m not really a strain to you as much as I think I am. I only ask a lot from you cause idk how to make my own pack, and you take requests and is active. Thats why I ask so much from you, even though you are busy. So please forgive me for it all as I’m really sorry if I am annoying or anything

    • Anestasia11 says:

      How do you get the media fire link? I’m trying to creat a subbmision but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the link…

  100. Francisco says:

    Yeah I agree, take your time bro okay.

  101. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Yay 1.9 is here! I knew you were busy but I was honestly worried something happened cause its been sooo long since you updated this pack, but I hope you’re doing good though!

  102. Anonymous says:

    Do callmecarson’s skin

  103. Floofyfoxxo says:

    You’re really busy huh Simon? It’s been so long since the 1.8 update, but no worries please take your time! We’re not rushing you or anything so please do take your time uwu

  104. John says:

    Please add a jschlatt skin

  105. vyalost says:

    Can you maybe add a cool character like Neo from the Matrix or JC Denton from Deus Ex? Something cyberpunky but not overdone? Thanks a lot!!! I’m enjoying the pack thus far and I’m really looking forward to new updates! You’ve got my support 😀

  106. Sanity says:

    It’s Me Again! Got A Few Anime Skins Hopefully You Can Add These To The Next Update, Thanks! https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/natsuki-subaru/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/yunyun-skin/ https://namemc.com/skin/2b03a7fa53a39644 https://mega.nz/#!acNVzQRZ!A75qLbqVK7amSZMBaWZY-E_qxXzl5cXj8n2zE4EKTk (i don’t know if you can import this into the skin pack but try your best!)

  107. christian says:

    add the miles and all spiderman costumes and villians and add all disney chaacters and mastersed ultra instinct goku and dc characters and master chief

  108. Simon_ITA says:

    Guys I’m selecting the skins for the next update!
    I remind you to follow my twitter profile: https: //twitter.com/SimonIT71111471
    and my YouTube profile I will shortly be doing a tutorial on how to download the skin package and how to create the skin package!

  109. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a backpack skin for the boys in the style of adidas skin

  110. Icy says:

    Hey can you add some more hd boy skins? I love boy skin 21 btw thanks for putting it in there!

  111. Funtime foxy270 says:

    In 1.9 can you add more five nights at Freddy’s characters including the funtimes but can you get good fnaf characters? Like the o
    nes U already got For us players.

  112. Francisco says:

    I would like you to put Vegeta beyond blue and Jiren.


  113. Plz respond says:

    Is there going to be a limit on how many skins you add per update

  114. Anonymous says:

    u should add glitchtrap skin in the next version

  115. Karol says:

    Didn’t Demogorgon supposed to have teeths?

  116. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Oh btw Simon, if you ever do decide on a Casual Girl and a Casual Boy skin pack lemme know! I can help, especially with the Casual Girl skin pack!

  117. Francisco says:

    Your sonic skin Pack isn’t working my bro and people really want it.

  118. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you add Batman and robin from 1966

  119. RIPTyrone says:

    Its a stupid suggestion but one of my longest living villagers named Tyrone has recently passed and I thought it would be cool if you added him, he looked like the standard farmer villager if you do decide to add him

  120. The Demon Rider 39 says:

    can you put a ender man mob please

  121. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Simon one last thing! In 1.9 can you change the hd girl 6 with this or at least add another variety with this one? https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/2393073024 I really like it without the mask so if you can do that I’ll be so grateful! I know I ask a lot from you and I’m so sorry that I do, you’re just really cool simon! I love how you listen from requests and such and I appreciate everything you do to make them happen!

  122. VerySillu says:

    Can you add tachanka from rainbow six siege next update?

  123. Thedog says:

    Are u a sans fan boy…?

  124. Annoying orange says:

    Yo add the annoying orange here is the skin if your interested in adding the skin https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/4678235/ao/ this is his official skin he used in him Minecraft gameplay

  125. Oofio 64 says:

    Can you add Mordecai And Rigby From Regular Show? (oh and benson from it)

  126. Septicbooper says:

    Can u plz update the jacksepticeye skin in this pack thats not his skin this is https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13473410/jacksepticeye/ im a fan of his so if u fix this little thing i will subscribe to your channel.

  127. PlegedYaakk8787 says:

    Add the Wolfboy skin

  128. Anonymous says:

    Could u plz tell me how make a skin

  129. 18659OpCreejah says:

    Add hypebeast skins

  130. AwMan says:

    Can you add some hype beast skins?

  131. Simon_ITA says:

    guys I have to add other skins for boys in 1.9, answer these comments if you want to send me boy skins

  132. Francisco says:

    I would like you to put Vegeta beyond blue and Jiren.


  133. DyabloK says:

    Get other persons stuff and upload it is really bad dude…

  134. kiuta says:

    more my hero academia!!!!!

  135. jake says:

    can you do a john wick skin pack plz

  136. good_boi says:

    can you please add this? i cant make a twitter so i cant tweet at you, but i would appreciate it Simon. Thanks!

  137. Simon_ITA says:

    Hi guys, I have a youtube channel and soon I will start making videos, if you also want tutorials on how to create skin packs and more, I think I will do a presentation on my skin packs, go and Subscrbe;)

  138. Anonymous says:

    Add dr doofenshmirtz

  139. Simon_ITA says:

    If you have twitter you can contact me there for advice for the next update, it’s much easier for me to read all the comments in this way.
    here is the link to my twitter!

  140. ICYIlIIlllIlIIl says:

    If possible, can you please add more boy skins and possibly add Skins with capes or custom capes. And ps. You are probably the best skin provider keep up the good work.

  141. John says:

    If possible may you please add more boy skins and possibly add skins with capes/custom capes if possible……..ps keep up the great work ur probably the best skin supplier.

  142. jake says:

    can you do one of flash but not on casual skins just by its self thank youu.

  143. John says:

    If you can may you please add more boy skins and please add skins with custom capes if possible………ps keep up the good work your probably the best skin supplier.love you bro

  144. Luis Silva says:

    Any idea on how to remove the previous skin pack on Windows 10?
    It just says duplicate pack found but I can’t find where to remove the previous skin pack.

  145. OOFUS DUFUS says:

    Can you make a chicken man skin

  146. Anonymous says:

    Can you put in more my hero academia characters? Maybe villians and pro heroes?

  147. The2nd says:

    you killed me when u added VillaJah 10/10 5 stars

  148. Markimoo says:

    Please add a Markiplier skin,add unofficial and official Markiplier skins! He is my favorite YouTuber in the world other then DanTDM.

  149. furrett says:

    I was waiting for 1.8 and u didn’t add my skin :[

    Oh well, time to wait for 1.9!

  150. x Lori x o3o says:

    Absolutely love your skin pack! Keep updating ^_^

  151. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Awww not all the skins I requested got in. Are you adding them into a different skin pack, the next update or did you forget them? I’m just curious

  152. LinkSans2000 says:

    Great Pack! Is it possible that you could add some Hollow Knight?

  153. Francisco says:

    If you add Ultra Instinct Goku you must add Jiren and Vegeta Beyond blue. Because he can’t be the only person that strong.

    [url=https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/11931299/vegeta-mastered-blue/][b]Vegeta mastered Blue[/b][/url]


  154. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hey Simon when you add skins don’t try to add all of them! Just put as much as you can put in, like 20 skins or more if you want, and stop there for now until you add more in updates! You don’t gotta add ALL the skins the comments give you as I understand it is a lot and takes a lot of time to do. So please think about doing this! Don’t stress yourself out over it okay? ^^

  155. Hale_H says:

    Hey can my skins be added pls

  156. Anonymous says:

    Could u add popeye the sailor man

  157. Anonymous says:

    Add Spinel from The Steven Universe movie

  158. BigClarky says:

    For those people who need that much more unoriginality.

  159. Junior says:

    I need help to making my own skin pack

  160. SupremeBruh says:

    You should add the Impractical Jokers!

  161. Simon_ITA says:

    Hi guys, I have a youtube channel and soon I will start making videos, if you also want tutorials on how to create skin packs and more, I think I will do a presentation on my skin packs, go and sign up;)

  162. Leth says:

    I added it to skin_packs and it acts like this isnt there. On xbox

  163. Kermit says:

    I don’t have Twitter for multiple reasons. But i’d like you to add my friend Steve, he is im the link and he wants to be in 1.08, please make him feel better by adding him in.

  164. Anonymous says:

    Can you add spinel and ink bendy? Spinel is from the steven universe movie can you add the evil version?

  165. Rekt shokz says:

    I sent you some suggestions on twitter! Please can you check them out? Thanks!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Plz Change Amber to: https://minecraftskins.com/skin/12394972/amber-lightvale/
    And change her name to Amber Lightvale in turquoise plz

  167. Sanity says:

    Hi, it’s me again! I don’t have Twitter and i just find it easier to comment my skin suggestions on here. Either way I hope you add these in and keep up the good work with this pack! 🙂 https//namemc.com/skin/4d60feb908140e82 (btw just adding this deku in because the one you added is a bit sloppy, no offense of course!) https://planetminecraft.com/skin/megumin-kono-subarashii/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/zero-two-4147098/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/beanos-4398333/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/tanya-degurechaff/

  168. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hey Simon Imma get Twitter soon but until then I have another idea for you, but it isn’t about this skin pack. You should try doing a Casual Girl Skin Pack & Casual Boy Skin Pack. I just feel like it would be nice for those who wanna find themselves a girl or a boy skin really quickly (plus I recommend a lot of girl skins for this pack and I don’t wanna have this pack, a pack that’s supposed to be a mix of all skins, have the majority of them be girl skins unu). So if you could do that that would be really awesome, but if not that’s understandable! Also…how do you make a skin? I wanna start making my own but I don’t know where to start making them. You got any ideas where I can start at?

  169. MEME MALLYCALLY says:

    Plz add human versions of Sonic characters or people in their costumes and Human MLP with HoodiesPLZZZ ADD DEM :3
    I mostly want added
    Human Twilight(hoodie)
    Human Rainbow Dash(hoodie)
    Human Fluttershy(hoodie)
    Human Pihkie Pie(hoodie)
    Human Tails
    Human Amy
    Human Cream
    Human Shadow
    Human Sonic

  170. LilyRose Sidekick27 says:

    I saw ur comment but i cant do that..sorry..

    Plz add my other suggestions in1.8
    If not then..its ok

  171. ThaPandaMaster says:

    Add a hacker skin and barney thx and please

  172. Joiuyyh says:

    Please make a mediafire link

  173. Santos martinez says:

    Nice skins keep up the great work man👍👏🙌🏽

  174. Yorp says:

    You are the best creator on the site for making such a big skin pack and updating it so consistantly

  175. Simon_ITA says:

    Hi guys, the next update 1.8 will surely be added next week, take your mind off the comments by writing what I should add in the update 1.8, if you have twitter you can write me there, I can answer you faster because mcpe.dl has to moderate the comments!

  176. Dragon ball super king says:

    Everyone keeps posting this skin so plz add it https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13322164/jacksepticye–logo-/

  177. Anonymous says:

    I found this skin hope u add it

  178. kiuta says:

    more hero academia skins *tip try to look for skins at skindex or planet Minecraft*
    but I love this skin so I will put a link

    and wiki for my hero academia if you want to find some character

  179. Jabajomas says:

    creator pls could you help me.
    I try to upload my skin pack and it keeps coming back saying that i need to submit a skin pack with more detail and i feel like i have tried everything but it wont work!! please could you tell me how to fix it and if i cant do it can i send you my skins and ask you to submit it?

  180. Francisco says:

    Time to hunt the people who killed my dog in minecraft .Thanks

  181. Anonymous says:

    it still wont transfer. idk whats wrong it says I have a duplicate pack but this is my first time getting this…

  182. Max says:

    Add showdown bandit

  183. Onyx Supreme117 says:

    Can you please add a media file for xbox I would apppreciate it thanks!

  184. Computer Wife Karen says:

    I would LOVE to download this skin pack, but with the way it is now, I’m not sure how to do it, i have never done Zip before :\
    If you or someone could tell me how, that’d be great but until then, I can’t

    You should really add Biggie Smalls

  185. Your Boi Big Bob says:

    A. I don’t understand the download

    B. Add Biggie Smalls!!!

  186. Anonymous says:

    Can u make a boy skin just like boy 8 but with white eye

  187. Inngedt says:

    How do get skin pack to show up on latest Beta?

  188. Kermit says:

    So here is my suggestion, I love this pack and everything about it, but may you please add this skin into it, I love stranger things and if you added this I’d be really greatful https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13204837/max-stranger-things-season-3/

  189. Kermit says:

    Here is a suggestion (I don’t have twitter )https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13204837/max-stranger-things-season-3/

  190. Simon_ITA says:

    If you have twitter you can contact me there for advice for the next update, it’s much easier for me to read all the comments in this way.
    here is the link to my twitter!

  191. Simon_ITA says:

    Guys, I’m working on the 1.7 update, if you have any suggestions for new skins, please reply to this comment

  192. furrett says:

    Hello Simon! Please can you add my skin to the pack!

    Also, please consider removing the early, or making it optional! I already have got a virus trying to download a skin pack!

    – furrett

  193. Bryan says:

    Can you help me cause i really need help on downloading this for some reason it doesn’t let me

  194. That guy 123 says:

    How did you get the colorful text for the skin names ?

  195. Lulu says:

    Hello Its Lulu Again Simon Idk If My Comment Got Sent Out But Im Going To Try Again Just Incase. I Have A Few Possible Skins That You Could Maybe Add ?

  196. CasualAmazing says:

    This skin pack is amazing! I love the skins and the frequent updates! Can you add Purpled (new skin with hair not mask) a6d and maybe some more 4D non-HD boy skins with thin arms. Thanks!

  197. Kids love harar says:

    Michael Myers and Max from stranger things

  198. Chris says:

    Hey im really liking the skin pack and i was wondering if you can add an HD Rantaro Amami from danganronpa v3? Or these skins https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1493723039/Darwin-HD https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/793463910/MichalezThingz-HD-Skin or this https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1982953521/My-Skin-Hd

  199. Im Shinso says:

    Hey can you add more HD boys?

  200. CasualBest says:

    Best skin pack ever! Could you add some more skins from people in Minecraft Monday?

  201. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hi Simon! Do you need any skin ideas? Cause if so I’m open to give you some! ^^

  202. Hunter says:

    Hey! If I send you a skin, would you be able to add it to the pack? Thank you.

  203. Nick says:

    Can you add Alex ace mrfreshasain and lazarbeam

  204. Average marvel fan says:

    Add some more super heros like iron man, quicksilver or any other marvel heros like black panther also can you add more villains?

  205. Anonymous says:

    Add perry the platypus and doofenshmirtz

  206. MasterMason935 says:

    Can you please add John Wick day and night skin on the casual skin pack?

  207. OOFUS says:

    You should make a custom skin for this person Floofyfoxxo

  208. Kermit says:

    Can you add Michael Myers from Halloween?

  209. Francisco says:

    Thank you very much and now we are going to have a lot of fun with it.

  210. Anonymous says:

    More family guy skins

  211. Anonymous says:

    Could you add more sidemen skins

  212. XxMemeLord42069 says:

    Add more memes

  213. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Omg thank you so much Simon! I cannot wait to use these skins! (I’m in school rn and after seeing the update I was like “uuugh hurry up already I wanna go home unu”) but seriously though thank you! I really hope your skin pack becomes the best one on this site cause you deserve it!~ ^w^

  214. Mestro says:

    Please add ytber skin I AM WILDCAT

  215. therichmedic says:

    this is nice skin pack
    BUT if your skills are this good then i dare you to make a team fortress 2 skin pack

  216. Anonymous says:

    Hey I wanted to ask if you could add a female sans skin, and also keep up the great work, this is my fav skin pack.

  217. Herobriane says:

    Can u fix monika a little it doesnt look that right and please add lolbit funtime foxy and yeah

  218. oOoWalker87oOo says:

    Can you pls add more fnaf skins like
    the funtime animatronics or the rockstar ones?

  219. Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

    Add phineas and ferb characters

  220. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hey Simon I know I said that I promised I won’t ask you for more skins to add but listen if you ever do need more ideas on what skins to add to your pack lemme know! This is your most popular skin pack imo so if you ever do need more skin ideas I’ll be glad to help! I’ll also try and mix them up a bit so the majority aren’t all girl skins ^^

  221. kiuta says:

    please add one punch man skins and tokyo ghoul skins and my hero academia skins
    if Simon u reading this please add some anime skins 😛

  222. Hilmi876 says:

    5 STARS!!!

  223. Lucy says:

    Hey I just wanted to ask if you could add a female sans skin, btw keep up the great work love the pack.

  224. Francisco says:

    Can you please make a different skin pack with this skins. Its cause we all play Minecraft education Edition and we only download it once but we can not update it. So can you please??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  225. Anonymous says:

    Hey simon one question could you add bill cipher from gravity falls

  226. Hate says:

    Can you make so xbox players can down it

  227. Frisk,Sayori and Chara :3 says:

    (idk where the heck 1st went but yes)
    If uve seen it for the 1.6 update i have requested:
    Plz add Betty Noire and Amber Lightvale
    Plz change Sayori,Frisk and Chara
    Btw everyone except Amber has lots of choices on nova skins
    Simon! Good work i love it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly surprised that so many skins are being added to this. Amazing job! If you could though, I would like to see some OFF characters like The Judge or The Batter.

  228. Anonymous says:

    Hi! For the next 1.6 update can i have these requested skins an some skin changes plz
    Add skins(plz):
    Betty Noire
    Amber Lightvale

    Skin Changes(plz-even though there alreadygreat):
    Frisk(theres lots of good ones on novaskins same with Chara)

    Hope it aint too much! Thx for ur time plz do them

  229. Simon_ITA says:

    The 1.5 UPDATE IS COMING!!!!

  230. Anonymous says:

    this is cool but can you do one of flash skins

  231. Sm4shi says:

    Heya! Can u please add this skin: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/niko-oneshot/
    My last comment didnt work for some reason, but if u could add this one you will be epic swag, tysm

  232. TheDarkSide519 says:

    Do you make all of these yourself? (not judging just wondering)

  233. Anonymous says:

    Could u add the Simpsons

  234. Sanity says:

    Hey, i love this skin pack but can you add this? https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/kazuma-satou-konosuba-v1/ He’s one of my favorite anime characters and i’d really appreciate it! (by the way if this comment comes out twice it’s my fault lol)

  235. Yyy says:

    Simon when i download and i put it in the skin pack file it dosent show the skin pack for some reason

    • Simon_ITA says:

      Have you tried to delete the old verison by going to the local files games / com.mojang / skin_packs and delete the old version and you can finally install the new version?

  236. Slm45567 says:

    Could u pleas add Jeffy

  237. Technoblade says:

    Could you please add technoblade? Wanted that skin for a long time! Keep up the great work!

  238. cator says:

    Hi, I love this skin pack so far but can you please add this? https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/kazuma-satou-konosuba-v1/ he’s one of my favorite anime characters and I’d really appreciate it. I’m glad your a dedicated person who actually takes requests and such. So keep up the good work! 🙂

  239. Morgzfan65475 says:

    Could you plz add morgz

  240. Careerchalice78 says:

    Could u add more SpongeBob characters

  241. DingleNut says:

    Please add Stewie or Brian to go with Peter

  242. Techno4Life says:

    PLEASE can u add technoblade, great skin pack

  243. Alex says:

    I’m sorry how do I do this

  244. Anonymous says:

    Can you change some skins in the next update? Like sans and the jacksepticeye skin.

  245. Pixel Redstone says:

    Skinpack nice! i can play RP properly now with my friends

  246. Anonymous says:

    Wont let me paste on skin packs plz help

  247. Jamie says:

    How do I delete the old skinpack on eductaition edition. Oh BTW I love this pack

  248. Anonymous says:

    Where is logan paul >:((( you said you would add him11!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!

  249. Jamie says:

    Hey I don’t know how to delete the old skinpack can you please tell me

  250. Connor says:

    Can u add aesthetic skins or make a aesthetic skin pack? Ps:love your skin pack

  251. Animal~Chan says:

    OMG SO KAWAII! >w< I just saw your skin named "My Skin" and "My Skin 2" they were so cute! btw keep it up because i cant buy minecoins ;-; and when i try to get a skin it doesn't work…….But your skin pack does! amazing! Chu~!
    -Your Skin Pack Fan

  252. Tye says:

    Pls make it a mediafire link

  253. Simon_ITA says:

    Update has been released!

  254. Randy says:

    Bedrock edition?

  255. PLeAsE LiSTeN says:

    Can you please use a different ad site? it says that it is dangerous
    please just send a direct link please
    it seems like a really good pack i just can download it

  256. gavin brown says:

    can u add supreme skins in and cursed skins? thank you!

  257. Meme review says:

    So me and my friend did everything right and the new skins dont appear we dont know what’s happening

  258. Anonymous says:

    Bendy killer sans and error sans??? If not atleast add bendy I really like the game!

  259. Anonymous says:

    Add shrek and thanos

  260. ZeroAwiibo says:

    1.3 broke the Pack. Most new and old skins are removed. Some skins crash your game, and the pack duplicates. Please fix. Loved 1.1 and 1.2

  261. Anaoop says:

    Okay when i downloaded this for my xbox minecraft crashed and turned purple and black. Fix this please?

  262. owo im not telling says:

    yo i created a skin in skindex.com just search thanos and search for a naked one and please i beg you add my abomination to this pack please

  263. Nafra says:

    Man, I hope non-rooted Android have abilities to access hidden Minecraft folder, so I can update skin pack, without clearing the user data.

    Everytime I update it says duplicate pack…

    • Simon_ITA says:

      If you want to delete the pack just go to games/com.mojang/skin_packs and delete the old version of casual skin pack, then you can download the new version without disinstalling mcpe.

      • Nafra says:

        That’s the problem.
        There’s no skin pack, world, add-on, etc. folder. They all are hidden.

        Only rooted Android can access those individualy folder.

        Doesn’t matter how much your skinpack is, the only folder that show on \games\com.mojang\ is \minecraftpe\.
        And the only file that show in \minecraftpe\ is just some info about Settings and pack information.

        • Simon_ITA says:

          Strange because the real hidden mcpe folder is that of content on the marketplace, on my phone I don’t need the root so I can delete my skinpack and add it when I want I do not need to clear the user date

  264. kiuta says:

    damn it i put same links twice

  265. kiuta says:

    and Tokyo ghoul skins PLZ good luck

    I forgot to rate 10/10 so rated

  266. Blake says:

    Does the pack update if you’ve already downloaded it?

  267. Anonymous says:

    i cant because i have 1.1 and it says that i already have it and i dont

  268. Obama says:

    could you add south park skins like kyle, craig, stan, cartman, and kenny, but instead of them being boys, they are girls (im sorry if you saw this 2 times, i didnt know if it posted or not)

  269. Obama says:

    Hii, could you maybe add south park skins, like kyle, eric, stan, craig, and kenny, but they are girls instead of guys.

  270. Versario says:

    Hey can you add some masked skins? Like a Kitsune mask, Haku from Naruto, dog mask, etc?

  271. Anonymous says:

    Add logan paul because you cant have ksi without him also add memeulous and willne

  272. Anonymous says:

    Please add MedieFire lihk 🙁

  273. stupidkid says:

    can i have 1.0.1 version

  274. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Once I saw the update I couldn’t wait to get home and download it! Thank you! Is it okay if I request a few more skins? This will be the last time I’ll ask you for more, I promise. ^^

  275. Danny Dorito says:

    Yooo this pack is sick! Could you add some Star Wars characters? By some I mean all that you can find lol

  276. Simon_ITA says:

    For Marvel Fans the skin pack by me is on minecraft-pe-mods!

  277. Simon_ITA says:

    The pack contains 144 skins in total, i forgot to change the brief introduction!

  278. E says:

    please add deltarune or my hero academia skins

  279. cool says:

    add classic steve with beard

  280. Bearcraftt says:

    Yoo simon my man can you add genji and Lara croft and some weird skins like derp skins why because am weird and keep up the good work I really love to this pack really good work man 👏👍😀

  281. Ace says:

    Can you make a texture pack for xbox one with predator skins from all the movies please

  282. Elon musk says:

    Heya simon! Can you add ralsei to the pack if you already my bad sorry to bother you.

  283. Bearcraftt says:

    Omae wa mou shindeiru add kenshiro pls 😀and keep up the good work 👏👍

  284. I like frogs says:

    Can you add kermit the frog?

  285. AreospaceHawk34 says:

    Ugh i just installed 1.1 yesterday

  286. Simon_ITA says:

    New update is coming!
    with a lot of skins!

  287. Simon_ITA says:

    Thanks For the support guys!!!!!

  288. Floofyfoxxo says:

    (Commenting this again cause it didn’t work apparently) Hello! I just wanna say that I am loving this skin pack! Though I do have a question. Would it be okay to request more female skins, especially mob ones like your creeper girl one? And have you thought about adding Deltarune to your skin pack also? I asked because you added more Undertale skins to your pack, so I was curious to ask. ^^

  289. Simon_ITA says:

    Guys fnaf skin pack is out now on Minecraft-pe-mods.com follow me on twitter for the link! @SimonIT71111471

  290. Bill CosBiscuit says:

    Plz add ricardo milos

  291. Bill CosBiscuit says:

    This skin pack needs Ricardo Milos

  292. Anonymous says:

    This skin-pack needs ricardo milos

  293. Floofyfoxxo says:

    Hello! Just wanna say I’m loving this skin pack! Though I have a question. Is it okay to request more female skins? I’d prefer more mob type ones like your creeper girl one, but if you can’t thats fine. I wouldn’t mind either more mob girl skins or just regular girl skins. Also, have you ever thought about adding some Deltarune skins as well? Just thought I’d ask since you added more Undertale skins.

  294. Cooper says:

    Can you add more generic boy skins?

  295. Anonymous says:

    Can you add kermit?

  296. Careerchalice78 says:

    Could you add ksi or mininminter from the sidemen

  297. Anonymous says:

    Love this sooooooooooo much thank you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  298. Simon_ITA says:

    In the next update I will add fnaf characters, like and comment if you want fnaf characters!

  299. Bearcraftt says:

    Simon my boy can you make a jojo bizarre adventure skin pack or add joturo kujo to this skin pack thank you and keep the good work 🙂

  300. Bearcraftt says:

    Simon my boy can you make a jojo bizarre adventure skin pack or add joturo kujo to this skin pack thank you and keep the good work

  301. Bearcraftt says:

    Simon can you please add freddy and bonnie to this skin pack I would love that and thank you for the skin packs I love this pack the dragon ball one I can’t wait for you to add gogeta blue thank you and good work

  302. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a .zip version ?

  303. OdiousUnicorn says:

    Ive added the skin pack but where can I find it in game?

  304. Shinso says:

    Hey im really liking the pack so far and i was wondering could you add HD skins please? Theres only a couple HD skin packs

  305. Joeyndndnd says:

    Bruh you should add some Star vs the forces of Evil Skins

  306. Simon_ITA says:

    New Update is coming!

  307. Hgbg says:

    Do u have a discord? Simon?

  308. Oof01 says:

    Place link in comment section that directly sends me to ad.foc

  309. Clint Hall says:

    The link always says “TrOuBLe WiTh dOwNlOaD?!?”

  310. Oof berg says:

    Will it have a media fire link?

  311. Simon_ITA says:

    guys mcpe dl doesn’t want to publish fnaf skin pack so I’ll add it to another site. for fnaf fans I think it will be downloadable tomorrow for the link of the fnaf skin pack is on twitter, follow me @ SimonIT71111471

  312. Careerchalice78 says:

    Can you make marvel skin pack

  313. Simon_ITA says:

    Fnaf skin pack is coming fnaf skin pack will be published very soon only for now I’m having a lot of problems with the moderators

  314. JOHN CENA says:

    For people on Xbox,click the link and wait 5 seconds,as soon as u see “skip” push it. It will take you to a site called “AdFoc” go to the top of the screen go left and click it. Their will be a media fire link that you can copy,there u go,your welcome

  315. Feedback-Man says:

    It shows a blank page when I press the link and then skip the ad, Can u fix this? ((I really love this skin pack and I want it so bad..))

    (; – ; )

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that what you call a “blank page” is a new tab created by adfocus, the thing that Simon_ITA (and me) uses to make money off his skin packs.
      To get to the mediafire link you have to switch tabs. If you need help in doing that, ask here.

    • Simon_ITA says:

      If you are downloading the skin pack with a phone, after you click skip,go back to the previous page and it should take you to mediafire

  316. Consumption Of Rubber says:

    Please add a mediafire link for us xbox boys

  317. DANK MC says:


  318. Dom says:

    Could you add Toffee and Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil?

  319. Anonymous says:

    Could you add deadpool

  320. saladass says:

    very nice

  321. Yeet says:

    Media fire link please?

  322. Diana says:

    Wow This Skin Pack Have Monika From DDLC Too

  323. Bibb says:

    Can you please make a medifire link

  324. Microsoft Lumia camera says:

    Could u add Michael Jackson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  325. DamHeThicc says:

    Could you add jacksepticeye

  326. ....... says:

    Needs jack

  327. Sonicfan657 says:

    Top of morning Irish noises

  328. HarryConnick2006 says:

    Please could u add jacksepticeye

  329. Spiderpig says:

    Needs jack

  330. Jacksepticeyefan656678 says:

    Where’s my boy jacksepticeye at . Why he not here

  331. Returningman65456 says:

    Could u please add sonic or pack man

  332. Minecraftmoney says:

    No jack 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  333. Swimmingkin676545678 says:

    Love this keep up the work

  334. Gamerboy101 says:

    Where’s jacksepticeye

  335. Pewdiepie and jacksepticeye fan says:

    Yo this is the best skin pack ever just needs jacksepticeye so jack and pewds can be together

  336. Anonymous says:


  337. Careerchalice78 says:

    Please could you add jacksepticeye to this skin pack . Here is a link to the skinifhimhttps://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/13393477/jacksepticeye–septicbooper-/

  338. Careerchalice78 says:

    I love this sooooooo much thanks for making it

  339. Anonymous says:

    can you make it a mediafire mc pack download pack pls

  340. batsponge says:

    add mediafire link pls

  341. Anonymous says:

    Omg! Ive been looking for a skin pack that included sans! Thank You so Much!

  342. LACHLYN270 says:

    no ads please

  343. Oof says:

    Love it, can u make a fnaf 1 skin pack? There is only SL on this site but do add purple guy.

  344. NewSquirrel9176 says:

    Link is broken, please fix

  345. Skull says:

    I love this skin pack!

  346. Xd xChris says:

    Put this in a Mediafire download to make this way more easier this one of my fav packs

  347. STARZ says:

    Hello, This skin pack is amazing! Also todays my birthday so it’s kinda like a small birthday gift LOL

  348. Creepa says:

    can’t wait to use this ironically

  349. To quick says:

    Can’t skip the ads

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