Casual Styles Skin Pack

Do you need a few casual skins? Well if so these 6 Casual Skins (perfect for day to day use) is perfect for you! 2 Female and 4 Male unique skins! Skin pack made by Endercraft Studios.

Skins Included:

Casual Thomas 

Casual Britney 

Casual William

Casual Nick

Casual Jason

Casual Destiny 

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Skins made by SeaSickDewey (Endercraft Studios skin creator)


Supported Minecraft versions


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2 Responses

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  1. yaboitk47 says:

    Just wanna know, why do Britnney have no shoe’s on her, like dang give the poor women some shoe’s, and well done on the skins, 1000000/10

  2. Guest-1987261086 says:

    oh wow endercraft

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