Published on August 03, 2021 (Updated on December 05, 2021)

Cat Maid Dresses

If you've ever wanted this in Minecraft, for whatever your reasons are (maybe a bit of trolling?), here it is. This add-on simply adds cat maid outfits to Minecraft with all of the 16 color variants, and now updated for better models, textures, and colors.

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Changed models and textures of armor on the player

  • Models are slightly smaller and have an improved design for the skirt
  • Textures no longer use flat coloring and Z-fighting should no longer be present

Changed item textures 

Change crafting recipes for all items

Fixed bug with item textures not rendering

Armor no longer has any protection value, but can still be enchanted

  • Enchantability value is 10, the same as before the update

Armor now has 100 durability points instead of 3000 (More than Netherite) 



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Pinned comment
The skin you used to display the outfits remind me of KC from the youtuber Aphmau.
can someone download this then export a world with it please
I will put this dress into 6th century's yu ling. It will be look like....
this is so c u t e! :>
its not working for me
I've heard of some people saying that this add-on doesn't work for them.
In my experiences this works perfectly fine on its own but sometimes other packs can break it.
I have no idea why this is the case, but it should work if you put on top of other packs if you find it breaking. It may also be because the experimental toggle is not on, which is my fault for not saying it's required. I've only used it with both "Holiday Creator Features" and "Additional Modding Capabilities" applied, but it should only need the former.
Hi i think i install this addon in other website and its totally the same except the profile of addon
AAH so kawaii!!
Omg! This add-on is so adorable! I can't wait to try this once I have full access to my Wifi, and play this with friends! Thank you so much ✨(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
You can have slightly larger ears + an additional second type of square ears.
Get in the maid dress 🔫
it's a very cute addon my friends and I like it a lot,but the purple dress is very light, it looks more lilac than purple,even the magenta dress is darker.
I have been thinking of changing the colors, along with a few more alterations to the pack.
I'm thinking some of the colors definitely need to be changed.
Welp The DreamSMP Needs This Now Lol Good Addon Tho