C&C Concept

Yes, as you saw in the title, this is an addon that tries to imitate all the features of 1.17 Caves and Cliffs

This addon adds all the blocks of 1.17 and some functions such as the fall in the dripleaf or the damage in stalagmites and the functional spyglass but since we are in bedrock You already know that you will always see some limitations so that some functions are not added as the bundles or some other things

Without further description I will show you some screenshots of what the addon is and also what it was in its development version along with images of some models that were used at the beginning of the first addon versions

1. Lush Blocks ( actually the lush caves is in WIP )You can may get this blocks like Spore Blossom, Lush vines, Lush leafs, Moss, Azalea Roots, Baby Azalea Tree and more with a command ( /function 1.17_Blocks )

You can almost get the glow berries by just clicking the lush vines with berries

And eat him of course

2. Stalactites And Stalagmites

Oh we cant forget this beatiful blocks that can kill you again and again and AGAIN

3. DripLeaf And DripStem

Did you see this in the minecon ? Well, now you can play with him now!

The Dripleaf is a new block that if you stay to much time in her leaf you will fall down ( The function of the dripleaf is so buggy sometimes )

4. Copper Ore and Blocks

Oh you cant forget that new ore called “copper” right ? Well now you can make blocks of copper and even wax them ( The crafts of the blocks are the same of the first and second snapshot of Java )

5. Amethyst Blocks. Clusters and Much more

Isnt it beatiful ? Well you can DESTROY him for get some amethyst shards 😀

6. Improved Caves 

Did you see this giant caves in minecon live? Well Now you can explore them and even make a base if you want

7. Improved Mountains Generation

Also you can try to climb one 🙂 !

8.Lush Caves

Did you seen this Type of caves with lot of vegetation? Now you can explore them ( stills in WIP so you can found some errors with the generation of this caves )

9. Axolotls 

Meet the cutest predators of the story, you can pick up them with a bucket of water and they will be yours, they can even fake her deaths for distract some hostile underwater mobs like drowneds or guardians

Well that was everything from this addon, I will add much more and functions of blocks

Now just watch some images from the addon 

Thanks for reading :b

Changelog View more

1. Changed name of the addon

2. Updated some particles and textures

3. Updated behavior of goat

1. Updated cave gen

2. Updated Mountain Gen

3. Fixed some bugs like the spyglass wich wasnt working for some people

1. New Blocks Placers ( Blocks in the creative inventory )

2. Better mountains generation

1. Lush caves ( WIP )

2. New Axolotl animations

3. Fixed some Generation bugs

4. Improved Mountains

1. Improved Caves Generation

2. Desert and Frozen Caves

3.  Redesigned Budding Amethyst

4. Sculk sensor sounds when interacting with it

                                                        Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an annoying sound

2. Fixed an incorrect texture with the glowing moss

1. Glowing Vines

2. Sculk Sensor animation 

3. Glowing Moss And Glowing Moss layer

4. New Caves and Cliffs UI in game 

1. Redesigned HydroJelly

2. Added Sculk Sensor ( I need to add better functions to that block )

3. New mob ( Great Hunger )

3. New mob ( King Blaze )

5. Moss Layer ( Now you can make layers of 1 or even 16 pixels )

6.  Middle Stalagmite / Stalactite ( For make stalactites and stalagmites more longer than 3 blocks )

7. Fixed some bugs like the incorrect textures of blocks ( A dirt block with UPDATE text in the sides XD )

1. New mob ( Infernal JellyFish

2. New positions of amethyst like The Hanging Amethyst

3. Fixed an annoying bug ( Spyglass sound in everywhere )

4. New languages files ( English from US and UK )

5. New conditions when placing blocks like the spore blossom ( now you can only place just in the ceiling )

1. New Spyglass Design when on use

2. New model and texture of glow beetle

3. Natural Generation of Amethyst Geodes

4. New Blocks ( Glowing Blossom and Glow Clusters )

5. Glow Squid and Glow Beetle Loot ( Glowing ink sac and Glowing Wings )

6. Bug Fixes ( Fixed model of glow beetle and her behaviors )

1. Glow Beetle ( Idea )

2. Glow Blossom ( Idea )

3. Fix of buggy candles

4. Functional Spyglass

5. Tinted Glass

1. New blocks like ancient gravel and dirt has been added
2. Skulk Trap added
3. New textures of copper block
4. Natural generation of copper ore
5. Waxed cut copper craft
6. Archeology Added
7. Brush Added
8. Dripleaf function ( fall when you were like 5 seconds in the leaf )
9. Baby Dripleaf
10. Functional Spyglass ( still in WIP but you can actually try it )
11. New crafts like java ( Spyglass, Lighting Rod, Copper Blocks, Cut copper Blocks And more!
12. Growing Amethyst
13. Tinted Glass
14. Axolotl Mob
15. Glow Squid Mob

16. White and Black Candle

17. Commands for get The bocks ( /function 1.17_Blocks )

1. New blocks like ancient gravel and dirt has been added

2. Skulk Trap added

3. New textures of copper block

4. Natural generation of copper ore

5. Waxed cut copper craft 

6. Archeology Added

7.  Brush Added 

8. Dripleaf function ( fall when you were like 5 seconds in the leaf )

9. Baby Dripleaf

10. Functional Spyglass ( still in WIP but you can actually try it )

11. New crafts like java ( Spyglass, Lighting Rod, Copper Blocks, Cut copper Blocks And more!

12. Growing Amethyst

13. Tinted Glass

14. Axolotl Mob

15. Glow Squid Mob



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123 Responses

4.61 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Is there any new seeds I can try to get geodes, copper, and new cave gen? Thanks.

  2. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Hey, I cannot find the new caves, the geode, or copper ore when I made the new world with all the experimental features on. What can I do?

  3. TheBonnie1983 says:

    when I read C&C, red alert 3 memories get back

  4. CryingGhast says:

    Is there a seed where I’ll be guaranteed to find a lush cave near spawn? I want to explore them, but haven’t had much luck so far. Btw, awesome mod! I’ve been using it for a while, and it’s probably the best 1.17 concept so far

  5. Progamer164 says:

    Great addon but what experiment do I need to turn on 🤔

  6. alex123dk says:

    sorry for asking but that nether mob the jellyfish is from better nether mod

  7. Chez12333 says:

    You got permission to use that nether mob?

  8. Frazinx says:

    Can u make the spyglass thing invisible when u use it like optifine?

  9. EmptyCoso says:

    this addon is great loking i can try it now
    i will try it later 😀
    i will report ALL bug 😀

  10. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    Content is great! I just have a few notes. Its that, it doesnt seem that Night Vision potions do not work. There are no other addons on the world, I havent tried other potions and using the command doesnt work also. I think it might be a small bug somewhere in your code. The other issue I had is that the Geode Guardian doesnt have a texture… Overall its a good addon recreation!

  11. Hi This is Team C-Blocks Quentin. I am S.Moderator on the ilosemypotato farm. And it seems as you have used ilosemypotato’s warden. You cannot use it without permission

  12. Steve Jd says:

    Hi developer, I have a question, what should I do if I poke a bucket with axolotl on axolotl with a bucket of water, but axolotl itself does not disappear?

  13. Enteranamehere says:

    I really, really like this addon. It has all the features in the snapshots and even more. I can’t seem to find the lush caves biome generating naturally though. I have experimental gameplay turned on but I still can’t find it after roughly 30 minutes of searching. Could you maybe provide me with a seed that generates it. Other than that this is the best addon with the new 1.17 features. Thanks

  14. Guilford says:

    Download texture that new structure


    This Addon is really good but I have only 1 question and that is if you can make an English version since my friends have a really hard time understanding, thanks.

  16. Frazinx says:

    Can u please teach me howd u do the CAVE UPDATE MOD thing in the thumbnail I really need it rn???

  17. Creep 103 Rey says:

    Is so cool??

  18. Ultralogs says:

    Hello! I have downloaded the new update and I love the new generation however I have found some bugs with the new sculk sensor animation. If you are able to please add me on discord so we can speak about this my username is Ultra#6852

  19. Guys don’t worry the glowing Moss texture will be updated it doesn’t quite look very good there is a new texture in progress just be patient I know this because I’m the person who asked for the glowing moss in the mod and submitted the texture

  20. JakeTBone says:

    The /function 1.17_Blocks command won’t work.

  21. Do I need to downgrade, because my minecraft is updated to the latest version like sonething like that and the amethyst crystals are textured update blocks and the other mobs rather than axolotl and glowsquid are invisible

  22. They’ve got great stuff in store and I love the stuff that’s already in the mod I hope there’s a glowing biome I’ve been really excited for 1.17 I really can’t wait I’ve got a few suggestions but not many :b

  23. IronWolfLegend says:

    So when i was using this mod, in my chat a message popped up saying block caf:amatista_grande’ does not exist and also said that mabey it had a weird block name. Is there a function i could use to fix this? And also how do I get all the items, i already have all the blocks but not the items.

  24. DBZfan13 says:

    Did you know that Wardens are mobs you suppose to avoid? If you manage to defeat a warden, you’ll earn an achievement. That’s my theory. I plan on using this addon for my custom world, for now. Once v1.17.0 is released, I’ll replace the custom blocks with vanilla blocks. This is only temporary.

  25. Tristan7046 says:

    Are the Copper blocks can rust?

  26. FnafPizzaFan says:

    is it possible to make the glow squid glow? but if you can I can’t play this due to minecraft no longer supported 🙁

  27. EpicXxshuxX says:

    Can you make the block textures more like how they actually work? and, can you add the new mobs (goat, axolotl, warden) I see you have added the INFERNAL JELLYFISH THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST (glow-squid) but can you add the above? thanks.

  28. Qwerty123 says:

    This is realy good.

  29. MMalkeK says:

    it works in .100?

  30. Guilford says:

    Hi consome can be join discord

  31. Guilford says:

    Thank you for axolotl bucket on
    Fixed structure the amythyst

  32. Guilford says:

    I’m POV zombie

  33. Guilford says:

    Oh hi icewarrior426 but the structure caves and Cliff amythyst is fixed lava floating water floating y 18 fixed air

  34. LJ Playz says:

    Honestly I love this but it’s not working I on the experimental gameplay and after I do /function 1.17_Blocks but there nothing at all can you pls fixed it

  35. Guilford says:

    Skulk sensor were

  36. Guilford says:

    Can be add axolotl bucket on item
    Name : bucket axolotl’s

  37. EvMaster114 says:

    This pack is amazing! I have started to make packs, but I can’t find a good editor. What editor did you use to make this?

  38. Guilford says:

    Bundle update

  39. Did you put all the experimental functions? if you already do that just do this command /function 1.17_Blocks for get all the blocks

  40. Dooms day says:

    It’s not working so i update my minecraft into 1.16.100 but still not working and this is not beta

  41. Guilford says:

    The axolotl is guardian killed but is animations play dead and she make regeneration

  42. Guilford says:

    Tamed on cod fish

  43. Guilford says:

    But axolotl is fixed

  44. Guilford says:

    Ready to update

  45. Guilford says:

    But the bundle is not a select items
    How tutorial

  46. If someone wants to get all the blocks just do this command ( /function 1.17_Blocks )

  47. Its Good And Fun But There Is Still Bugs Like The Candle I Know What To Do But The Candle Acts Weird.

  48. AzureParrot42 says:

    Hey everyone have you heard of 1.16.100 its a version where you have this but its also non beta and dont tell me “but 1.16.100 is beta” i didn’t mean its just 1.16.100 just search it

  49. Guilford says:

    What is espanola I don’t know to give that
    Update name block

  50. Im Recieving suggestions for the addon

    Leave me an idea or a bug to fix and ill Try to add or fix that 🙂

  51. timmy729 says:

    Umm why all concept are for beta version pls a non beta version

  52. Spyguy10078 says:

    Super cool but o think I will download this addon in another update as I have to delete some junk packs but Nice work

  53. Roxtro says:

    So, you’re working on the Warden…I would like to help you.

    I have already an Warden’s Attack and Walk Animation made with Blockbench. Just if you wanted. ?

    Where can I contact you?

  54. Night_Wolf_0 says:

    I loved the addon more because you did not put the warden?

  55. zCaiooBrz says:

    I really liked the update, but I would like to ask, the stalactites and stalagmites are born in the cave, and I would like if you could separate the mod from the stalagmites and stalactites pvff 🙂 +1 sub

  56. Logan1298 says:

    It don’t work it sucks the glowsquid is messed up and the commands.

  57. Tatsumi Hakunami says:

    wow, it is like the snapshop. This is nice.

  58. Tohru-Chan says:

    I really liked this add-on. I will wait for future updates ?❤️

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