Cave Crystals (New 3D Blocks and Armors)

Hello I added a few new 3D Blocks and 5 new armors I hope you like it and don”t worry if something don”t work I”m always looking for mistakes in my mod and will be very happy if you write me the mistakes in the comments.

Here are a few pictures of the new 3D blocks and the armor the armor can be enchanted.

Here are all things they”ve benn added.

3 Crystals who glows in the dark Purple ,Blue, Red

2 Armors Redstone and Emerald

You can give you the items with the command

To get the blocks just type in

/give @a cave:(and then the block)

To get the armor just type in

/give @a bridge:(and then the armor part)

Every Armor can be enchanted.

Changelog View more

Added the orange crystal and the orange crystal armor the mod

Removed Cryfting recipes.

You can get the armors now just out of the inventory.

Sorry but theres a bug this the chestplates become invisible.

This is the last update for this mod.

But don´t worry I´m working on another mod with these all things inside and a lot more.

And for everyone who has written me a comment. I know your ideas and if possible I will do them. So now for a little while goodbye see all of you soon.


Added 3 new armors from every crystal block without of the rainbow crystal because I´m still working on the texture

You can craft now every armor the redstone armor with redstone blocks the emerald armor with emeralds and the crystal armors with the crystals.

Added things

I added the rainbow crystal

And the sounds was Updated the blocks now make differemt sounds for example the crystals make now glass sounds

-Bug fixes now the armor will now give you a damage resistance

                   You now can do it with your cursor in the armor slots

-Crafting recipes now you can craft the emerald armor with emeralds like a usaul armor and the redstone armor with redstone blocks

-Changes Now the blue crystal has got a translucent texture like the other crystals


To install the pack klick on it and download it open it and create a

world with the texture and ressource pack

you must activate it use by experimental the upperbutton and button down

then just click create and it will create a world with the mod.

Sorry if my english isn"t the best I"m not from england if Iwritten something wrong. Please write it in the comments.


Supported Minecraft versions


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57 Responses

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  1. Sorry but immediately the v2 of this mod will need a little bit more time. Because my Minecraft always crash when I start it I have it deinstalled and reinstalled but nothing it will crash if I start it. Thats why I need to fix first this mistake because I can´t test it and I don´t want to publish something that doesnt work. So I can not say how long I will need but I will say when its fixed. Sorry this you must wait a bit more time but I will work as soon as possible at the mod. I hope this isn´t a problem for you and sorry again.


  2. BlueIcezen says:

    When would your new mod be added

    • Soon but it will be so big and I want to make the mod as good as possible and i need to make a lot of things and because I´m alone and have no partner thats why it will needs a lot more time for creating 3d models and textures. So it will need a bit more time. But in the middle of fenruary or end of february it will be released. I hope you can wait this time. And do you think I should make a youtube tutorial how to create 3d blocks. Because I want to share my knowledge and want that other people can learn programming mods. So what do you think?

  3. BlueIcezen says:

    Can you add more crystal like crystal hanging up or maybi in the wall and can you change the rainbow crystal’s texture to a per stick of the crystal one color that’s what I mean when I requested that but it’s still looked goood

  4. Fennec Fox4944 says:

    if possible, could a version be released where the crystals are slightly transparent? if yes, thx, but if no, understandable

  5. Sorry but this year isn´t coming a new update but don´t be sad I´ve been planned a lot of nice things to make the mod a lot and when I say a lot Imean a lot better.

  6. BlueIcezen says:

    I was wondering when would the crystal block gonna came out

  7. BlueIcezen says:

    I’m just wondering when would the armor update will come
    Also I have some new suggestion to make this crystal mod so coool
    How about adding some new tamable mobs that has a glowing skin but no really glowing just like the glow squid but
    Ohh I know how about a glowing lightblue fox that’s gonna be cooolllll 😎
    Hope you notice me again ☺️

  8. The day after tommorrow will come a new armor update and crafting recipes for the armor

  9. Beastking says:

    It should be big and the color should be red but with a little bit of orange in the senter of the crystal and it should be transparent and when u go near it your health should start regenerating. You add other magic like things to thise add on and call it the mystical update. Thx for making th use crystal.

  10. Beastking says:

    Hey if you do it mine I advertised your add on so more people can come enjoy it and do not worry I made sure they know u made it.

  11. Beastking says:

    Can u make a very pretty and special crystal that glows and is hard to mine. What makes the crystal special is that when u break it it gives you shards instead that gives u a regeneration ability when holding it (last 5seconds) but you can put the shards back together to make a full crystal staff (to activate the regeneration ability shift). Regeneration last 30 sec then the staff needs to recharge for 1 minute Than u can use the ability again. Can u plz make this, me and my friends really want this so they told me to ask u can u plzzzzzz add this plz.

  12. Beastking says:

    Also, I added this add on in the world me and my friends play on and I made a store that sells your crystals and I am getting rich off of it 😁👌$$$$

  13. BlueIcezen says:

    Nice downloading it’s the most easiest downloading 😌

  14. maps_mc says:

    Fajny mod ale tylko według mnie te kryształy mogłyby wyglądać lepiej 😀

  15. BlueIcezen says:

    Can you also add rainbow crystal because I have a server for me and my friend and I started selling this crystal stuff it’s sooo cooll

  16. BlueIcezen says:

    I’m just wondering do you know the bug that stop other mods working can you tell me is it a bug or it’s just my device because I can’t use other mod with player.jason file

  17. today or tommorrow will com the update

  18. Beastking says:

    U should add a new boime that grows all the new types of plant(plz make more plants) u should also add mobs that would help the plants, like glow worms could be a source of light or u could craft a block out of the them. Your doing a grate job keep it up 👍😁

  19. BlueIcezen says:

    I’m just wondering can you add more armor lightblue color because it’s my favorite hope my request made it into the mod


    I go use it, i wait it beautiful 😄

    • I´m very happy this you like it I´ll release in the nxt few days a big bug fix update in combination with the crafting recipes.

      • Beastking says:

        Can u add a crystal golem that protects the crystal and also add a crystal crabe that has a crystal on its shell so it would look,like a crystal till u get close to it. The crystal crab runs away when u get near it but u can tame it with a crystal. If u want u could make the crystal golem run from a crystal crabe cuz crystal crabes hate crystal golems. Also if u wanna know what the golem looks like: it looks like a bolder with crystals sticking out of it and when u get near it, it will attack u – drops crystals and stone plus a very special gem that turn any gem in a crystal golem but this time its your pet and will attack others when u get hurt. At night tho the golem sleep and cannot defend u at this time. When golem sleep it looks like a boulder with crystals sticking out. Hope u add these and that these entites will help your game. Your doing good so keep it up 👍

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