Cave Update Add-on Version 3 (1.16) [Even More Blocks, Mobs, and Biomes!]

Explore new underground biomes, find new natural structures, encounter new cave themed creatures. fight a new boss, be spooked by classic cave sounds, and more in the Cave Update Add-on! This add-on adds many very needed additions to caves to make them exciting again. Check back for updates as more will be added in the future!

Video Guide Covering What’s New!

Thanks to Bridge for making add-on creation faster and easier! If you’re looking to make your own addons I would recommend using Bridge!

Enable Experimental Gameplay! 

New to Version 3:

Version 3 fixes 1.16 compatibility issues as well as adding a plethora of new features. These include 10 new blocks, several new enemies, 2 new underground biomes, new micro-biomes in caves, and more! If you can stand my goblin-ey voice, watch the video above for more details.

*All New desert stone variants can be crafted at the stonecutter.

Video Guide Covering Everything Else

Generated Structures:

All of these structures will generate in limited quantities. That means that they won’t clog up your world by spawning infinitely! So, You don’t need to worry about your mines being filled with random structures. You will only find these in unexplored caves.

End Portal Room:

The end portal room is the rares of the structures. It generates about as often as dungeons do. You can rely on finding one of these if the nearest Stronghold is too far away from your house.

Spider Nest:

This is a spide filled hole found in most caves. Falling in is very dangerous, but does yield substantial loot from all of the spider eggs!.

Ancient Nether Portals:

these portals were abandoned by their creators long ago and have since fallen into disrepair. They are missing most of their obsidian, but can be repaired!

…or just broken down for scrap…


Groups of vases now spawn naturally underground but are in limited supply. They drop comparable loot to spider eggs, however, they can also drop rusty iron keys. These are needed to open the new cave treasure chests.

Iron and Gold Chests:

These chests can spawn anywhere in the underground, with the gold chests predominantly spawning deeper down. Both chests require their respective keys to open: Iron Chests require rusty iron keys and Gold Chests require gold keys. Iron keys can be found in vases and gold keys can be found in iron chests. BE CAREFUL as sometimes these chests are not as they appear…


Bone Club:

The bone club is found exclusively in the previously mentioned chests. It does comparable damage to a stone sword but has permanent Knockback II. It is also UNBREAKABLE. Use it to send your foes flying away from you!

Friendly Spider Nest:

Not a conventional weapon, the friendly spider nest is a reward gained from defeating the Spider Matriarch Boss. It is a spider egg that continuously spawns friendly green-eyed spiders that will dispatch your enemies. You can recollect the egg by punching it a couple of times and picking it back up as an item. I would imagine this would be fairly useful in raids!

Cave Biomes:

Deep Desert:

Underground Desert:

The underground desert generates underneath both desert biomes and mesa biomes. Features special desert stone and desert colored ores.

Underground Jungle:

The underground jungle generates under jungle biomes. Features unique mossy stone patches and more plant life to give it a more jungle feel. Beware, dangerous monsters spawn here.

Underground Tundra:

Generates under tundra and ice spike biomes. Features special ice stone and large patches of packed ice and rare blue ice farther down.

Passive Mobs:

Villager Miners:

These poor villagers have become trapped and need your help to rescue them! They are found trapped in webs underground and you free them by punching the webs off. They are weak and require food to get the strength to follow you. Once you feed them, they will need to be lead back to the nearest village where they will reward you with XP and become a Miner themed Villager. They use any work stand that other villagers use and trade miner themed items.

Glow Worm:

Glow worms are friendly little worms that are found in all overworld caves. Fitting with their name, the glow worms actually glow! They act as dynamic sources of light in caves. You can lure them to specific destinations using brown mushrooms. They drop Glow Goo that when eaten, grants you night vision and it can be crafted into a Goo Lantern using 4 Glow Goos.

Ore Crawlers:

These little arthropods are found everywhere underground and drop their respective ore when killed. They run from the player, so you have to be quick! This update adds all of the different ores as crawlers now! You can find coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, and diamond crawlers now!


Every time you open a cave treasure chest, you run the risk of being attacked by a mimic. They deal lots of damage and resist knock-back so, early on, your best chance of survival is to run. I plan to add more types of mimics in the future such as barrel mimics and possibly ore mimics, so be on the lookout for future updates!

Hostile Mobs:

Undead Miner:

The undead remains of unlucky villager miners. They are a dangerous foe on account of their pickaxes. Drops bones and rarely ingots. Found underground below Y=40 or in abandoned mineshafts.

Brood Spider:

Large spiders that carry their brood on their abdomen, waiting to sick hordes of spiderlings your way. They are rare but pose a significant threat to early players when encountered, similar to endermen. Keep your distance when possible. Drops string, spider eyes, and a spider heart used to craft the boss spawn. Found underground everywhere and in higher levels in the jungle.

Spider Eggs:

Spider eggs don’t pose a direct threat themselves and in fact, can offer loot when destroyed. However, they also release several spiderlings when broken in addition to their treasure. Spider eggs are found in Spider Nests that generate periodically underground. Treasure consists of cave themed items.


Small baby spiders spawned by Brood Spiders, Spider Eggs, and the Spider Matriarch. While they pose little threat by themselves, they are dangerous in numbers.

Bristle Spider:

A ranged spider that accompanies the Spider Matriarch during the boss battle. It fires a slew of bristles at the player.

More creatures are to be added in Future Updates…

Boss Mob:

Matriarch Spider:

The Matriarch Spider is the largest of the bunch and is not in the best mood when summoned. To summon the Matriarch Spider, one must craft the Matriarch Spider Spawn Block using 4 Spider Hearts and 5 string. Place down the block and break it to gain the spawn egg. The Spider Matriarch has 275 HP and switches between two attack modes depending on how far she is from her target. In ranged mode, she summons reinforcements in the form of spiderlings, brood spiders, and bristle spiders. She will periodically fire bristles at the player in this mode as well. When in Melee mode, she will summon only spider eggs but will also charge the player. A shield, a bow, and at least iron armor and sword are strongly recommended for this fight. The Matriarch Spider drops large amounts of cave related items including a friendly spider egg summoner!

Even more stuff…

There are many more small additions added in various areas throughout the underground. Prismarine shard and crystal ore in ocean biomes, more blocks, prismarite ingots, edible spider hearts, etc…

If you have any suggestions on what I should add, let me know!

Changelog View more

Matriarch Spider

 Name Changed to Matriarch Spider

 Updated bossfight

 Added new digging ability

Glow worms

 Are now leashable

 Are brighter

 Have fewer light glitches

Spider Eggs

 Are now more optimized for performance

 Have a slightly changed texture

 Added a subtle idle animation

Various optimizations to Vases, Glow worms, Spider Eggs, Spiderlings.


 Now drop Guano

 Are now leashable


 Added new sub-biomes in caves: Slime Caves and Honey Caves

 Added new enemies: Honey Slimes and Cave Creepers

 Added 10 new blocks

 Added new underground biomes: Underground Savannah and Underground Swamp

 Added new groups of enemies that spawn underground.

Fixed Various Bugs

Matriarch Spider

     Name Changed to Matriarch Spider

     Updated boss fight

     Added new digging ability


     Are now washable

     Are brighter

     Have fewer light glitches

Spider Eggs

     Are now more optimized for performance

     Have a slightly changed texture

     Added a subtle idle animation

    Various optimizations to Vases, Glow worms, Spider Eggs, Spiderlings.


     Now drop Guano

     Are now leashable


     Added new sub-biomes in caves: Slime Caves and Honey Caves

     Added new enemies: Honey Slimes and Cave Creepers

     Added 10 new blocks

     Added new underground biomes: Underground Savannah and Underground Swamp

     Added new groups of enemies that spawn underground.

     Added new potion: Miner's Potion. Brewed from Saltpeter

     Added new Item: Saltpeter. Crafted from 4 Guano.

Fixed Various Bugs


  • Version 2
  • New Blocks: Flame stone, Goo Lantern
  • New Items: Glow Goo, Bone Club, Various Spawn Eggs
  • New Entities: Glow Worm, Gold and Iron Mimic, Friendly spiders and eggs
  • Various new structures
  • Made the Spider Matriarch more fun to fight and spawn
  • Numerous technical changes


Supported Minecraft versions


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618 Responses

4.34 / 5 (272 votes)
  1. ITS OVER 9000 says:

    Great Addon but spiderlings keep no clipping to the surface. Can you make it so they can’t spawn in blocks? Thats what is causing no clip. Please make it stop. Then I would give four stars.

  2. CaptainKelp12 says:

    Those links with the orange logo can’t load for me

  3. Noobs_4_le_lunch says:

    Very good but please add XP for the mobs and sounds for bristle spider. The blocks don’t work either bc addon restrictions. I can’t use this the way it is but it’s good

  4. Kawaii Ken says:

    I want the creator to update this addon so bad!!!

    • Mabrick says:

      This addon is a top tier bedrock edition mod that is comparable to good java mods and your being disrespecful to a guy, who put so much effort in making a fully fleshed out mod. Why are you talking like that when you might not even know what effort was put into this, before saying something, that you didn’t create.

  5. Nugget_Tmineblox says:

    This is a super addon its best i think its cave update addon? But this is a v3 so it’s newer

  6. KogaWolfe says:

    I found the solution myself to the problem of Spiderlings endlessly spawning at your feet after encountering it so much. The Spider babies and Mother Spider they come from both have the “must_see” value set to false so the mother is probably nearby and on the ceiling of some cave spawning the babies onto the surface trying to reach you. I went into the file and changed the value to true so I shouldn’t have endless waves of spiderlings spawning. I even checked and both regular and cave spiders have that value set to true so I’m not sure why these new spiders would be set to false. I kept the Spider queen as false as it makes some sense for a boss you summon to not need to see you.

    Great mod so far, just a few things here and there that should probably be fixed.

  7. Iker salinas cabello says:

    The only thing that needs to be added is that this addon also influences the nether and if you want EVEN THE END

  8. The great Q says:

    Honestly this addon is even better than the new update coming in 1.17 other than end portals and spider nests spawning in my underground bases. I would like to see new content after 1.17 like maybe giant rideable scorpions or a desert worm boss

  9. Kenuzoki says:

    Not working in 1.16.40☹️

  10. SettingThingsRight says:

    Great Mod bad choice in link.
    next time pick a better place.

    Link remove ()

  11. auronxr says:

    I understand that this addon mainly adds spider variants, but I think that adding a cave troll, goblin, or golem could really boost the already scary caves thanks to this addon.

  12. derpy dragon says:

    my only request is for you to add more spiders and web related stuff!!

  13. UndiegobleYT says:

    Why you use linkvertise idk how to use it i hate linkvertise and dont use it

  14. The great Q says:

    Just two problems:

    Vases spawn too often which causes lag.

    If you are mining below layer 15 spider nests and dungeons will keep spawning on you, I died and lost everything twice from an end portal spawning on me causing me to fall in lava, and from a spider nest dungeon spawning under me below layer 5 causing the bottom layer of the world to have a hole so i fell into the void.

  15. RatoPower says:

    Quando sai uma nova versão

  16. Texture says:

    Let us craft dessert stone combining sandstone and stone please

  17. Texture says:

    please make arachnaphobe version

  18. joe847802 says:

    what happened? Version 3 was working perfectly on realms, crafting recipes work, custom blocks and generation was working. All of a sudden, it just stopped working on realms and now the addon doesnt work. Any way to update it to fix it or does anybody know a fix?

  19. Pixedez says:

    Uhhh i cant download linkvertise wants notifications but when i check linkvertise doesn’t use notifications and thats weird im stuck at that. please fix.

  20. ii_g4hst says:

    Amazing. I can clearly tell you got the hand of it. A lot of people add custom weapons where they say they deal XX damage when in reality they deal no damage at all.Your Bone club clearly works because of the sharpness. Please make an addon where you add more weapons that actually work for vanilla mobs AND custom mobs (Like the bone club)

  21. Fourseen says:

    Easily the best Add-on in all of mcpedl. Would love to see more addons from you in the future.

  22. Fly4blunt says:

    this mod needs an update with dungeons ores and crystal caves

  23. Your add-on is amazing
    Well done but my suggestion is to add more structures underground

  24. Major4444 says:

    Addon is so cool! I have a few suggestions that I think are worth checking out. You should make a discord so people can talk to you and you can have a community for addons and what not. Anyways, the desert cave has so much content I love it, and I feel like the snow caves could be updated next? It has it’s own stone already, but, what if there were like cracked ice? That fall when you walk on it? Like TNT run or what not unless you sneak on it then it wont fall, similar to Magma Blocks being safe when you sneak on it. I’m sure this is just a glitch but you should def fix all the desert blocks and custom blocks being able to be broken with a fist and not a pickaxe.

  25. Mogu says:

    I am a Chinese minecraft player, I very like this addon,and I translated lang to Chinese.I want to repost it to a Chinese forum(,I will list your name and original URL clearly,aslo,I will list your download link(this original Mediafire),I hope to get your permission,thank you very much.

  26. Hey. This add-on is the Best. And I think this add-on can get even better then it is now. Since the nether update is out with the new nether biomes. I thought that you could add some nether related biomes and structures to both the over world and nether and even some new bosses. Maybe a worm boss or even a skeleton king boss for the cave update. Including some new weponds, blocks, and mobs that would make this add-on cooler.

  27. OrionHardy says:

    Great Addon, gives a lot of extra things to do while mining.
    There does seem to be a problem with Spiderlings just continuously spawning on the surface in certain places. Can be a right pain in the ass when they catch you early on. I guessing it’s because of a spider nest to close to the surface.

  28. Carnogaming15 says:

    This addon is the best I’ve ever seen keep up the good work. Also I cant wait for new additions!

  29. IsaiahW58 says:

    Great Add-on! It does crash my game though ?

  30. IsaiahW58 says:

    Fantastic Add-on!!, would there be any way to add crystals or stalactites or stalagmites? I feel like that could add such a cool atmosphere to the pack, thanks!

  31. i am speed says:

    I love it! Quick suggestion: Maybe add something like weakened bedrock or a Nether sub-biome and that would be making something awesome even more awesome

  32. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Can eye of Ender detect End portal room?

  33. PainfulHail134 says:

    Is there a adfly version? Linkverse has its trashy moments

  34. KhalMika says:

    This is probably the best mod I’ve ever played with.
    This enhanced my minecraft experience x10000000.
    I’m running a small server and the guys love it too!!!
    Thanks :3

  35. The great Q says:

    If you plan on adding more bosses in the future, I suggest a gigantic worm for the desert or ocean.

  36. TakedownBard says:

    As of me making this comment, version three of this mod is not working or at least not for me. When downloading the mod in Minecraft, it says “failed”

  37. OOFLasagna4958 says:


  38. MouthGod says:

    This Add-on is great Onion, with every update I get even more excited about what will be added next, keep it up. I watched the video and you said that it’s difficult for you to think of mobs for the add-on, I would suggest “Spider Crabs” as the aquatic version of spiders, you could make them look like spiders that look like crabs or crabs that look like spiders. But this is a suggestion and there is a chance that the suggestion might not get noticed. But besides that you’re doing a good job, keep it up

  39. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    Please add some biomes from the video “What if Minecraft Had A Cave Update?” by SystemZee. Thanks!

  40. Nightblade45612 says:

    I’ve found a bug, for some reason when I use this addon almost nothing except for styders spawn in the nether, any fix?

  41. Guest-9239480374 says:

    Found a bug!
    The texture on the double chests are not working if you use any custom texture pack (example: purebdcraft) Please fix it!

  42. Guest-1742807859 says:

    someone comment the mediafire link for copy and paste, I can’t turn on notifications on linkvertise and it won’t let me download without turning them on ????

  43. Guest-5835931474 says:

    great add on i love the generation and the slime caves I like the boss and how it’s optional as well.

  44. Guest-6787945320 says:

    id “7f2d6ab2-08c0-4330-8ec7-afc7a3749660” version “0.0.1” missing ???

  45. Guest-3947721358 says:

    Can I use this addon without experimental gameplay because I want to play multiplayer

  46. Guest-6037741308 says:

    Can you please add a mushroom cave sublione. It’d have mooshrooms and large mushrooms. Keep up the good work

  47. Guest-8605526205 says:

    Puedo usar tu mod para un video??

  48. Guest-8857656945 says:

    How Do I find A Micro-Biome?

    • Unknown Boi says:

      The micro-biomes are Slime Caves, Beehive Caves, and Deep Desert, deep desert spawns deep in the desert (logically) and the slime caves and beehive caves spawn in all biomes randomly

  49. Guest-5058382202 says:

    Awesome add-on!

  50. Guest-6205541314 says:

    I wanted to say, that they added already a lot of things in the Nether Update, like Cave sounds and Ancient Portals 🙂 but it doesn’t matter, this is a GREAT mod!!!

  51. Guest-8773835441 says:

    Ok i found the Addon crushes with mutant creatures when mutant ender man spawns, i just threw enderman to trashbin and I’m glad

  52. Guest-2228734245 says:

    please a media fire link why link verse it keeps asking me to buy premium I try the link and it says Please buy premium to continue why put a freaking direct media fire link

  53. Hello, I’m creepa. And I like to say that the cave update add-on is the best. And the way you did for the new way to get the custom blocks is the best thing ever. Now I can get the custom blocks from your add-ons. I might use both the cave update add-on and Juliusscizzor’s SCP JS add-on (when Juliusscizzor updates it) in a survival world. Keep up the good work. And maybe you can add the armor entitys for the addons at some point. Juliusscizzor is doing custome armor for his add-on for V4 of the SCP js add-on.

  54. L0l0 D1az says:

    could you please put a link to mediafire?

    • Guest-6675932274 says:

      You literally have to wait like a minute before accessing it. It’s not that hard. Just follow the instructions. I understand it would be easier with a direct link, but this is how the creator gets supported for this addon without a paywall.

  55. EmeraldTheGamr says:

    I don’t think this is an over statement to say this is the most brilliant addon for bedrock, but who knows maybe Minecraft would do it better (if they actually Listen to us)

  56. Guest-6318196506 says:

    Hey great addon! Just wanna point out a couple bugs I came across. First off, the stone variation like the desert and ice, is immune to explosives. And another thing, the queen spider dies instantly to cacti, pretty much just spawn her right next to one and that’s easy exp.

  57. Guest-2949154158 says:

    I’m kinda Disappointed To The Update Im Expecting To have More Mobs Like
    A New Boss More Undead Miner But Zombie Version Then Add a Stone Spike From All Biome Plains,Taiga,Snow,desert,swamp And Other

    But I appreciate Your Addon! Well Done✔️

    In Your Next Update Pls Add This

    Zombie Villager Miner Different Biomes
    In Minecraft World And In The Nether also And To The End.

    Also Add a New Boss Not Spider Like a Villager Undead But New Texture

    New Miner Villager That Has a Hand And Holds a Picaxe or a Shovel

    Sorry There’s So Many Villagers That I Request
    Because I Like Villagers! Much So Yeah

    I Hope I Give You Ideas From my Comment

    Pls Reply Creator and Have a Fun Day!

  58. Just amazing, hopefully becomes vanilla someday

  59. Enderscript studios says:

    Best cave update add-on I’ve seen! Can I use this for my modpack?

  60. Guest-8564404143 says:

    Can i have a direct download

  61. Guest-1143664600 says:

    Crashes my game when any other mod is on

  62. Guest-5585352945 says:

    This is amazing, please make the overworld just as good in a different compatable: nice villages, more crops, more structures. You’re the only modder I’ve seen good enough to do it.

  63. GMiningHero says:

    Hey this a really cool addon but my only criticism is that it takes way too much time to break some of these blocks. For instance, flame and desert stone takes significantly longer to break than just regular stone which would make survival just a whole lot more difficult. Also it seems that they have infinite blast resistance? Tried to blow up some area and none of the blocks exploded from tnt, so there’s that too.

  64. Guest-8396964253 says:

    The ads download server is like on venus but mode is very good like java mods

  65. maincra says:

    MediaFire pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Guest-7154949411 says:

    link dont work

  67. Guest-4465155645 says:


    • Guest-4476847461 says:

      I know the link leads to linkvertise which makes yoh pay to go to the media fire link can someone give me the mediafire link pls I would be very grateful

      • Guest-2974148679 says:

        Ok, i see game crushes me near zombies in caves, i have some other mods installed, but it’s my very carefully made modpack and i can’t imagine playing now without this BUT I CAN’T IMAGINE not having this amazing Addon to, i don’t know man i hope u can do anything about this ???, it’s not only my problem so maybe it’s not my mods but something about ur Addon instead..
        im only sure im not playing any minecraft until I’ll can mach my mods with this Addon ?

  68. Guest-6321748023 says:

    EPIC !!!

  69. joe847802 says:

    can you make this work on realms? Version V2 had the mobs working on realms with no problem. It even has them dropped their loot. Glow worms would drop their glow worm goo and the brood spider wuld drop its spider heart. You could even craft the spawner for the spider boss in realms, you just couldn’t place it yet. All other entities spawned with no problem. Just that the custom blocks didnt spawn at all. I figured with a future version of the update, you would get that fixed and have it working great like other addons. Im kinda disappointed that that was not the case. Version V3 does not work at all on realms. None of the entities spawn at all anymore on realms, all the glow goo worm i had disappeared because V3 doesn’t work on realms. I has to switch back to V2 until V3 is usable. Can you please update V3 to work on realms just like V2? I dont know how much goes into creating add ons, so sorry in advance if i say things that aren’t easy or possible, but since V2 you were able to craft the matriarch egg but couldnt place it, couldn’t you have also updated it to be placeable on realms as well as be able to craft he glow goo block? Also with realms now supporting custom blocks, couldnt you also update it so the new stone generates in realms? I have Chisel Bedrock add on as well as world animals addons as well as others, and all there entities, custom drops, and crafting recipes, all work on realms without a problem. I just wished yours did to because its a great improvement to vanilla minecraft. If possible, please make using the cave update in realms a possibility, Thank you in advance

  70. Guest-6609687293 says:

    can u make this work with realms its not currently working :(((

  71. Guest-4399403760 says:

    When a company is lazy to make a cave update so there players makes their own

  72. For months I have been trying to contact you
    Can I use your addons in my modpack with proper credits and no cash involvement ?

  73. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:


  74. Guest-2682076451 says:

    Add new species of bats such as vampire bats that attack cows for blood but don’t do any damage fruit bats that tamable and when tamed them will help polinate flower but don’t follow you, change vanilla bat name to insect eating bats and make them attack arthropods and lastly add cave dragon that tamable and rideable look up to fly up look down to glide down

  75. Guest-7160386898 says:

    Hey is there a guide for recipes

  76. Guest-4830728798 says:

    Can you please add another link? I can’t download that file, linkvertise force me to download an app to get the link. I already done with download and run it in 30s. But didn’t change anything. I wonder why they get the ads just read an article and watch video.

  77. Guest-5966933818 says:

    Can you update dymatic sourrounding addon i love that addon so much

  78. PotatoEz1 says:

    why it is a .exe file?

  79. JoJoel says:

    Will it be updated for 1.16?

  80. Guest-6609310120 says:

    Be careful, the download comes with a virus thanks to linkvertise. The mod is good, it crashes sometimes, but remember, it comes with a virus

  81. Bjakkzzz says:

    Good Addon, one of my favs, just it needs an update now to work.

  82. joe847802 says:

    you have to update this for 1.16. Can’t you make this not need experimental gameplay now with 1.16 on realms?

    • joe847802 says:

      I also found something else with realms. The mobs are dropping their respective drops. The thing is, since its not updated for 1.16, their drops don’t do much besides hang in my chest since I can’t use them to craft the new blocks. If I recall, the 1.16 updated realms to start using custom drops and blocks. Any idea when an update for this addon will drop?

    • Guest-9740518850 says:

      Hey bro are you using such Addons like completely changing the world for better i wanna try to join ur realm and see it

    • Guest-6074038071 says:

      It has to have experimental Gameplay to have new blocks. It’s not the creators fault, just how Minecraft works.

  83. Guest-3567952153 says:

    everyone adfly tries to give you viruses with its ads and for linkvertise just click/tap on discover articles

  84. Guest-4933909750 says:

    I cant open iron chests, do i need to be in survival?

  85. LolkoPlays says:

    Make survival a bit better ?
    But could you just use AdFly like everyone else not linkvertise cause it’s so annoying to wait for the AD , and add .zip download so Xbox players can download too I’m having problems cause of this

  86. Guest-9795176540 says:

    Great addon but the problem is the download link leads to a virus but thx to Guest-8252145817 who posted the link to the Mediafire file so the big onion institute can you use adfly or fix the link because it leads to a virus. thx

  87. Exter Yeet says:

    Played the old version, it needed more. Found this update, it needs a direct download.

  88. Guest-6704036627 says:

    Hi, mod, marked me during my adventure mod mod is always helping me for me is the best mod on Minecraft PE is also the most complete of minecraft PE as a mod so GG to the creator even if I play on PC now mod mod marks me anyway ??
    Ps : dsl je suis French donc sorry pour les fautes

  89. Guest-7370583790 says:

    Anyone else gets random crashes while exploring the game’s world with this addon installed? I had to remove it. Also, spiderlings keeps spawning where I am instead of where the brood spider is which has gotten rather annoying.

  90. Richard0182 says:

    It is a very good addon, but I found a problem, when you travel to the nether and travel for a certain time, the addon starts to affect the nether creating too many structures causing it to slow down or crash, please fix that problem, many thanks for everything!!!

  91. Guest-2663916295 says:

    Does anyone have a direct Mediafire link?

  92. Guest-9527846463 says:

    Addon works amazingly well in singleplayer everything looks nice, and is well balanced. However when loaded on a realm nothing works, mobs dont spawn, world dosent generate, all spawn eggs, just turn black and do nothing. I have cheats activated, experimental gameplay on, and no other addons added, again it works great in singleplayer, just not on realms. Would you please be able to add multiplayer support? thankyou in advance!

  93. Guest-6048065566 says:

    I need this in original mcpe update ??????⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  94. Guest-2630151957 says:

    I like the mod very much but unfortunataly it crashes the game while playing with my friend and had to disable it, it crashes mostly when exploring.

  95. Guest-3493426477 says:

    I have tried throwing the key down, hitting the chest with it, it just wont let me do anything. and when i kill the chest it doesnt drop anything. is this what is supposed to happen? i have experimental gameplay on.

  96. Guest-4999733606 says:

    Google Chrome blocks the addon every time I try to download it. Any way to fix this?

  97. Guest-5996593552 says:

    Link dosnt work, its a virus.

  98. Guest-7637164106 says:

    Can You Add More Thing Please?

    Thank You Very Much.

  99. Diamondplays says:

    Linkverse! Why. Why linkverse? Just pick adfly or mediafire please!!! I hope you add a Adfly link in the next update. But for now 2 star

  100. Guest-4256234370 says:

    I absolutely adore this addon! I feel like I can’t play without it lol. That said. It’s been crashing my game pretty regularly. Every half hour to an hour or so. Only underground though. I dont run any other addons so I was hoping it was something that might be fixed soon? Maybe there isnt enough data yet?
    Thanks for this amazing addition to my game 😀

  101. Guest-2400823857 says:

    .exe file? No chance I’m running this.

  102. Guest-1675401255 says:

    I was wondering how you create these addons and what maker you use, thanks!

  103. Guest-3079045871 says:

    Could you make a version of this removing everything that was related to spiders? For people with Arachnophobia.

  104. Guest-8225089502 says:

    Tiene virus

  105. Guest-6835371356 says:

    Wow. Let’s just say I’m impressed. Now. There is a few things that need to be fixed. 1. Make the bristle spider drop Loot and xp, and make the ore crawlers drop xp. 2 don’t make the vases entities if you don’t have too, but it’s ok if you do. 3. Finally, killing the Montriarch got me a spider nest. It’s pretty op. You should give it a villager behavior a little of zombies and pillagers would attack the nest. Also, I think the nest should use fuel like eggs or string. 1 egg or string per spider. Other than that, this is the best cave add on. Please add more like drillbite spider, a 30 health thing I made up that can slowly break blocks to get to you and does 4 damage. Something like that.

  106. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Before you type in: AHH ThIs Is VIRUS dOnT dOwNlOd! Read this!
    This link has only 3 steps, with low danger level, even lower then! I don’t know why your antivirus is broken, but stop it for while, so you can acces Linkvertise. BTW Linkvertise is trustworthy site, even tho they have 1 min long ad. 1. Step: Click on DISCOVER INTRESTING ARTICLE and wait 10 sec, then click X in upper corner. 2. Step Then click on WATCH VIDEO and wait 1 min and then click X again. 3. Step Wait 10 sec and then click direct MediaFile link and that’s it. NO HACKERS OR VIRUSES ETC.!!!!! IDK why so much people are complaining, I didn’t know that so much Antivirus Programs are broken. Also this is cool Cave Update concept add-on and it is worthy 1½min waiting, and also I have good feeling that I can support this guy, that did such a nice job with this Add-on. I hope this essay helped you at least a little bit. XD

  107. Guest-8690330697 says:

    Hey one thing I would like to see in the next update is that the iron and gold chests UI says Chest instead of shulker. Another’s thing is the button that says shear should say “Unlock”. This would be really awesome to see in this Fabulous add on.

  108. Guest-6825698456 says:

    Works with Really awesone addon!!

  109. Guest-8252145817 says:

  110. Guest-9284304358 says:

    Where do i download the zip for xbox

  111. The ancient nether portals predicted 1.16 lol

  112. Guest-5173723560 says:

    Can you put some underground river

  113. Guest-1458298426 says:

    Works with 1.14.60?

  114. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    My antivirus (webroot top antivirus) says it is adware, and it disables things on your computer and spams ad’s and also it collects your data to sell, so ima go back to the older version until you use media fire or direct link it

    • Guest-6287221284 says:

      This is not any dengerous if you don’t click on any adds. I downloaded it without problems and with good feeling that I can support this guy.
      Follow steps and no you’ll have no problems.

  115. Guest-2213507549 says:

    Bruh if you guys are getting viruses, your probably just clicking the ads and just blaming the website. It’s so easy to get through it, you guys are acting lazy and saying all that you want to do is click two buttons and you won’t have a mental breakdown. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Guest-1698647848 says:

      um no. My anti virus just deletes the file saying its malware. WHEN I DOWNLOAD THE FILE THAT I NEED TO DOWNLOAD. Its a virus, short and simple, it does not send me to mediafire, it wont give me zip or mcpack/mcaddon. its fishy. I will only download it when its adfly, which I condone the usage of because it pays the creator and so do many others.

      • PavelDobCZ23 says:

        This is not any dengerous if you don’t click on any adds. I downloaded it without problems and with good feeling that I can support this guy.
        Follow steps and no you’ll have no problems.

    • Guest-3023907004 says:

      Nope. It’s a virus, almost every anti-malware thing says so. Not to mentioned it was posted on a shady site.

  116. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    Link is broken just use straight media fire

  117. Guest-2810970223 says:

    fix the link deosnt work on xbox pls

  118. Guest-5024836950 says:

    can I download this on xbox

  119. Guest-2110701944 says:

    FIX. THE. LINK. PLEASE! make it media fire or something, or adfly ANYTHING but what you already have.

    • Guest-2488401552 says:

      It is mediafire, you just need to watch a video then watch like some adds for 10 seconds then you can click the link they put you down (Sorry for bad English)

  120. Guest-5721608174 says:

    This mod is amazing but the website is horrible. The website wants you to download this other thing that has nothing to do with the mod. It also says that if I want the mod I have to buy linktverse premium. I can not download this mod as there is no way to without paying for premium I don’t want or downloading something that I don’t know.

  121. Guest-7320843414 says:


    • PavelDobCZ23 says:

      This is not any dengerous if you don’t click on any adds. I downloaded it without problems and with good feeling that I can support this guy.
      Follow steps and no you’ll have no problems.

      • Unknown Boi says:

        Well, before i got a virus from it, now it gave me acess without ads and e.t.c
        linkverse is still a fishy site so dont download anything maybe

  122. Guest-4965294701 says:

    On xbox, cant download it, says it’s a .exe file

  123. Guest-5700649862 says:

    I can’t get a key! Con someone help me?

  124. Guest-8524829457 says:


  125. DiegoN says:

    when are you make the next version

  126. Guest-8837202176 says:

    When will there be support for Minecraft 1.16

  127. Guest-2476933969 says:

    Heyo. Infernal here, just to point something out. This mod directs to Linkvertise. Linkvertise seems untrustworthy in my opinion, and the only website that is actually trustworthy that I approve of on this website is Mediafire. I’d appericate you add another link to Mediafire for your addon. Thanks!

    Also, overall, looks good! I would download if Mediafire is implented.

  128. Guest-4236982848 says:

    Plz fix the block hardness make desert stone, flame stone, etc the same harness as regular stone and make desert ores the same strength as regular ores. Whenever possible or if possible.

  129. Guest-9165609568 says:

    I like this addon but I was playing it with my bud, and we realized that we could just break the sandstone with our hands, and even break the sand ores with our hands we easily obtained good loot due to the fact.

  130. Guest-2202267074 says:

    How can we get version 1

  131. Guest-7342117074 says:

    Plz add a crystal cave and add crystal armor.

  132. Guest-7280930178 says:

    The addon is great but my game crashes a lot when I try to play with the latest version

  133. Guest-5162953615 says:

    Amazing addon, makes minecraft fun for me once again! However, it seems to crash my game when in the nether. other than that really fun addon

  134. Guest-3438936810 says:

    Pliss add gobilns!!

  135. Guest-6302229924 says:

    Pls put it on direct mediafire without survey links. Thank you

  136. Guest-5180437971 says:

    frankly im shocked this mod pack is even up still you cant download it anywhere without getting a virus just a major scam plz dont try to download this it is trying to give you a virus

    • Guest-8700751083 says:

      It worked for me not saying your wrong but it worked perfect just had to read articles,watch a video and wait ten seconds

      • Guest-6815912705 says:

        I agree with Guest-5180437971. Although I had an adblocker, Linkvertise downloaded a fake version of the file that my Webroot managed to remove from the system! Please dont take a risk to download this addon if you fear that viruses will blight your computer

  137. N0N£ says:


  138. DiamonDaggers says:

    That is so cool! Question, though: Was this based off of Terraria caves, with the trapped villagers, key system, underground biome, and spider-based boss?

  139. Guest-2802071672 says:

    if you guys want to download this addon without getting a virus or having to pay money and still getting a virus, follow these steps: search up “Cave Update addon mediafire”, the first link should be a “” link, click it, scroll down to where it says in green text “cave-update.mcaddon” then download that, you’re welcome.

  140. Guest-2374316084 says:

    Fix it with nether it. lags soooo much and crashes when I go through the portal due to it trying to spawn stuff in the nether

  141. Guest-1850177197 says:

    Doesn’t work in windows ten 1.14.30

  142. Guest-9319597941 says:

    Console reason I download the mod and it says .exe at the end. I call a virus! I’m going to report this bloody pack for trying to put a virus on my Xbox and I will get this taken down unless you provide a answer to why the hell the linkadvert tried to give me a .exe addition instead of a .zip or .mcpack

  143. Guest-6957199352 says:


  144. Guest-8246204967 says:

    Use some other means to install. I am not going to download some unknown program just to get your mod. Either put it on mediafire, adfly, or some other means of installing or don’t give people the mod.

  145. Guest-7897956059 says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to download it with the linkvertise link, so I would be very happy if you coulant provide all of us with an adfly link as well, thanks if you would do this. 🙂
    Please let me know.

    PS. I ready like this addon and I would love to download this.

  146. Guest-7298337522 says:

    I feel like this should actually be a feature in Minecraft

  147. Guest-2456814350 says:

    Unable to extract file on xbox to obtain beh and res. It just says extracting… When its suppose to give a % untill its done extracting.

  148. Guest-9930790562 says:

    I can’t use the link please help me, it says let me prove I’m not a robot and then nothing happened:(

  149. Guest-8193911966 says:

    How did i open Gold and iron chest with Key on pocket edition?

  150. Guest-5637405288 says:

    There’s a drill you can summon called player drill I’d be a awesome add-on if you expanding on that idea and many reduce spider hole spawns a bit I found 4 near each other and it lags the game to almost crashing and a nether portal ruin spawned the end portal room. Also can we pls melt down keys

  151. Guest-2662451973 says:

    You should nerf the Spawn Rate of spiders, make it more rare to found stuff cuz it makes the game lags when you spend time in caves

  152. Guest-8723680802 says:

    Would rather buy a burger than this

  153. Guest-3396008130 says:

    Put it on mediafire, android users cannot download through the site

  154. THE_BLUE says:

    Good addon but what is “Bridge” ?

  155. Guest-8459573835 says:

    A large majority of what was said to be in the add-on isn’t. The only thing in the add-on are the mobs, everything else quite simply isn’t there. I don’t know if there are multiple files that I needed to download and I didn’t, but if you only wanted the mobs then I defiantly would still recommend this. However, I would still like to be able play with the full add-on so any help would be much appreciated.

  156. Guest-3041190363 says:

    Pleeeeeease please please and one more please, can you add the separate behaviour pack and resource pack so I can download this?! This looks Super cool!

  157. Guest-2804642125 says:

    Actually a really fun mod, unfortunately it’s freezing up on ios 1.14.30 and I’m not sure why. I look forward to future bug fixes.

  158. HippoJoeJunior says:

    Amazing add-on that I used every time but with this new update my game crashes every 10-30 minutes. Anyway to fix that or anyway I could download the previous version?

  159. Guest-8211037502 says:

    java quality addon thank you

  160. GyariSan says:

    On iPad Pro12.9 (2nd Generation), IOS 13.3.1, Minecraft version 1.14.30. Can confirm that as soon as you create a new world with this add-on attached, few minutes in your game will freeze, forcing you to quit.

  161. Guest-7707274723 says:

    Is there any way to use it on realms?

  162. Guest-5054803138 says:

    no one seems to CARE about adgaurd owners. SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE US A DIRECT LINK!

  163. Guest-9836182856 says:

    Hey! quick suggestion, would you be able to add in a option to turn OFF cave sounds, no matter how old I get they still creep me out.

  164. Guest-5015420397 says:

    Hey, I have a suggestion! Can you make spiderlings able to grow up into any spider? (Spider, cave spider, brood spider, bristle spider, and very rarely. The spider queen boss.) and make the new friendly spiders do the same? Maybe it will take 2 1/2 Minecraft days To grow.

  165. Guest-1331350827 says:

    Idea of something too add: An undergrount river biome that has dangerous piranha-like creatures that just out of the water and back in like dolphins, but are trying to kill you. They attack in hordes, are tough to kill, but maybe killing enough will spawn a powerful creature… also, super good. Mimics are my favorite magical beast.

  166. Guest-9340539644 says:

    I installed the addon fine, but it seems to have downloaded older versions as I cant find any V2 features, does anyone know why

  167. Guest-7860561070 says:

    can i use this addon in a survival series? I’ll leave the credits in the video description, my channel is called SlimeGamerBR if you want to check if I put the credits

  168. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    This addon is one of the best!! Custom boss, mobs, sounds, blocks, and underground biomes! But there are some bugs however that ruin the addon such as the new chests can’t be opened with the new keys. I have 1 suggestion add stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites on the top of the cave and stalagmites on the floor they are cave spikes.

  169. Guest-3187875228 says:

    Do not go to the nether

    If you go to the nether the structures will spam everywhere and crash your game and then you will be stuck in the nether

  170. Guest-1869590196 says:

    How do I get the new blocks also I turned on experimental game mode

  171. Guest-4382275345 says:

    I love the addon but i can’t download it (i know how to but the new ios update is really bad), i just can download addons on “addons” the app

  172. Guest-3660750324 says:

    The spider matriarch does not attack the player, the bone club does not have knockback or punch, either bristle or brood spiders would not spawn (can’t remember), iron chests can’t be opened, didn’t know expiremental features had to be on for most things to work, and gold and iron chests can be “killed”, with iron teleporting around, and gold doing nothing. Still a really good add-on though!

    • LolkoPlays says:

      So spider mariachi may not attack you cause you spawned her with command just use her spawn egg
      And the chests using Shulker AI so just don’t break block under them and you need key to open chest and if Bone club not working try to put this add-on on top of other (if you using any other) if not work Experimental gameplay must be ON

  173. Zediax890 says:

    You know that you can just put a mediafire link right ? Because linkadversting is a website that a don’t like so much xD but your addon is a great idea !

  174. Guest-4931930719 says:

    Do I really have to pay just to get this

    • DTechGamer says:



      • Click I’m not a robot.

      • Then complete the following steps(Discover interesting articles until the countdown ends and watch a video until it ends)

      • Click continue

      • Wait about 15 seconds

      • Click continue to Cave Update V2

      Hope it helps?!

  175. ThisJobYT says:

    Where’s the website link to Bridge, Onion?

  176. GyariSan says:

    Hi Onion,

    First of all thank you for your amazing work.

    I have a couple of questions regarding this addon:

    1.) Will this addon work well in an existing world? Or do we need to create a new world to benefit all the features from this? As in will the jungle cave, desert cave, ice caves, portal rooms etc. still generate and add to an existing world since everything was already pre-made before applying this addon?

    2.) Another question is more of a suggestion. Not sure how far you’re going to take this addon, but is it possible to add large scale underground cities or ruins in the near future? What I’m thinking of is something like Lord of the Rings Khazad Dum (Moria), the underground ruins of the Dwarves, where Gandalf/Frodo & co. encountered Balrog (in the first movie).

    • Jmn137 says:

      You’ll sadly have to make another world I think-but I could be wrong. You could also try loading in new chunks? Either that or the blocks will automatically change over time as you load the old chunks. Consider making a copy of your world and finding out yourself!

  177. Minecraft stills needs the cave update. Like srs, copying a music video?

  178. Guest-4073217455 says:

    Brood spiders are way OP. I spawned in a jungle biome near one, and encountered it almost immediately. Seemingly infinite numbers of spiderlings were spawned and I was being killed over and over. Maybe have brood spiders spawn 4-5 and replace them as you kill them.

    • gio1135 says:

      I spawned in a regular plains biome and spiderlings keep spawning in one small area if i’m standing near. I wonder if that means there’s something underground

  179. Guest-3855507515 says:

    Hands down the one of the best addons ever in my opinion. Most addons don’t even come close to replicating Java mods but this one does right that. With the bedrock edition development team working on parity, I suspect they may add the ability for addon creators to add custom tools and armour, so if that happens it would be a great addition.

  180. Guest-9589127781 says:

    Does it still have the issue of non stop ambient noises when you’re in a cave?

  181. Guest-2613961674 says:

    Already noticing issues. Causes the world to have issues loading chunks, have to exit save and go back in to load maybe 10 chunks before they unload again.

  182. Guest-9807199337 says:

    Funciona con realms??

  183. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    Can you make a way you can stun the spider to avoid killing them. Other than that this is a amazing addon.

  184. Guest-5241162505 says:

    please add Deadly cave worms They are large worms that they eats players and mobs

  185. DTechGamer says:

    This is insane ?! I thought this will never update?. But, it does?! Congratulations????! Really awesome update! Keep it up!

  186. Guest-8466801198 says:

    Can you add some custom blocks like stalagmites and stalactites that naturally spawns in caves in your addon.

  187. Guest-4620359968 says:

    Any chance you could fix the death animation and the drops? The matriarch doesn’t do either. Also only able to spawn her in at the moment.

  188. User-2091791306 says:

    Mojang should hire u

  189. Anonymous says:

    Great addon, but you have corrupted vanilla files. Obvious signs of corruption like only one leg moves on some vanilla mobs or randomly mobs just stare at each other happens. Just fix this.

  190. Vietnamese guy says:

    Does it work for 1.14 ?

  191. Oliver Palmer says:

    Glow worms ?? That would be cool. Here are some cave animals:
    Olm salamanders
    Mexican tetras
    Cave bear (extinct)
    Texas blind salamander
    Blind fish
    Neanderthals (extinct)
    Tumbling Creek cave snails

  192. DTech says:

    I thought you’ll update this! You’re not even updating yet! I want to play this in Minecraft 1.14!

  193. Eeeeee says:

    All them thirsty PE players are gonna come for this one xD

  194. Stan ligero says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask if the addon is free to use because I am creating an adventure map and I am using your addon.
    also if it is of free commercial use, I will name you in the credits.
    thank you very much!

  195. Pavel Dobiáš says:

    Will you update this addon, it is really cool, but needs update.

  196. Rolan says:

    Please update. I can’t remove the webs on the trapped villager miner on mobile. Please fix. : (

  197. Ender Dragon41 says:

    The Link is broken can you plz fix it on both of them?

  198. Captainjerry33 says:

    This update needs (swamp underground biome and New ores New items New armor from the blue ore I forgot the name of the block but add new structures underground ok good update.???☺☺☺???

  199. Rolan says:

    Please update and fix the trapped villager miner because, I can’t untrapped the villager miner on mobile. Please.

  200. doantuducthanh says:

    What do i need 2 do with that spider heart thingy?

  201. XxapachexX says:

    Can u update this to 1.13
    I know it say that it work for it but every world that i create or have with experimental gameplay is not working.. it crash so bad on my xbox.. please update

  202. Bob says:

    It wouldn’t stop spawning mossy stuff in my house!!!!!!

  203. Rolan says:

    How can I untrapped the villager miner in mobile? Please help.

  204. Fauzan Ragyl Permana says:

    APA nanti bisa ditambahkan Kristal yang memancarkan cahaya, dungeon yang lebih susah, dan kelelawar vampire.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t been able to find and of the spawns from this mod. Are they uncommon or is it a problem because im on xbox?

  206. Mikail2009 says:

    OMG cave20.ogg sounds like a clip of Disc 11!

    • HelllooooooOP says:

      Can you post a link to the addon pack you’re making? It would be really cool to play since I think you’re one of the few(maybe even first) 3 to create one for bedrock edition.

  207. Noah says:

    Can I use this add-on for a modpack/add-onpack I’m making?

    • HellooooooOP says:

      Can you post a link to the addon pack you’re making? It would be really cool to play since I think you’re one of the few(maybe even first) 3 to create one for bedrock edition.

  208. Yona says:

    Hay un fuerte problema de rendimiento con el mod ya que los animales que sueltan el cordón al morir luego son o demasiados o se mueren solos y hay demasiados objetos disponibles y el juego se ralentiza debido a eso, me gustó bastante el mod pero por el rendimiento llega un punto en donde ya no se puede jugar.
    Quitando eso me gustó bastante pero lo tuve que desactivar, esperaré con ansias la próxima actualización para ver si el rendimiento mejoro

  209. Izzay says:

    When I import the Add-on (this one and your other one Ambiance Add-on) I get the message they imported successfully but they wont work. I go into the behavior pack folder within the game and they both say “missing dependency with ID” I’m on windows 10 edition. any ideas what to do? is there another thing I’m supposed to install?

  210. Blocky Gamer says:

    Why don’t you updated anymore please update it add the rest of the ore crawlers and there is a bug that you can only use the sider queen summon on a spider in creative not survival please fix this

    • Jack Smith says:

      Be patient these things take a while to develop, the last update was only a couple months ago, you may not know this but making games and game related things like mods that are good take a long time, unless you want to stress the creator or get rushed bad mods be patient for the next update.

  211. Tim says:

    They should add in a working mining helmet that you can get off of the new mob

  212. CleanLikeSoap0 says:

    On xbox, do I change the .rar/file to or. .zip. or .rar/ Main problem is I can’t open it. It says its corrupted. If you have answers, my gt is my name

    • ParisPanda1 says:

      Change it to a .zip file and then make two folders. One is for the behavior pack the other for the resource pack. Then copy the files for the corresponding folders into them. Cope the folders you just made, access the game’s files (it should say something like minecraftuwpconsole) and paste the behavior and resource packs into the folders appropriately named. It should be installed at this point and you can go ahead and test it. Make sure experimental gameplay is on and if it’s not working, install the beta via Xbox Insider. Sorry if that was in any way confusing btw. If you don’t understand something, you should check out The Elder Wizard on YouTube, he makes tutorials on mods all the time. Lmk if this helped, my Xbox name is the same as on here. 🙂

  213. Dakoda says:

    Ive got a problem you need to fix the problem where when you kill the spider boss it will still keep on playing the music

    • Reeeeerreerereeeeeeeeeeeeeeereerreeeeedeeeeeeexxxdfffggggg says:

      Add what dis dude said Reply
      Darkest shadow gaming August 16, 2019 at 3:56 am
      New things that could be added.
      – swamp cave (lots of swamp water)
      – ghost (goes through blocks)
      – bat boss (like spider Matriarch)
      – stalagtites and stalagmites (if possible)
      – lava cave (appears deep underground)
      – lively rock (normal stone texture but alive)
      – rats
      – mushroom cave (underground mushroom biome)


  214. Krabby7 says:

    Plz fix this bug. So I made the boss spawner and it won’t let me use it on a spider. However when I do this in creative it works, but not survival. I also am self aware of the creative spawner and the survival spawner. Besides that this is a great Addon.

  215. This makes me wanna do a nether update addon now!

  216. TheDarkTubby1234 says:


  217. Ben h the best says:

    Who Can have an idea for a boss for the next update for this mod????

  218. Ben h the best says:

    well this mod requires MCPE Addons and DL-Content for minecraft to download this mod

  219. MomentosBarret says:

    Hey so if anyone can tell me what to do after I upload it into file downloader please let me know because when I try to open it in and take out the resource and behavior tabs it says I need a new app but it looks great lastly I’m thinking about making it in my new realm if anyone could tell me if it works on those that would be great

  220. Ben h the best says:

    I think I must have to wait for the next update it’s on Saturday 6 2019 Ok Guys Here’s a changelog for things needed for the next update..Lets find out
    -Underground plains (lots of plains water)
    -Zombie Pigman boss(Like spider matarich)
    Zombie Pigman boss spawn
    -Taiga cave (Underground taiga biome)
    -Emerald ore crawlers
    -Diamond Ore Crawlers

  221. Ben h the best says:

    El de sallo ol Quinta de gale

  222. BLEBLE BLE says:

    This addon is the best but please if your planning on adding new ores please release it after it gets its own armor and tools also it will be awesome if you create custom structure like a Dungeon full of traps that are made from cheap materials and please add more functionalities to the miners like a custom work station and making it that they can mine ores. Great job this is one of the best addon keep up the good work! also im waiting for more of doze crawliez?

  223. Ben h the best says:

    Hey you I’m just having a great day

  224. Ben h the best says:

    Hey you I think

  225. Ben h the best says:

    I might defeat the spider queen with the golems and wait for next update

  226. Anonymous says:

    I really like this mod, however it has some annoying flaws.

    1. Spiderlings: These things are very unbalanced. They do a lot of damage, come in numbers, sometimes spawns on the surface, and even spawn IN FRONT OF YOU. I literally saw it spawn directly in front of me in a well lit area.
    2. Cave Noises: These things are loud and annoying. They also play WAAAYYY too often. They should really play less and be muted when music is playing. There should also be a version that has no cave sounds.

    I haven’t really found anything else that’s bad but other than that the mod is great! Keep up the good work.

  227. DuskyCreeper says:

    For some reason the new biome specific ores and stone do not show up for me. I’m using an Amazon fire. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Ben h the best says:

      What Do you think it if it had a level 2 of spider queen

    • Ben H The Best says:

      I have some good ideas the big onion institute needs to add.Cave Zombie.Cave zombies spawn in all cave biomes its texture is reddish brown colour instead of green,Cave zombies attack villagers iron golems wandering traders snow golems and players by giving them wither effect.Dwarfs.A mob that has a brown beard that is cool and dwarfs are neatrel mobs and they will attack if provoked.Dwarfs attack monsters attack monsters except for creepers.Dwarfs can be tamed with food and fish.Trapped illager miner.A illager that is trapped in cobwebs like the miner.To save it Get some strength to save illager miners so be careful They will attack you unlike normal miners.Illager miner.A Miner that spawns when a cobweb is destroyed around a trapped illager miner.They will attack you too.Conducter Skeleton.This skeleton spawns in underground deserts and underground tundras This skeleton holds some swords unlike the regular skeleton.Mushroom stone.a block that spawns in mushroom islands it has a teal colour.

      • Harrythemagician13 says:

        Villager miners never attack players why are you making them hostile To Players seriously this is a worst and bad idea

        • Ben h the best says:

          I love you harrythemagican 13

        • Ben h the best says:

          I have some great ideas for this addon.Robot.Has an observer head dispenser body piston legs and arms and redstone torch heart .You can break its skin by using a hand wooden sword and iron sword.While inside it you can find its redstone torch heart surrounded by redstone tentacles.when the redstone torch heart is cracked its tentacles attack can cut and kill these tentacles using 5 swords.Redstone Tentacle.A tentacles that is found inside the robots body.You can snap off them using 5 swords.When the redstone torch heart is destroyed all redstone tentacles get dead causing the robot to explode.Nightmarish zombie.This zombie spawns in abandoned mineshafts they drop 1-6 various ores (except coal)when killed.Teleporter nightmare.This mob looks like a brain with 4 tentacles and a mouth with nasty teeth.It spawns in underground deserts.Freezer.This mob is rare version of a blaze.This mob spawns in underground tundras and this mob effects you slowness.It has its ambient blaze breathing sound.Blue villager.Spawns in villages at night.attacks zombies and Illagers.Blue Villager miner.trades you miner themed items like normal can tame him with fish and rotten flesh instead of food if you are in trouble.Flying nightmare.This mob looks like a heart with 5 tentacles and a mouth with nasty teeth.this mob spawns in underground deserts and underground tundras.

      • Ben h the best says:

        I am very chilly in underground tundra biomes l

  228. MagnaVarnah says:

    The mod looks great and all, but im having trouble downloading it on Xbox One. I used the .zip file and used the same process i do for all my .zip files. Even after this, i don’t know where to put it: behaviour or resources? It doesn’t show up anywhere in game. Can someone help? The other comment was also me but i just made an account.

    • SherbertgamerCD says:

      Hello Magna, i also use this site for xbox one modding and i will tey to find the answer to ur problem, could u please tell ur gamertag so i can contact u when i find the answer? My gamertag is my name

    • Krabby7 says:

      I can help. You got to open the zip and in there will be the behavior and resource packs. Just copy them and paste them in the correct folders for Minecraft and you should be set. Trust me it works on Xbox I have it on there.

  229. Magna says:

    The mod looks great and all, but im having trouble downloading it on Xbox One. I used the .zip file and used the same process i do for all my .zip files. Even after this, i don’t know where to put it: behaviour or resources? It doesn’t show up anywhere in game. Can someone help?

  230. SeranaXx says:

    Xbox version of this would be nice.

  231. Ricky says:

    What does the prismarine ingot do and how do you obtain it? Great add on by the way

    • Ben h the best says:

      Come on Why are you talking about ideas for mobs that the big onion institute needs to add

    • Kian says:

      My only negative thought is the mobs are called Some stinky Creature like for example. I want It to be fixed. So the mobs and the spider boss’s bar is normal not just Some Stinky Creature

    • Ben H The Best says:

      I Have a new idea for a mob.Desert Zombies.This Zombie Spawns In underground Deserts.They Will Attack Villagers Iron Golems Wandering traders and snow golems and players by giving them poison effect.They Drop 1-2 Rotten Flesh And 1-2 Desert Stone And 1-3 Emeralds when killed……OH MY GOSH.IM GONNA BE KILLED BY THOSE ZOMBIES ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️ IM GONNA GET MY BRAIN EATEN ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Ben h the best says:

      You can obtain prismarine ingots by smelting prismarine ore in the furnace or by crafting it with 1 prismarine block and /give @p boi:prismarine_ingot

  232. Aysira says:

    Amazing but please reduce the spawning rate for the ore crawler!! They spawn faaaaar to frequently i would even suggest reducing the spawn frequency of the undead miner by quite a bit otherwise it’s pretty great looking forward to future updates!

  233. Ricky says:

    Can you add this to Xbox ?

  234. mikradios says:

    Great mod!!, awesome dude. Hands down best mod that does not break the game. The only thing I would suggest is somehow limit the spawn of the ore crawler. They keep on spawning a lot and the others mobs cant spawn due to the spawn cap. Also these crawlers can climb anything. They climb high and then fall then die. A lot of coal items are always lying around and it causes so much lag.

    Other than that, great mod. Ill keep watching your mod for the update

  235. Anonymous says:

    Do i put this under resources, behavior or something else

  236. Help says:

    What about a dragon boss?
    It once ruled it’s specific biome and now it slumbers in a cave filled with diamonds, emeralds, prismarine, and quartz.
    It will stay docile and asleep until you either hit it or attempt to take it’s stuff.
    It has a closeup attack by using its claws,and could perhaps have different versions and attacks from what biome it’s in.
    Jungle has poison breath that poisons and gives nausea
    Normal caves have lightning breath which does massive damage and a chance to drop you weapon.
    Desert has fire breath which sets you on fire
    Ice has freeze breath which slows you down and gives you blindness
    When killed they drop dragon scales for tools with effects and armor when possible, diamonds, emeralds and more, and an egg which you can either hatch by placing it down and feeding it ore [the more valuable the better] and beingg able to fly it when hatched, or use it as a trophy and not feed it ore,

    • Ben h the best says:

      My idea for the mob in this addon is.The Desert Dragon.It is a boss mob with the others being ender dragon the wither and the spider queen.The desert dragon has 300 health points and it deals 9 damage,It drops some gold nether stars and desert stone.It will also have its own spawn egg and he has dark green eyes instead of purple eyes.It rarely drops some command blocks and structure blocks.

  237. Sdo638 says:

    El addon esta padre espero la siguiente actualización le mando saludos al creador

  238. Anonymous says:

    Can someone do a xbox tutorial? Im getting stuck fullly getting it

  239. I love mc says:

    Ok, if it is in mod, it will be cool.
    Nether Update- -Ghast Queen (sorry i’m not english man, i’m bad know english) -Hellish image of Creeper -New ores for new weapons -New biomes -2-3 New Biomes in Nether -1 Biome, Mushroom biome, mushrooms will be dried up and in this biome it will be possible to find 2 new mobs and ores, the earth of this biome will also be burnt podzol -2 Biome, Hellish sea of ​​souls, this biome will be requested not by a lava ocean, but by the ocean, there will be spawned destroyed ships from a new tree that cannot be burned (It really is) and on this ship they will find chests with gold bones of the Skeleton of the withers and mushrooms with a rare chance of spawn in the chest of the skull of the Skeleton of the withers on the ship itself, a new mob will spawn. -3 Biome, this. . . well. . .
    ok i don’t now what gonna be in mod well. . . sorry.
    Maybe some gonna add in mod?

    • NoNe2902 says:

      Why I Cant Spawn A Spider Boss In Survival I Long Tap Any Spider But it is not working And If I Kill The Spider Boss I Dont Have Get A Trophy

      • NoNe2902 says:

        It Is Work If I Creative But I Dont Get A Trophy

      • Tyler says:

        How do you get the spider boss to spawn cause I have the summon and I tried using it on a spider nothing happened

        • Ben H The Best says:

          I made a list for things that need to be added
          -Underground Swamp(lots of swamp water)
          -Skeleton Boss(Like Spider Matarich)
          -Underground Plains(Lots of andesite)
          -Skeleton Minion(summoned by its boss)
          -Living desert stone(Desert stone but with a mouth and nasty teeth but in underground deserts)
          -Mushroom crawler-hostile crawler

        • Brian says:

          How did you get the summon? When you have the summon you just place it on the ground. But i can only get the summon in creative. How do you craft it in survival?

  240. Player says:

    Why is ice stone as easy to break with hand as diamond efficiency V pick axe?…..

  241. Arcassy says:

    I installed the files, where do i put them now? Behaviour, resource, development etc.

  242. Alan says:

    This mod works great and i love it

  243. Tianna says:

    Does this go in behavior or resource section?

  244. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    This suggestion I’m focusing on 1 thing cave sound monsters: Old redstone robot- makes the beeping cave sound, has an observer head, redstone torch heart, piston hands and legs, and a dispenser for a body. Is hostile twords the player and will shoot arrows and firecharge. Nightmarish minecart- found only in abandoned mine shafts. Makes the minecart cave sounds. It looks like a minecart with teeth and sheep legs. Is non hostile twords players unless attacked. Chiseled fairy- makes the Angelic humming cave sound. Glows very bright in caves and is scared and of the players. Moving shadow beast- a pitch black see through beast with sharp fangs and claws and is the size of an iron golem. Makes the hellish roar cave sound and the Demonic grunts cave sound when hurt. Hostile twords players, illagers, villagers, golems, and ravagers. Glowing ore spawn- appears as ore with sheep legs. Makes the ringing cave sound. Is only killable with any pickaxe and is neutral. Staze- a rare beast. Looks like a blaze made of stone. Makes the blaze breathing cave sound. Hostile. Screecher- appears as a stone block with a giant mouth and 4 stubby legs. Devours any item. Non hostile but will run up to the player and is Blind. Teleportation fiend- appears as a floating brain with tenticals and teeth. Makes the loud bell cave sound. Hostile but only found in underground desert biomes.

  245. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Could you maybe perhaps make a certain type of mob for each cave sound? I have some suggestions but I’ll say it for the other comment I’ll do.

  246. Rayne says:

    First of all, I REALLY love this addon!!! But for some reason… when I make a new world with this addon none of the ores or new caves spawn? I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong or what! I enable experimental gameplay but the ores and new caves don’t spawn. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

  247. Darkest shadow gaming says:

    New things that could be added.
    – swamp cave (lots of swamp water)
    – ghost (goes through blocks)
    – bat boss (like spider Matriarch)
    – stalagtites and stalagmites (if possible)
    – lava cave (appears deep underground)
    – lively rock (normal stone texture but alive)
    – rats
    – mushroom cave (underground mushroom biome)

    • me says:

      stalagtites are in the addon

    • Ben h the best says:

      New Biomes Enemies and boss.Brown Ants.This is a ant which spawns in ant hills and very rarely jungles and commonly ant hills biomes.Ant Hills.A Hill Whitch looks like a spider egg but made of dirt but it does not have cobwebs instead it has tiny patches of dirt.Ant Hilles biome.A Biome Witch Ants Spawn In.Ant plans.A Biome Where Ants can be found

  248. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    a new type of enemy and mini boss: Normal brown Ant- spawns around the plains biome and is actually very nice, they only spawn in Ant hills though. Brown Ant hill- looks like a spider egg but is made of dirt, dosent have webs instead tiny blocks of dirt, made of dirt, and has a tiny hole, it also drops dirt. Army ants- come in two sizes giant spider sized or tiny spider long sized, dark red in color, And HOSTILE. Red Ants hill-unlike normal ant the red ants hill is giagantic and only spawn in the jungle very rarely, it goes far underground full of red ants and its kinda like a maze, it has many corridors( food area, sleep area, and the queens nest). The queen ant- a giagantic red ant that has multiple attacks just a mini boss. Black ant- looks similar to a red ant except not red, they will attack red ants. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again add tiny spiders!!!

    • Ben H the Best says:

      I Have a own idea for a mob in this addon.The Tribal Zombie.This zombie is similar to a zombie but with tribal clothes.This zombie spawns in underground deserts and underground Jungles and in taiga biomes Drops (1-3) Rotten Flesh and 1 Diamond Chestplate when killed.This zombie has 30 hearts.Tribial Zombies also attack villagers iron and snow golems wandering traders and players using his iron sword.This zombie wields a shield and a iron sword.

  249. raine_em says:

    I love the cave sounds in this add-on, but could you tone them down just a little bit? It feels like every step I take a cave sound plays…

  250. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing add on however I have two problems. The mossy stone takes too long to break, even with an efficiency V diamond pic. Also the spiderlings spawn by themselves and spawn a bit too frequently, I keep getting attacked by a whole swarm of them.

    • I forgot to update its destroy time before release oops… Unfortunately, they haven’t added enough block functionality to allow me to make efficiency pickaxes or any for that matter mine it any faster. And for the spider thing, they’re not spawning on their own, somehow the Brood Spiders spawn them above ground if they’re close enough. That is a bug with how Mojang programmed monster summoning and I cannot fix that until they do sadly 🙁

    • Ben h the best says:

      Is there a next update with 2 ore crawlers such as diamond because I like diamonds not coal because I hate coal and coal is so useless and I’m so obsessed with coal and Coal farms are very useless

  251. paradifecraft says:

    Reduce the size of the sound files to 128kbps at most, they are 10x as large as they need to be. The spider queen theme is only a few minutes long yet it is 30mb, three quarters of the size of the mod?

  252. Jalu Geni says:

    I can’t hit the spiderling mob, is this bug?

  253. PaulJamezGaming says:

    This mode made my friend super hype but he died 40 times for using wooden sword and lether armor on the boss spider i tried to tell him but he wont listen.

  254. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here I am again. I have questions and some bugs to tell you about. The bristle spider and coal crawler have absolutely no sounds. The boss summon doesn’t work on survival mode I tested it. Sometimes the cave sounds spawn too much or not at all cause I could here multiple at the same time. The desert stone corrupts the normal stone like its the corruption from terraria. Ores aren’t smeltable. Now for the questions. Are the coal crawlers tameable cause when I usually do /summon I check to see if there is a secret mob there were a lot tamed coal crawler was one of them and it just acted like it was normal? I found another secret mob but it was invisible it was a drill were you going to add a drill? When are you going to update this?

  255. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I have even more ideas: cave creeper- this creeper will only spawn in caves there are 3 varieties cause of the 3 new underground cave biomes. Dwarf- a small little minor with a beard the are neutral and will pull out an axe to attack. Illager minor- found underground and in its trapped form. These illagers will attack you on sight unlike the normal minors.

  256. I love mc says:

    Can we ger the next mod after uptade this mod. . . . a Nether uptade mod?
    Hmmmmm. . . why nobody can’t do bedrock version of NetherEx mod.

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      I love mc I agree we need tons more in the nether idea blaze knight spawns with a pack of 4 blazes and is basically mob d from voting contest addons is amazing thx !!!!!

    • I’m planning on doing a Nether Add-On soon. I’m mainly waiting for better custom terrain and structure generation. I’ve already made several new nether themed blocks!

      • I love mc says:

        When you uptade this addon, you maybe gonna do Nether Uptade addon? Maybe the first its gonna be concept, when gonna out you gonna continue Nether Uptade?
        Oh, i forgot.
        You best addon maker 😉
        Can we get the date pf uptade this cool addon?
        And Nether addon? :/

    • Ben Hays the best says:

      I saw a spider queen theme when I was fighting a spider queen and I play this theme during raids and the end theme when I killed the spider queen and I play this theme when the raid is deafeated or dead

  257. Just a guy says:

    Just for people who are confused, to craft the spider boss egg you need to place string on the corners and in the middle. The rest is easy to figure out.

  258. Im not giving my name to a machine says:

    Petition for this to be part of a official cave update

  259. vanitas says:

    this mod is absolutely fantastic! cant wait until the next planned update! :))

  260. vanitas says:

    this mod is absolutely fantastic! cant wait for the next planned update! 😀

  261. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I will give you more suggestions: stoned terror- a hunchback zombie made out of stone. They are very slow but will inflict nausea. They only spawn in underground mountains at night and have a Stoney texture for their skin. Mole- 3 types of this cute monster little(you know like the small ones in real life, normal(bigger than the small ones and neutral), and star nosed( only difference is the nose is star shaped). Moles can be found near the dirt pockets underground if mob greifing is on they can break dirt of any kind. They can be tamed with spider eyes/heart. It has a few features like a wolf has a sitting animation when telling it to sit, it will attack anything that attacks you or you attack, collar is dyable, and rideable, 1 more thing please give them cute custom noises. Blind fish- only found in underground pockets of water. These fish are a lot smaller than cod and have a whitish skin texture, when Slain drop blind fish and bones. The blind fish food item can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, and campfire when cooked gives you the cooked version. Dragon skull- this mini boss only has 76 hp and will just shoot fire at you.
    I have a few suggestions for the spider matriarch: make its animation to were its summoned in cooler, I know it’s already awesome but I think once it’s egg is big enough it will start to crack and the legs will come out each at a time then it’s butt and then finally it’s head. The spider matriarch will do another 4 attacks- shoot webs(a new projectile that will slow down its victim), bite(try not to get bit by the matriarch because it will give you the wither effect for a while), summon spider eggs(it will summon not just the tiny spiders but also the annoying eggs), and snatch(it will use its claws to grab it victims dealing around 9 damage). Another thing the matriarch can do is summon any spider cause currently it can’t summon normal and cave spiders. Make the bosses death animation not just be spinning and then death make its death animation be it looks at itself with its claws while prices of it fall off and it takes 1 last roar before dying. Make it also drop cobwebs.
    Make all bosses other vanilla bosses and raids have custom music( every other different from the other). ADD DIFFERENT TYPES OF MOBS OF EXISTING ONES: tiny spiders and tiny cave spiders- only attack small insects and run away from players and other big animals/monsters. Vampire bat- bats that are larger, darker colored, and have fangs. These bats are hostile twords anything with blood besides bats(another thing I want drops for these bats and vanilla bats: bat pelt- used to craft leather. And bat fang- used to convert villagers, illagers, or bats into their vampire type. Also used to eat). Broken pickaxes- items that are found in mines in going up to a tool smith and press and holding on him will repair the tool and turn back it into its fixed version. Stone golem- found underground rarely. Looks like a hunched back iron golem that has a block with 1 eye for a head and big fingers. It is extremely hostile twords anything.

  262. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I only found 1 bug: the coal crawler and bristle spider have absolutely no custom sounds.

  263. Project says:

    This is low-key amazing. This is the most mod like add-on ive seen for bedrock edition. Thank man. Ill be keeping tabs for any stuff you make! Full support.

  264. Comphurtzone says:

    I have tried and tried and tried again but the summon queen spider egg will not work in survival. The only way I got it to work was to spawn in the vanilla spider by spawn egg then Iit will work. For some reason naturally spawning spiders no matter what type in survival willl not allow you to summon the queen, so until I’m missing something please find a fix. By the way I’m on xbox one

  265. The add-on doesn’t seem to work on mine
    I tried to put the behaviour packs and the resource pack but it shows nothing… can you please help me?

  266. No name says:

    Forgot to ad this im on

  267. No name says:

    The adon kept ceahsing my game it look amazing but it crashes on me every time

  268. Richard098 says:

    Hi, first of all the mod is wonderful. the other thing is that I don’t know if it will happen to others but at least to me only the movs appear and the new prayers don’t. I hope it has explained me well because I am very sorry explaining (sorry for my English if I’m wrong about something :p)

  269. xInfectionn says:

    Hey I had trouble downloading this on Xbox, can anyone help?

  270. Anonymous says:

    This Is Personally The Best Addon I Have Ever Downloaded! I Love The New Boss And Mobs, I Think You Should Also Add New Ores!

  271. Claudio Castagnoli says:

    spider big scawy

  272. MrCrafter37 says:

    I think you should add stone golems which would be hostile to undead miners, lost miners and the player. They should have 150 hearts of health and would deal 9 hearts of health (if you don’t have armor)

  273. MrCrafter37 says:

    I think you should add stone golems which would be hostile to undead miners, lost miners and the player. They should have 150 hearts of health and would deal 9 hearts of health (if you don’t have armor)

  274. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay to all of you who need to know how to use the matriarch summon go up to a spider and on phone or tablet press and hold on a spider, computer right click, and controller use button.

  275. Solomen says:

    This is awesome! Can you make one for the land above.?

  276. Jack says:

    How do I get a trapped miner? to follow me?

  277. TheEA says:

    I have an idea! Make the villager miner to trade with you
    Ex: emerald=25 gold ores, diamond=2 emeralds, iron pickaxe= 1 diamond

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      He will trade with you but you have to first set him free, next feed him any food that’s not poisonous or raw, then bring him to a village he will reward you with xp and become a miner villager that can trade items with you.

  278. Heroslime5 says:

    This addon is very good. But i have a question, can you tame ore crawlers? I found a folder with a mob called crawler coal tamed. I spawned it and it was not tamed so i’m asking this. But the addon is very good. I’m waiting the next update ?

  279. Despairreborn says:

    Dude. I love this mod but. I have to get rid of it for a while. Also, the desert stone is really annoying as it takes the same amt of time for a wooden pickaxe and diamond pickaxe.
    Please add a mod that when i remove this mod, the whole world will not crash. Thanks

    • Ya Y E E T says:

      The reason it crashes when you remove it is because it has to remove all the custom blocks and entities, meaning large chunks of land will all vanish at once, which would crash the game

  280. Justminecrafter says:

    Thanks for adding cave sound (i love it).I just want they can get more update for make it more similar cave sound minecraft pc

  281. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Add these: Skeletal cave bear- an ancient cave bear skeleton. When found is inanimate till the player gets near. Drops bones and skeletal fish items. Cave dragon prince- a boss mob. Has these good attack such as breath fire, bite attack, swoop attack, and shoot 3 large fireballs. When killed turns into its second form which it’s stone skin falls of another boss bar pops up its second form is a skeletal dragon. It can summon spikes and do more damage at its second form. When killed will do an amazing death animation and drop a load of xp, bones, stone, and it’s trophy( a stone dragon egg). Cave dragon- a normal type of dragon that lives inside caves. Depending on what cave it is the dragon will have a different skin. They breath fire, sleep occasionally, and bite you. When sneaking closely to the dragons you can breed them with raw fish and when breed they don’t have just a baby they have a cave dragon egg which takes a while to hatch. When the egg hatches a baby cave dragon will spawn and can be tamed with raw meat. Add new ores!!!! Amethyst- a rare purple gem found in the coordinates were gold is found can be used to craft amethyst weapons. Sapphire- a very rare gem found in the diamond section can be used to sell from witchs. Ruby- found commonly near emeralds. Can be traded with skeletal traders. Skeletal trader- a skeleton without weapons, wearing some nice clothing, and has a small chest on its back. Makes echoing distorted evoker noises. Mouse- spawns at night and in caves. Come in a few colors and ocelots, cats, and spiders attack them they run from the player. Rat- a bigger version of a mouse except don’t run and are neutral. Neat features I want added to this: spiders and other creatures have an idel animation when left alone for a while. When slaying skeletons their bones skatter everywhere. When a spider kills a illager or villager a trapped villager or illager will spawn. When spiders are left alone they can spin webs and place them down. Spiders have a wall climb animation. Spiders are resistant to fall damage. The new spiders can’t get trapped in webs.

  282. Zz Fagon zZ says:

    When in survival mode, I can’t use Queen spawn item to transform spiders, that’s a bug ?

  283. Nickolai says:

    I really love this mod, and can you please add a new biome called the underground flower fields, and it’s only under flower forest biomes. It’s mostly made out of grass and flowers and it has a new exclusive ore called rubies that you can craft new weapons and items with. Maybe some new mobs that spawn only in the biome like the Twisted Rose Skeleton that is tall like a wither skeleton with rose vines wrapping around its body with a big blooming rose on the side of its head, it is neutral unless you destroy flowers near it or hit it and it attacks you with the new Ruby Rose Sword. Also you could add the Minecraft Earth mob the Moobloom that spawns down there too with Bunnies and other passive mobs.

  284. Nick says:

    Can you make it a zip behaviorr and resources love it

    • Ben h the best says:

      I have an idea for a mob in this addon.The Snow Stalker .It looks like a spider with ice moss stone on its body and with a cornflower growing on its head. The snow stalker drops spider hearts and cornflowers when killed

  285. Anonymous says:

    Is addon making easy? I’m thinking of creating my own addon and want to know. Any advice. Also amazing mod/addon.

    • Agape says:

      It’s doable but there is not much documentation yet. One thing you can do is download a simpler addon and unzip the files to see what is involved in making one. Adding items/recipes/trades is pretty easy, mobs are more complicated. Documentation will get better as they release new bedrock updates.

  286. The PIZZA BOI says:


    Add like those spikey things that always
    hangs on the ceiling and some new plants or mushrooms that grows in caves.
    Also update the mineshaft and add like waterfalls on a cave. Also some custom Ambient sounds. 10/10 Great job!!

  287. Aysira says:

    Awsome addon but the desert ores are currently not affected by the fortune enchantment and also take a lot of time to mine if that was fixed this would be basically perfect

  288. Aysira says:

    Is ore generation affected by this? Also is there anything we can do with the new stonetypes?

  289. Zz Fagon zZ says:

    Awesome !!!!

  290. Suggest says:

    Add new bosses like: a golem a kraken and a big cave dragon

  291. Sailax says:

    Why i can’t hit the enemies? They keep killing me but i can’t hit them

  292. Anonymous says:

    Can’t hit any of the enemies in this addon

  293. Daboss says:

    How do u use the matriarch summon

  294. Anonymous says:

    How do i us the summon on a spider?

  295. Ideas says:

    Add a dragon in a dragons Lar with gold

    Also is the desert suppose to slowly take over other caves because my stone caves are slowly turning into desert themed blocks

  296. sultan says:

    how to melt desert ore?

  297. Blaze Power says:

    Okay here are the more ores: copper ore, ruby ore, greenstone ore, bluestone ore, orangestone ore, whitestone ore, blackstone ore, purplestone ore, bronze ore, salt ore and plz make them all with ingots weapons and armor And last please make them with the village and pillage texture. But ingots only with bronze ore copper ore salt ore the other ores and items from different coller ores make them like the redstone and the ruby with his own texture. Please that will be cool Who else agree?

  298. Samuel says:

    Is there the spawn eggs and new items in creative?

  299. Anonymous says:

    can u get on 1.14?

  300. Help says:

    Which is resource and which is behavior?

  301. BlueberryMuffin says:

    Love it and enjoyed it But there are some down sides wich have already been commented

  302. Blaze Power says:

    Add more ores as ruby, bronze, aluminum and more. Ow and add this for the chat: /playsound @s cave ambiance. And more tools and armor from the new ores. I will search more ores which are from the real life. And lastly: make and the taiga and plain caves more like realistic. When i find more ores from the real life, i will tell you about them and you should add them in the next uptade

  303. gio1135 says:

    The ore crawlers spawn way too often. When mining, I just see them everywhere, taking fall damage and stuff. Then there’s just coal everywhere from them killing themselves.

    Also, the brood spiders are too easy (in my opinion), even on pocket edition. I think they should have a lunge attack (if possible) or at least have no knockback. I really like how the little ones came out. They’re fast, and will knock you off edges and start beating you; it’s really fun.

    I can’t craft the Matriarch summon for some reason. I have experimental on and everything. I don’t see the recipe and I can’t manually craft it either.

  304. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Fantastic!Thanks ^_^

  305. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay okay okay I just have to mention this!!!! Why in the world does the cave sounds spawn so much they scare me so much!!! I have an idea. Add some very terrifying monsters underground that make each separate sound. Robotic night terror- looks like an old redstone robot: observer head, piston arms, cobblestone body, and a redstone torch or a heart. Makes that berrrrrrrrrp beeeeeeeee berrrrrrrrrrrrrp beep burp beep cave sound. Is very hostile to the player and will inflict the player with blindness. Underground Nightmare- a blackish fiend of the dark red glowing eyes, sharp teeth, and the shape of a lizard. Makes the hellish roar cave noises. Hostile. Daze-underground blaze blaze made entirely out of mossy stone. Makes those blaze cave noises. Neutral. Demonic cart- a lost minecart with spider legs and teeth. Makes the minecart noises. Neutral. Herobrine- makes the rest of the cave sounds. Make his skin more terrifying. Hostile. Will mine any ore, teleports, deals 5 damage, wields a demonic sword. A very very rare find. Drops a nether star when killed has 49 hp. Vampire bat- hostile twords any mob with blood( not skeletons, golems, endermen, guardians, shulkers, endermites, spiders, phantoms, or silverfish.) bigger, darker brown, and big fangs. Fruit bats- weird looking bats that can destroy melons, cocoa beans, pumpkins, and crops. They can eat any fruit and are a bit bigger than a normal bat. Living heads- come in many forms( every form has a different ability) wither(inflicts wither), creeper(explodes), skeleton(shoots arrows), and zombie(melee). Drop the respecting head. Cursed weapons- come in any type of weapon that’s enchanted. They are hostile. Cursed tools- come as any type of tool( including shears, flint and steel, bucket, fishing rod, and shield are only a few.) and are hostile. Cursed armor- come as a full set of enchanted armor(including turtle shell and elytra). Stone camouflaged creeper- a creeper that developed the ability to look like stone. Black widow- a pitch black spider with a red thing on its butt. This spider will give the player the wither effect and is pretty fast. Black Recluse- a hairy spider that will kill you pretty quickly. Tarantula- spawns in underground jungle caves. Is bigger than a normal spider and hairer too. Although this spider can be a tough fight it is neutral and will run from the player. (And before you say it yes I know how many spiders are in this addon so what?) the new spider boss should be able to summon cave spiders, spiders, tarantulas, black widows, and black recluses. Oh and I only found like a few bugs. When breaking the new trophy it will not come back. Some of the secret summons like the drill are invisible or crash my game and lastly when I try eating new edible item it doesn’t have an animation/you’re arm doesn’t move. Lava cave fiend- spawns in underground lava and gets can die when water touches it. It looks like a normal lava monster that’s youre size. When it dies to water and only water it will turn into its dried up dead form at which it’s not animating, can die instantly with a diamond pickaxe, and has an obsidian texture When it dies in this form it will drop 2 to 4 obsidian. The monster will attack you if you get too close and will inflict flames on you. It drops an unobtainable item, lava. It is entirely hostile.

  306. Blaze Gaming says:

    Nice,sumbit this in ibxtoycats subreddit,hell definetly showcase this cuz hes despreate for a cave update

  307. Geonic says:

    Hey! It doesn’t work at all, I don’t see any changes in the game, my version is 1.12, is it only for 1.13? Because it doesn’t work at all. Please reply

  308. Austin says:

    make the zip file a ZIP FILE PLEASE not a rar file makes my life easy

  309. Gamer2019 says:

    Thus add-on is really amazing and I have a few mob suggestions that you might like: cave wyverns they spawn in cave and are very rare and can be a boss, sand worms are like giant worms that leave holes where ever they go and are hostile, giant wasps that spawn where diamonds spawn and can have a huge nest with wasps and the queen which can be a boss?

  310. Anonymous says:

    This addon is amazing, it’s honestly the best addon I’ve ever seen on here. Now for mob suggestions…

    Ashen (Hostile)- Zombie-like monsters that hide within nether caves or in overworld caves near lava. They are fast with 30 HP and when hit by them they’ll give blindness.
    Parched Skull (Hostile)- Dehydrated skeletons that hide within desert caves. While slow up far away, these monsters will try to sneak behind you. Once they’re 5 blocks close, they’ll rush in doing large amounts of damage. When far away they’ll be dragging their sword while having their back bent forward with their head down. Once close they stand upright with their sword up. They will also be a little bit taller than a normal skeleton by 3 pixels.
    Conjoined (Boss)- Spawned by creating a defiled skull. Crafted by surrounding a skeleton skull with bones. This monster is a large creature made up of many skeletons conjoined to create a single body. It has 400 HP and has 3 main attacks.
    1) A large swing using its arm.
    2) Firing many bones out of its body to hit the player.
    3) And finally, creating a 10×10 circle around itself. When caught in this circle, the player will be blinded, poisoned, hungered, and slowed. Luckily you can dodge this attack for the boss will scream out in order to create the circle.

  311. A Minecraft Player says:

    Omg… SO AMAZING!!!

  312. Mcpe gaming says:

    Dear THE BIG ONION INSTITUTE I hope you add cave dragon,tameable,rideable,flyable using jump control,control able and animation spawn cave dragon and spawn egg cave dragon,attack with fire breath I hope you will add this mob in future update really. mcpe gaming thank you

  313. Mcpe gaming says:

    Can you add dragon cave in future update add spawn dragon cave egg,hatchable,rideable,controllable,flyable,using jump control,dragon cave animation and I hope you will add this mob at future update, really mcpe gaming

  314. Weasel The Great says:

    If possible, make it possible for stalagmites to be found in caves. You can do this by making a custom invisible entity, that when spawned, the structure will form, and the entity dies instantly. Make the structure a wall with a fence on top, but they both have a stone texture. I don’t mean a wall as in a stack of blocks, I mean the item that is literally called a wall. Make the entity only spawn in caves, and incredibly common. Also, please add a dynamic torch, so it emits light when you hold it. Also, add a few more ores. One last thing, there are cave systems in the other dimensions, so maybe you can improve those caves too? Thank you!

  315. Sirrabz says:

    Well done! I’m loving this mod. Suggestion: Stalagmite in caves. Some type of Spider ore to make spider themed tools/weapons. Keep up the good work 🙂

  316. grumpy says:

    great mod but the sounds in the caves are a bit loud and annoying. can you either quiet them or get rid of them?

  317. Dettomi says:

    Things I didn’t liked:
    -Spawn rates are really really bad (bats, undead miners, spider nests, coal crawlers)
    -Scary sounds are too frequent
    -Spider nests on walls are dropping rare items too often
    Things I would love to see:
    -Undead miners should drop iron pick,iron pick with enchant(s), torches and rarely tnt/emeralds!
    -Coal crawler should drop less coal if you doesn’t lower the spawn rate
    -Underground slime biome with the regular and a new slime (slimy walls, and maybe even liquid)
    -Glowing blue mushroom biome under mushroom island (with a great loot)
    -Bats should drop leather sometimes
    -Magma blocks should spawn near lava
    -Traps(like tnt with preasure plate)
    -Random tombstones rarely
    -Ancient diamond or iron armor that would not be stronger than the real one
    -A dark gray cave creeper
    -Coal or crystal cow (like mushroom cow, moobloom)
    JUST PLEASE STAY ON THE VANILLA PATH WE DOESN’T NEED LUCKY BLOCKS, EMERALD ARMOR AND THINGS LIKE THAT >< This is the first addon that I enjoyed.. oh and please make a twitter account.

  318. Mr. mango says:

    Please add cave trolls! And a new type of mushroom that would give you an effect when you drink it’s soup and you should add new ores and ice and jungle textures for them

  319. Mr. mango says:

    Ooh what about a new type of mushroom? You could make it have a special effect when you drink it’s soup

  320. Slimetrap says:

    Please add cave trolls that would be so awesome!

  321. Samuel says:

    This is literally one of the coolest updates in my opinion and I’ve be playing minecraft for like 6 years now.

  322. RandoGuy says:

    I don’t know if this is only me, but whenever I add it to a world and try to join it, minecraft immediately brings me back to the home screen. Is it the add-on or my device?

  323. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you could make nether caves where little monsters called quartz crawlers could drop down and attack and maybe add basalt, salt ore and glowing green and blue mushrooms. I highly encourage you and know you have great potential.

  324. Anonymous says:

    Why do I have a feeling that the maker of this pack is a DOTA 2 player? Hmmm?

  325. Anonymous says:

    I have a suggestion to add a new biome for the caved called the underground flower forest and its filled with flowers and grass with overworld animals can spawn in like chickens and cows, also it could have a new block that only spawns there called crystals.

  326. Red Guy says:

    Can you make the cave sounds its own pack and makes the unused sounds a data pack for java

  327. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    I love how the Spider Matriarch is called “Big Smelly Thing” on the boss bar! I was cracking up seeing that for the 1st time! 10/10 Rating! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Ikr it said some smelly thing and I’m like GET HERE BOI and charged 3 full on in survival mode. I love the boss fight music and victory sound upon killing it.

  328. VrtemisTheGamer says:

    What about adding the red dragon in the next addon update? Like it could spawn in a “dragon nest/cave” maybe it can drop scales and a hatchable egg that hatches in to a baby that u can tame and ride? If you could this would be the best addon EVER!

  329. Incognito says:

    Great, But why are all the textures in the actual files for the addon starting with Boi, I had to fix this since some mods im using actually adds the Boi in the ingame name?

  330. Littlep510 says:

    I feel like this has some ideas from terraria

  331. Asher says:

    you should add desert cobblestone, icey cobblestone, ores that are in icey stone, and more mobs, there are a ton of spiders and it seems like more a spider update than a cave update, and while I do have all these criticisms it is still a great addon and I will be using it!

  332. Aj lafaive says:

    I have an idea to add a new cristal biom with a pink and white cristal. In this biom you could have a cristal hostile golem. Also you could add a couple of small dungeons. If you want anymore ideas you can email me. Great mod love your work please keep updating.

  333. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I LOVE THIS ADDON SO MUCH!!!! I would like to say some suggestions though: make the new spiders attack villagers, illagers, and witchs. The Crystal biome- is littered with crystals of all colors used to make new weapons and trade with the minor to get good stuff. Although pretty there are vicious enemies. Crystling- a tiny crystal enemy when it attacks you it inflicts nausea. Crystal race- a race on crystal monsters that are buff and the size of you. Crystal fiend- a large crystal monster with tiny crystal monsters on it, it will summon the crystlings. Lastly the boss of the biome, Blighted stone- a large crystal monster with the ability to teleport, breath fire, toss giant crystals, summon crystal monsters, and squash you. It has 320 hp. It’s summon will be the glowing stone crafted by glowing eyes(drops from the crystal monsters), diamond, emerald, and lapis. It’s trophy will look like a glowing ruby. There will be 2 new mobs treasure mimic and ore mimic. Treasure mimic- will take the form of a chest. When interacting with it it will turn into its second form, the chest will be filled with 3d fangs and a tongue it will have a long slender body with claws. This will then be hostile and start to devour items you hold. Ore mimic- takes the form of any ore except quartz. When interacting with it it will turn into its second form, an ore spider legs one eye and teeth. It will only eat you’re pickaxe. Now for another one of my favorites that spawn in caves, lying or sitting skeletons. They can come in many different poses and forms. They have a total of 4 different types(not poses)human, creeper, villager, and human minor. One of the poses doesn’t have a head meaning they don’t drop a skull. Their will be another boss I would like. Yeti- a giant hairy ape with claws and red eyes. This boss is one of the weakest having 150 hp. It will toss ice blocks at you, claw you, and roar occasionally. To summon it you have to use snowballs surrounding a diamond. It’s trophy will be it’s head in block form. Another boss I would want is for the desert biome. mummy- is the same size as you and can summon its own minions, shoot fireballs from its staff, and will charge at you. It has 200 hp. It’s summon is crafted by 4 paper, 2 string, 2 sand, and a golden sword. It’s trophy will be it’s staff which adds a new mob. Another type of thing I would want is for worms(not terraria related). Death worms- spawn in the underground desert biome and rarely the surface. Have a load of teeth in their mouth and are as big as as a spider and are hostile. Earth worm- a very big worm. Spawn in rain and underground dirt biome. Normal worm- spawns in underground dirt biome, rain, and composter. When killing worms you will get them as an item(except for the boss and death worms) this item is used to eat, lure fish, or craft the boss summoning item. Now for the boss. Omega death worm- a large death worm capable or killing an entire raid. Has 225 hp. Can call other death worms for assistance, dive underground, instant kill the player, just harm the player, do insane knock back to the player. When slain it’s trophy is a glowing piece of dirt. A new mini boss: undead Lich- a master level necromancer. Attacks consist of summoning the undead(not Pigmen or zombie horses), shooting wither skulls, and melee. It’s summon has a very very rare chance to drop from a wither skeleton. Now for the last boss I’ll say. Stoned dragon- the only other dragon boss in the game. Has a texture of mossy cobblestone and stone with vines it’s eyes are lava. It has 210 hp. It attack consist of breathing fire, biting, shooting large fireballs, tail whipping, and clawing. To summon it you will need stone, vines, cobblestone, and a egg in the middle. It’s drop is a stone dragon egg block.

  334. Mr. Human 2 says:

    Kewl! Me and my friend are gonna play this rn!

  335. Harrythemagician13 says:

    i have an idea for the hostile mob for that lives in the Jungle Caves an Jungle Stalker it looks like a Spider with has mossy Body with some Flowers Growing on its Back And The Tribal illager it looks like an illager but with Tribal Cloths and they can have Spears or Darts that shoot out Posion Darts that Hit making you have a Posion effect

  336. SirBreakfast says:

    It’s cool and all but I suggest that the boss spider can spawn the vanilla spiders also (Regular, and Cave spider). Also for the vanilla spiders, can you make them fight iron golems like what the modded spiders do?

  337. Yay says:

    You shluld add weapons

  338. Max says:

    Ok. THIS ADD ON IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! But! I suggest adding some new ores and weapons like the prismarine sword and a cobalt ore and sword. I would love that!! Thanks! ??

  339. SpooonPlayz says:

    The spider boss is awesome the sound and movement even tho it a bit to weak since a iron golem can nearly kill it. If this is a cave update addon add more ores like ruby i will like the addon more as well make a statistic that the other direction since placing the current one look wired on the ground.

  340. Corrupted zak50 says:

    You should do more add-ons like this but for other biomes, this is brilliant ?

  341. AquaticJacob says:

    Add Mesa caves, Nether caves and end caves

  342. BrianSwags says:

    This is the best add-on ever and if are going to add things in the future there should definitely be more generated structures like temple ruins, sinkholes, and maybe big cave openings with some kinds of fossils in the middle.

  343. Marlen says:

    The caves are awesome and I can see that you took some inspiration from Terraria like the undead miner!

  344. BeatboxinGuy says:

    OK OK OK… I did not think this mod would be THIS good. I love the new caves. I love the new blocks. The spider heart is cool. But tbh the new entities are the best. And that boss battle, it makes me feel like I’m playing an rpg. 10/5 would definitely recommend

  345. MineB says:

    Shouldn’t it work in version 1.12?

  346. Nickolai says:

    Finally a cave addon ive been searching for one all week and now there is one, i cant wait to try this addon!

  347. §TheUltimateGojira§ says:

    This is awesome! But I have a few suggestions
    1.Add stalactites and stalagmites
    2.Make more dungeons and ruins
    3.Add naturally generating structures (ex: Craters,etc…

    • Unknown says:

      Awesome addon! Here’s some suggestions
      Add giant sand worms that appear in the desert cave
      Snakes appear in jungle cave
      Small Glowing worms maybe
      Glowing cave crystals and
      Poisonous cave mushrooms
      Dark flower can be used to craft something
      Boss skeleton
      Improve the dungeon
      cave village
      Hostile bats

    • Guest-3295511663 says:

      For those who says the link doesn’t work :

      Enter the download link.
      1. Now you should be on the linkvertise page
      2. Press read article ( You doesn’t actually need to read it. Just wait for 10 sec )
      3. Watch the videos and wait untill its finished
      4. After that wait for 5-10 sec then press the direct to the download page button
      5. You will enter the download page ( MediaFire )
      6. Done.

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