Cavern: More Rocks Addon (v1.0.0 End Update)

Cavern is an addon that makes caves and the end have more variety. Currently Minecraft has 3 rocks: Granite, Diorite, and Andesite. Cavern adds more rocks and 33 total blocks, including rocks, polished rocks, ores, and other decorative blocks. More rocks, ores, and features will be added in the future! Tell me what you think and give suggestions for new things in the comments!


Top Row: Polished Slate, Polished Dacite, Polished Gabbro, Polished Limestone, Polished Marble

Middle Row: Slate, Dacite, Gabbro, Limestone, Marble

Bottom Row: Diatomite, Gneiss, Rhyolite, Schist, Shale

All of these rocks generate naturally, and many can be crafted. Polished variants are crafted like any other polished block, as seen below.


In Vanilla Minecraft, Granite, Diorite, and Andesite have crafting recipes. Even though these are rarely used, I thought it would be fun and make this addon fit better in vanilla if I gave them crafting recipes as well. 

Slate is matte black block that can be crafted with 2 shale and 2 basalt. It also generates underground below y-level 40.


Dacite is a white rock with specks of black dotted across. It can be crafted with 2 rhyolite and 2 andesite. It also generates the same as vanilla rocks.


Gabbro is a dark green rock dotted with light specks, it’s crafted with 2 cobblestone and and 2 basalt. It also generates the same as vanilla rocks.


Limestone is a cream colored rock that is crafted with 2 Nautilus Shells and 2 Cobblestone. It is found exclusively in ocean biomes.


Marble is a white rock that is crafted with 2 Limestone and 2 Cobblestone. It generates underground below y-40.


Gneiss is a white rock with black bands. It can be crafted with 2 Granite and 2 Quartz. it generates below y-40. (Note that this picture shows an old texture of Gneiss.)


Rhyolite is a grey rock with a rose tint (the rock shown is an old texture). It is crafted with 2 Stone and 2 Granite. It is found just like any other Vanilla rock.


Shale is a dark grey rock that is crafted with 2 Quartz and 2 Clay Blocks. It is found just like any Vanilla rock.


Shale is a dark grey rock that is crafted with 2 Quartz and 2 Clay Blocks. It is found just like any Vanilla rock.


Diatomite is a white rock/sediment that is found on the sea floor of ocean biomes (below y-45). When broken, it gives Diatom Powder, which currently has no use. When this powder is crafted into a 2×2 square, you get the Diatomite block back.

Overworld Generation

Below are some pictures of some natural generation. Note that these not all generation looks like this, since I chose areas that had more of the new rocks visible. You may also notice that there are more rocks the deeper down you go. 

End Blocks

Version 1.0.0 adds 18 new blocks for the end.
Top Row: Pearlstone, Polished Pearlstone, Cut Pearlstone, Voidstone, Polished Voidstone, Cut Voidstone
Middle Row: End Lamp, Polished Purpur, Purpurite Block, End Glass, Obsidian Bricks, Gilded Obsidian
Bottom Row: Chiseled End Stone Bricks, Cracked End Stone Bricks, Smooth End Stone, Purpurite Ore, End Sand, End Dust Block

End Stone 

End Stone has been retextured to have a more sandy look. You can now also use End Stone instead of Cobblestone in some crafting recipes such as brewing stands, droppers, dispensers, furnaces, levers, observers, and stone tools.
The New variants of end stone brick are made the same way you would make Chiseled or Cracked stone brick. (Chiseled: 2 end stone brick slabs, Cracked: smelt end stone brick)

End Sand & End Glass

End Sand is a new block that generates in the End. It can be used in place of Sand in the crafting recipes of concrete powder and TNT. It can also be smelted into a new glass variant, End Glass!

End Dust Block

End Dust Block is a new End block that drops End Dust. End Dust will have many uses in a future update, but for now, it can only be crafted back into it’s block form in a 2×2 crafting grid.


Purpur can no longer be crafted from popped chorus fruit, instead in needs to be mined from Purpurite Ore veins that generate all around the End. Purpurite Ore drops purpurite, which can be crafted into Purpurite Blocks. From there, it can be crafted into new polished purpur by putting the purpurite blocks in a 2×2 crafting grid. Polished Purpur  can then be put in a 2×2 grid to craft Cut Pupur (vanilla purpur). All of these blocks are also craftable in the Stonecutter.


Pearlstone is a new cyan rock that generates in the End. It is found below y-50. It can be crafted into Polished and Cut blocks the same as Purpurite Blocks can. Pearlstone can also be crafted into Enderpearls by putting 5 of them into a plus sign, or by using the stonecutter.


Voidstone is a new dark purple rock that generates in the End below y-30. It can be crafted into Polished & Cut variants, just like Pearlstone and Purpurite.

Obsidian Bricks & Gilded Obsidian

Obsidian can now be crafted into obsidian bricks with a 2×2 crafting grid recipe. 

Gilded Obsidian is a rare block only found below y-25 in the End. Currently, it only drops itself, but it will drop diamonds in a future update.

End Lamp

The End Lamp is a new light source block that can be crafted with popped chorus fruit and blaze powder.

End Generation

Terms of Use

You are free to edit this addon for personal use, but you may not upload a modified or normal version of this addon to another site, or take credit for my work. 

You may feature it in any Youtube Video, but please link back to this page. (Also let me know if you do, I’d love to see it!)

Known Issues

All of the blocks are broken at the same speed and can be broken by hand regardless of your tool. 

Blocks also do not show up in the creative inventory, they can only be obtained from crafting, mining, or commands. 

The new rocks don’t generate after leaving your world for the first time. I recommend flying around in creative in the Overworld and the End to generate this custom generation.

End Glass sometimes has an odd shadow effect when placed.

These are issues with Minecraft and cannot currently be fixed.

Discord Server

Join my Discord server if you want to submit suggestions, give feedback, see new features before they are uploaded here, or play the addon’s latest beta release.

Changelog View more

- Changed the link to Dropbox

- Fixed the installation description

Updated the pack icon and the title of the page.

Added 32 End themed blocks!

See the article above for a more detailed description

- Added a note reminding people to enable experimental features


Make sure to enable experimental features!

To get this addon download either the ZIP or MCPACK files in the Dropbox link. All of these files are downloads directly from Dropbox, so you don’t have to deal with sketchy ads and viruses from Link Shorteners. These links will always be safe to download.

If you don’t know how to apply addons to Minecraft, I recommend looking for a tutorial on youtube for your device. If these are not helpful, you can join my Discord server and I can help you there. I only have experience on iOS downloads though.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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  1. DeFrox says:

    Was the discord server deleted?

  2. LunerCoin says:

    Funny, I too was making a more rocks addon but when I tried to upload it to mcpedl a admin told me that I need to add more info about everything, I understand that but it really sucks because this and my future addon will fit very well (if of course I don’t get lazy in the texturing)

  3. XoVFelexVoX says:

    Mmmmmmm that blue obsidian, I love it. Good pack keep up the great work! 5 stars!

  4. I think I got an idea for the next update stairs and slabs to the mix and maybe walls

    • I would love to do that, but currently there are issues with collision boxes, wall ai, and getting slabs to be placed on the right half of the block. I’m hoping Mojang will add some presets to easily add those blocks. If it takes awhile for them to do that, I may just add them anyways. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  5. The Google Drive link is apparently broken, so I have created a Dropbox link instead. Please download either the CavernR.mcpack & CavernB.mcpack files or the file.

  6. Datboithatyouknow says:

    This might just be me but ever since the new update I can’t download is because it’s

  7. Sajad6baster says:

    Can I use your addon an my modpack?

  8. DeltaDan9 says:

    Hey man, I love your addon, and I was wondering if I could retexture the blocks for you to bring them closer to vanilla? Alternatively, could I create a texture pack for your addon with the smoother textures I’m creating?

    • I’m glad you love it! I do plan on retexturing all of blocks to be more in an update after this upcoming one. I will focus on retexturing Gneiss, Dacite, and Gabbro, because they are way too contrasting. If there is anything in particular you would like changed, you can comment below 😀

  9. SupaPoopa says:

    Great textures! But I have a question, In the latest update is it possible to edit the behaviors of the blocks? Such as, to edit the block’s break time based on the tier of tool you use? To elaborate: I’ve tested with the wooden pick, the stone, iron, diamond and even the Netherite and they all break the blocks at the same slow-ish pace. Not that big of an issue, but maybe you can change it? Perhaps make the effiency enchant have an affect on them as well?

    • I’m glad you like the textures!
      Sadly, this is not possible. When Minecraft adds this capability in the future, I will add it into Cavern as well. Currently it seems like the main thing that sets these rocks apart from vanilla. But until this gets fixed, are the block break speeds annoyingly slow? I can reduce the break time a little bit, and using a Haste beacon would make that even faster. Thanks for commenting! 😀

  10. SKRRT says:

    The person who made this (New Hydroquake Vortex) is amazing. Not only replying to comments and giving update logs or making / adding new items, biomes etc. because of suggestions. They are kind and probably would still respond nicely to a rude comment.

  11. fcabi0 says:

    Hello, this addon is one of the best I’ve seen, although it doesn’t have many items, it shows that it is very well done, you could create an updated biome addon for 1.16.100

  12. Datboithatyouknow says:

    Really like this addon actually you have allot of talent keep doing great things

  13. Ultralogs says:

    Amazing first addon your really talented. You should add blocks we saw in the caves and cliffs update we saw like Calcite Tuff Deepstone Dripstone blocks and more. My discord tag is Ultralogs#6852 if you need textures

    • Thanks so much! I didn’t plan on adding Cave Update features because I wouldn’t be able to add them in full (actual biomes, geode structures with working amethyst), but I could consider adding the blocks in as extra blocks for creative. I originally started working on this addon before 1.17 was announced, and I have to remove a few features because of it :b

  14. The links were changed from Google Drive to MCPEDL, I will update the description soon!

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