Caves and Cliffs Addon

This addon attempts to add all the features in the caves and cliffs addon, as well as some unique ideas made by myself, for example glowing wool and glass (from glowing ink).

There are however limitations like bundles causing those features to not be added, additionally this addon is only for the 1.16 beta, but don’t worry if you can use beta as the developers have confirmed that the new features will be coming to all devices soon. There are also bugs that prevent features from being added, if you could vote this bug that would be greatly appreciated and would make it easier for me to bring the feature we all want.

Turn on Experimental Gameplay! Also this addon is only for 1.16.100+


Supported Minecraft versions


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61 Responses

4.83 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Alnabhani90909 says:

    Can you please update this mod?

  2. Missing dependencies? What does that even mean?! activated experiments half the stuff does not even exist. Fix?

  3. FmWild57 says:

    Lush, dripstones and skulk caves spawns in survival worlds?

  4. Perronel says:

    for the creator because almost everything does not appear to me, no more items appear that I should do

  5. FmWild57 says:

    Is the best caves and cliffs concept addon of all, but there are something i don’t like:
    -copper and amethist are too harder to broke;
    -This addon need a better model and animations, an exemple of a regular axolotl animations is the “axolotl concept replicas”.
    Please read this and can you fix those features?

  6. Do I need to downgrade because my minecraft version is

  7. EmptyCoso says:


  8. Marioplaysminecraft says:

    Great Addon! i would love to test all of this items in this addon! Very Cool!

  9. Llama Python says:

    I need a zip file :(((

  10. Guilford says:

    Structure add:
    Cave change moss block and lush caves and moss carpet and spore bloss

  11. Guilford says:

    Voxet is starting updated 1 months

  12. RAPTOR SQUAD Official says:

    Please Update For Minecraft Pe Official

  13. FKASH says:

    could you add to 1.16 that is not beta?

  14. AkemiOkami says:

    Great addon!!
    Some suggestions:
    – Add Axolotl bucket (to tame and transport Axolotls);
    – Remove or fix that weird stone structure generation;
    – Add skulk sensor;
    – Fix the spyglass zoom;
    – Add stalactyte;
    – Add/Consider other suggestions from the comments, such as Baby Azalea flower, Azalea Roots, etc.

  15. The great Q says:

    I downloaded this and identical stone structures are generating all over my world and its very annoying

  16. Guilford says:

    Biome is missing is I’m check texture is not

  17. Guilford says:

    Hmm also I’m check this
    Textures pack on

  18. Guilford says:

    Another one copper
    Cut copper
    Lightning rod
    Update picture amythyst item
    Icegologer spawn egg
    Structure caves
    Music amythyst
    Music caves

  19. heyboilol says:

    hey this is you forgotenin your addon
    axolotl bucket
    goat horn
    skulk sensor
    skulk sensor active
    spore blossom
    custom skulk sensor
    powdered snow
    powedered snow bucket
    lightning rod

  20. Guilford says:

    Another one
    Skulk sensor
    Skulk sensor active
    Custom skulk sensor

  21. Guilford says:

    Update next time πŸ˜‰

  22. Guilford says:

    Oh hi voxet but add-on another here
    Spore blossom
    Copper slab
    Copper stair
    Bucket axolotl
    Azelae roots
    Baby azelea flower

  23. Ultralogs says:

    are these blocks able to spawn naturally? for example are we able to find lush caves unground filled with axolotls and vegetation? are we able to find amethyst geodes in caves?

  24. Neonbiome19 says:

    Everyone : *waiting till 2021 for the cave update*
    This guy : “fine ill do it myself”

  25. Tristan7046 says:

    This is a great addon, and this addon make me feel like in a real Caves&Cliffs update

  26. Ultralogs says:

    Hello Voxet I have heard a lot about this addon from your twitter! this is the best detailed addon I have seen in such a long time and I have some suggestions that you should take into consideration.

    -Since we already have stalagmites maybe you can add Stalactites

    -Some Items appear invisible in your inventory like the amethyst clusters

    -Sculk sensors should be added as a block even if not functional it would still look really cool.

    -Spyglass doesn’t actually zoom

    -Lightning rods and the different stages of copper should be added

    -Axolotl in a bucket item which can be obtained by clicking on a axolotl with a water bucket the texture for the item is in the minecraft wiki for reference.

    thank you for taking your time to listen to my feedback and please take some these suggestions into consideration. Once again thank you

    • Ultralogs says:

      P.s Please retexture the glow fruit to look like the berries we have in Minecraft but a different color also I recommend watching SystemZee’s video on the Glow squid because he has a glowing ink sac in that video and you should try and make a texture similar to it for the glowing ink sac. Thank you once again.

  27. Are there any Sculk Sensors though??

  28. Cpzlvslpz says:

    this is a good addon but do they all spawn naturally in our world?

  29. McHaunty says:

    Okay, so I know this is only for the beta, but does this add-on work without the beta, just for decoration?

  30. Roxtro says:

    I was working on Caves & Cliffs Update Add-on, but this is better that I could do

  31. MouthGod says:

    Y’all better vote that bug or I’m about to go ape

  32. HanielLFB says:

    zCaiooBrz He did not copy it, he made a collaboration with the boy who created the addon of the warden, so that you do not go talking straw ??

  33. WreageIsBack says:

    You Copied a Warden Addon from someone else Because i remember that addon

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