Caves of Chaos [Adventure]

You are a knight who travels the world of Minecraft in search for new quests and challenges. Today you passed by a village which have a big problem. Most of the townspeople have been kidnapped and they want you to find and kill the kidnapper. The Cave of Chaos is mainly an adventure map but is supposed to also include some puzzles. It should take somewhere 10 – 20 minutes to complete the map.

Creator: PastaPanda

Read all of the signs which you come across in order to understand where you need to go.

Sometimes you will have to enter places, like caves, which are most likely filled with monsters. But as a knight you have to be brave and continue your battle for greatness.

The main objective is to save the townspeople and other animals which have been kidnapped. But make sure to read all the signs and don’t skip through any of the quests.

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26 Responses

  1. Minecraftedime says:

    why is there idims in the water and where is the killer rod

  2. Anglegamer says:

    Sophia’s house is all nice….but then u see Emily’ love it

  3. Emily says:

    I can only FIND THE CHICKEN!!!!!

  4. Ephraim Sun says:


  5. Wateon says:

    Way to laggy

  6. Xbow003 says:

    This architecture is ummm😵🤢p.s I’m a head builder on a server so ya idk how this got here

  7. MeikoTaray says:

    Can u post a walk through or something? I want to complete it

  8. MeikoTaray says:

    I don’t think it sucks per say, but I am having trouble with navigation. Maybe just close off parts of the cave that don’t lead anywhere, cuz I got super stuck at the bottom level. Couldn’t get back up. And to avoid people digging to see if there’s something there, put a sign or something. Something like ‘yeah, no, not this way’ or ‘nope, where you need to go isn’t concealed’

  9. Isack Gonzales says:

    Honestly, I really can’t stand this map. The lag is overwhelming, you literally put 100 zombies in the cave. I couldn’t get passed the chicken part because of it. Honesty, you need to work on you’re map creating skills. Maybe try creating a city and then an adventure map.

  10. PastaPanda says:

    I’m sorry about your complaints but this map was a test. I didn’t think they would accept it. I plan to make much better maps in the future. Thank you all so much for playing. Have a great day! -PastaPanda (creator)

  11. Pasta Panda says:

    I’m super sorry about your complaints but this was a test map a and there was lots of bugs. I will make a better map in the future! Thank you for playing, it means a lot to me

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just kill all entities
    /kill @e

  13. Unknown says:

    Your device is not the problem u only lag cuz there are so many mobs in the cave…

  14. What says:

    That’s doesn’t matter your bad cuz of your devices I make the lag go on super no lag get a new device guys not a old one I am using iPad Pro 128 go try buying it

  15. Hera says:

    I have Nvidia Shield tablet and this map crushs so bad. Can you fix that?

  16. PanzerEgorence says:

    I have issues with this map.

  17. Unknown says:

    Where is the “hole of water near the chicken”? I’m really stuck I can’t find it

  18. WyvernEnchantress says:

    ummm why is there a dirt house?

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