Cenozoic Craft Addon

Since everyone wants a Cenozoic addon that has many animals in it here it is on the mcpedl website available for download.There are many creatures now in this addon new remodels and all. You can build a prehistoric zoo or park with this addon and others.If you are going to bulid a map with this addon please contact me on discord.

list of animals

Wooly mammoth

These creatures are tameable with cake and are found in snowy biomes they also come in two colors white and brownish coat they are very dangerous so make sure not to attack them.

After that we have the smilodon the one of the saber tooth beasts they are found in grasslands in savanna biome.They are hostile if you go near them.

Here we have the keleken a prehistoric terror bird.These creatures will spawn on the savanna biome and will be hostile if you attack them.They are also tameable with beef and you can ride them just like horses if you tame them.

The controls are same as riding a horse and they mainly attack pigs but in near future updates they will attack horses.They would sometimes attack saber tooth cats.This mob is very tall and has very powerful claws.

Here is purrusaurus the largest alligator it is one of the largest gators to walk the planet and will chase you if you come near it and this mob rivals the titanoboa. They spawn in jungles but they are very rare so be careful.


arkzie- modeler

Call me suvan- texture maker (New)

hov- modeler

Coder- someone I’m not going to tell that person wants to be alone.

Whitestang77- modeler and render maker

Math and velo modeled and textured the keleken follow them they have very good talent at making models

They have amazing talent pls follow them and do not put this addon or change the link or put this addon on other sites or apps.

Changelog View more

1.purrusaurus Has been added.

2. Great auk has been added.

3.keleken texture has been changed

1.added Kelenken.

2.Smilodons and Colossochelys are now larger.

3.Baby Extinct animals now follow their parents.

4.Elasmotheriums are now tameable and rideable.

Btw Tame him with Hay Bale

1.added Kelenken and Cave Lion

2.Smilodons and Colossochelys are now larger

3.Baby Extinct animals now follow their parents

4.Elasmotheriums are now tameable and rideable

Btw Tame him with Hay Baleadded Kelenken and Cave Lion

5.Smilodons and Colossochelys are now larger

6.Baby Extinct animals now follow their parents

7.Elasmotheriums are now tameable and rideable

Btw Tame him with Hay Bale.

1Added credits

2.Fixed description 

3, mammoth size increased

4.Saber tooth doesn’t have shading

1. saber tooth cat has new texture

2. Mammoth now have sexual dimorphism.


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27 Responses

4.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Slain576 says:

    can you add a titanoboa

  2. Punnybones27 says:

    Is there a titanoboa in the add-on if it doesn’t, pls add them, they are currently living in swamps based on encyclopedia I read

  3. alessandre says:

    bro, because the basilosaurus model changes, it looks ugly, bro, the first basilosaurus model looked good, now I see it very colorful, bro, and not so much does the basilosaurus stand up, the vasilosaurus from before looked good

  4. Kudamon says:

    Also, your Australopithecus seem to be able to walk through walls. Upside down.

  5. Kudamon says:

    Should any of these be despawning on Peaceful difficulty? Because building a zoo is rather difficult when your tigers vanish.

  6. Kudamon says:

    The Colossochelys isn’t coming out quite right. it doesn’t seem to have any limbs. Or a face.

  7. Emeto says:

    You’re maje great but work more for animations

  8. SteveMaple228 says:

    I love this prehistoric mob add-on. Can you please make the Smilodons tamable please? I always wanted to raise one

  9. kacc says:

    Great i downloaded and its gret, but keep updating and make every dino tameable like in ark survival evolved.plsssss

  10. The great Q says:

    If you have added carcholes megalodon or are considering adding it pls add a rival sea creature like basilosaurus or the sperm whale

  11. alessandre says:

    sarcosuchus habra

  12. garrette says:

    I can’t download the file is blocked

  13. kacc says:

    Pleasee keep updating and making more and MOREE animals, and can you make all animals tameable and RIDEABLE.


  14. AmericanHawk says:

    I know I hadn’t used this already but are you considering adding dire wolves or have you already dealt with that, because we need more majestic wolves in Minecraft. Either way, for the models, I’m gonna Hand you all stars because I haven’t seen any ice age mods with these animal designs.

  15. GibbsX says:

    Nice addon but it has so much unused potential like maybe a new weather event when in snowy and ice biomes and alot more mobs

  16. garrette says:

    New download link please. It’s blocked for me

  17. Equinox the Protogen says:


  18. RandomGamerGirl says:


  19. DevastatorX5 says:

    When are the other animals like the Megaloceros and Argy coming in?

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