Yeah I don’t know why now I am interested in weapons these days 😂

Today I bring you the most powerful weapon in MCBE: Chaos SICKLE.

It is a 3D weapon lol

Chaos Ore

It will spawn naturally. You can get chaos spar by digging it.

After get chaos spar, you can craft chaos blade.

And you can also craft chaos handle.

After get chaos blade and chaos handle, than you can craft chaos sickle.

After get chaos sickle, there will be some speical particles around you.


Chaos SICKLE is the most powerful weapon in MCBE ever. You can attack mob in 3 ways.

1. Sweeping edge

That’s the cummon melee attack of chaos sickle.

Damage: 4000000

2. Chaos bomb

That’s the ranged attack of chaos sickle. You can use this skill by long pressing the screen in sneak mode ( On PC, press shift and right click to use ‘Chaos bomb’ )

Damage: 3000000


The clutch shot of chaos sickle. When the CD of chaos skill end, you can use it by long press on the screen (On PC, right click.)

Then you will summon a big black hole and it will absord all mobs near.

Damage: Infinity

I have to say this weapon is the most powerful weapon in MCBE.

You won’t die anymore with this sickle.

This addon’s creator is 安瑞CN and me. Thx a lot to 安瑞CN with a lot of code help!

Some words to my fans:

So, yeah, guys.
Thx for supporting and waiting me for these days.
And I am back MCPEDL.

Thank you! Thank you all!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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78 Responses

4.71 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Guest-3680566187 says:

    it adds everything except for the chaos spar ore can you please fix it because i really want the chaos spar ore thank you

  2. The Cheminex Mc says:

    Please make a Ben 10 add-on which you can transform to ben10’s aliens

  3. Guest-1299967217 says:

    This mod is great but I keep crashing when I use the bomb or the lightning move please fix it , but the add-on is best I just want you to fix that my MCPE version

  4. Guest-4004473301 says:

    Can you fix the addon because there are warnings on the addon on 1.14 please fix this

  5. Guest-9479646359 says:

    Wait can this addon be helpful killing the wither storm final stage on ur wither storm addon?????

  6. Guest-2329168664 says:

    hi man can you tell my why when i create my world and active your addon why NOTHING is Added ? there is no sickle and ores why ????? or mabye im the unleckiest person in the universe ???and the behavior says there is warnings can u help me please please !

  7. Guest-6342283401 says:

    Can u update the mod cause mine is not working

  8. Guest-3520969528 says:

    Sorry, but, im trying to modify the weapon texture


  9. Guest-5895993589 says:

    You are awesome i love all of your addons

  10. Guest-7217911962 says:

    Is there a way for you to put quirks (from my hero academia) in Minecraft

  11. Guest-1449435016 says:

    I’m a Chinese player.

  12. Guest-9469878478 says:

    Can you help me get an artifact with a small wooden sword appearance?

  13. Guest-1034749815 says:

    heya i’m just here to say you are the cools Addons Maker i ever see

  14. DTechGamer says:

    Can I make a video showcase of this addon? I’ll make sure it have credits.

  15. GamerBroklyn says:

    How about delete your particles ERROR

  16. Guest-7813699056 says:

    How about delete your particles ERROR

  17. Guest-3324676479 says:

    Hi hi heyoo , Sherry here!
    Uhm you probably don’t know me and never will but may I offer a suggestion? Can this be a wee bit bigger? I have no issues with the sickle , it looks pretty “sick”le (ayyyy , comedy award please) , but it’d be nice if we had maybe more than one weapon? Your addon really mimics the intuitiveness and uniqueness of mods and the fact that this is just an addon makes it more easily accessible . It has so much potential and adding maybe four more items into the mix wouldn’t hurt? Hope you’re doing well , stay safe !

  18. Guest-7622625296 says:

    I have a question…….

    When you update the JJBA addon?

  19. Guest-8312873304 says:

    skills dont work and i do more dmg with diamond sword it only looks cool

  20. Mainthedevil says:

    Good addon but this ant the most powerfull thing ive seen that title goes to the fist of supremacy

  21. Guest-5788482538 says:

    Not working for me

  22. Guest-5171580001 says:

    This is so cool, btw are you gonna update the Jojo addon? Just saw you uploaded last may so I was curious if you’re really back

  23. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool ♥️♥️

  24. Guest-6220147576 says:

    I try it work

  25. Anonymous says:

    The Addon doesn’t work on 1.14.60

    Nothing appear even with /function

  26. Guest-7805196005 says:

    Can you make a modpack composed of all your addons?
    That would be very much appreciated 🙂

    • Izer_Kun09 says:

      Edit: Forgot to give this addon a great five star uwu
      Keep up the great work!
      Same guy btw
      I love your works so much!

  27. Guest-9644466619 says:

    I reaquest the sword of cosmos and armor of it for the next addon by the way I realy like your addons

  28. Guest-1147010845 says:

    What chaos skill always crash the ravager can survive

  29. Guest-7215643689 says:

    Please add a weapon with a dashing ability.

  30. I can’t find the ore

  31. Liam TDP says:

    Hello I realy like the addon looks cool andamazing but the command block cant be crafted in survival maybe add a crafting recipie for the command block becouse you can only get it in creative

  32. Guest-6744588258 says:

    HEY! I’m on mobile and I can’t use this bc I don’t have FLASH and I use another website and I can use other addon pls fix dis

  33. Guest-6256809484 says:

    it said ” cant use the addon only 1.13 or lesser version if a higher version you need to format 2″ plss help i want this add-on

  34. Guest-3824722348 says:

    Why when I download mods that includes ores or blocks it doesn’t work

  35. Guest-7103200718 says:

    How do you use this? Do you have to be on MCBE or can it work for MCPE too? I’m having difficulties finding the ore and finding the items.

  36. Guest-7997049404 says:

    Hello, I want to make a complement of bone armor, but I want to make it 3D, I want to know how you programmed it and made the textures

  37. Guest-9057094704 says:

    It doesn’t work it doesn’t show up do I need experimental or not and I do /give @s chaos sythe and it doesent show up

  38. Guest-7033245996 says:

    im glad your back bud i bet red boy will steal it i just wanna let ya know that you have supporters like me i downloaded almost all of your mods when i heard you wuit making mods i was sad but your back and thats all that matters

  39. Guest-6118033390 says:

    Man,all of your addons are perfect, amazing!
    Why don’t you make an addon of avengers?

  40. -TGHQ- says:

    Chaos SICKLE is the most powerful weapon in “MCBE” ever. 😂

  41. Guest-2338168825 says:

    Really cool! Dude!

  42. Guest-3550845485 says:

    Are u a boy are a girl

  43. Guest-5288680134 says:

    Im glad u are back 😁

  44. Hey there, 鸥吃鱼 … I love your comment on my Reinforced GregTech Addon, but can you please create the Azur Lane Addon soon? I’m not actually forcing you to do that, it’s just needed for my compatible Reinforced GregTech Addon. I want that desperately with your own ideas! Also, you may post this over to Chinese Minecraft if you like. 😘😘

  45. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Umm how do u get the command block in survival?
    But still, this is an awesome addon

  46. Guest-8344765126 says:

    I have a problem at finding the ore, what should i do to find it?

  47. Bigoke GD says:

    Cool weapon 🙂

    And the Chara skin

  48. blood eye says:

    eyy im first btw welcome back is this compatible on low end devices?

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