Characters Mod

Imagine Psy in Minecraft, or why not Iron Man? Through this mod you can fill your world with awesome artists, superheroes, video games character and many more. It’s even possible to request your own characters through a simple command in-game.


  • /characters – gives you a bunch of Steve heads which you can use to spawn the characters
  • #(character’s name) – spawns a cow with the name given

Spawner Item IDs

  • 497 – Slenderman
  • 498 – Goku
  • 499 – Ezio Auditore
  • 500 – PsychosistX
  • 501 – Justin Bieber
  • 502 – Finn the Human
  • 503 – Psy
  • 504 – Iron Man
  • 505 – Mario
  • 506 – Deadpool
  • 507 – SkytheKidRS
  • 508 – Ash Ketchum
  • 509 – Thor
  • 510 – Eminem
  • 511 – JackFrostMiner

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod in the bottom of this page.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file
  3. Open the folder
  4. Open a folder called Mob Textures and in there is the skins
  5. Copy and paste all the skins to /Android/data/
  6. Use BlockLauncher to import the mod

Creator: PsyXXXScreenShot018 ScreenShot019download

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14 Responses

4 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Firewolfxl5MCPE says:

    Can you add “Izuku Midoriya”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t download this my anti virus app said it has a warning

  3. Kittybubbles64 says:

    It is’nt an addon, its a mod-meaning you need blocklauncher to install it. 😉

  4. Annoymus says:

    Can you make the download option for .mcworld and .zip? I can never download .zip to my minecraft for whatever reason and I really wish to try this addon!

  5. Killetgamer says:

    It did not work

  6. Radish says:

    Does this mod work on 0.14.x? If not, give me a link of the mod: Comes Alive Mod

  7. loop says:

    how do you download it

  8. loop says:

    um does it work for 1.7.10

  9. Ollie says:

    How do u summon them?

  10. Eduardo says:

    What command can use to summon a charact?

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