Château Castle [Creation]

Château Castle is an ancient and medieval castle with a high and beautiful wall surrounding the inside which consists of a church, a townhall and a couple of homes. The build is settled in a beautiful forest terrain with a river surrounding the most part of the castle to create an extra obstacle to cross for possible intruders.

The castle might feel a little bit empty but think of it instead as a possibility for you to personalize it to have your own things to build on top of it.

Creator: Misterlo

chateaucastle5 chateaucastle4 chateaucastle3 chateaucastle2 chateaucastle1


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  1. Oussama cherani says:

    Here is another working link:
    Wpur welcome 😉
    Follow me on Instagram: @ocherani1

  2. bla bla says:

    error 404 plz fix this :p

  3. kassie says:

    How do you download something if somsthing donset lets you?

  4. PLEASE says:

    can u atleast put a .mcworld pls

  5. Riley says:

    whenever i click download it shows an error on dropbox please fix this!

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