Published on April 22, 2022

Cherry Leaves

Tired of a monotony in all the leaves of trees that you see? Well this texture is for you; changing the color of the birch leaves to make them look more similar to a cherry tree and adding that detail that makes your Minecraft look much better



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me gastaría que la textura del item también séa rosa
I need help. The cherry leaves look awful, like it has bad graphics. It stays the same if I activate fancy graphics. I don't have any other resource pack on.
Hello, I am very sorry about the problem, but I am sorry to inform you that I have tried it right now on Android and Windows 10 and it works fine, delete it, download it again, check that you are not in the beta version of Minecraft, or try to update the game, I'm sorry to tell you that's the only thing I can tell you
I was just looking for some sakura texture pack for the birch tree. Awesome!