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Published on February 16, 2015 (Updated on February 16, 2015)

Chicken World

Chicken World is a mod which adds six chickens to the game which will spawn randomly in your world. All of the chickens are peaceful creatures which want no harm to you as long you act friendly toward them. But if you do try to attack and kill them each of the chickens will react differently and drop different things.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

What does each chicken do?

Even if every new chicken have the same shape as any other chicken they still got their own unique genes which give them special abilities.

Explosive Chick

If you got the nerves to kill an Explosive Chick it will create an explosion at the spot where it dies. But it's not all for nothing as it will drop a TNT block!

Fire Chicken

The Fire Chicken got an automatic shield protection which means everytime you hit it the chicken will set you on fire for a bit and make you lose one half of a heart. When you kill it the chicken will drop one fire block.

Wood Chuck

The best way to kill a Wood Chuck is to attack it with an axe. It's because whenever you hit it the chicken will spawn a large chunk of wood block on top of you and sometimes you'll be stuck and have to cut your way through it. If you kill it you will get an emerald.

Ice Chicken

The Ice Chicken is a slippery chicken to kill as everytime you hit it the chicken will spawn water where you are standing. Once you've killed it the chicken will drop a water block.

Dark Chicken

This chicken looks the most evil of them all. It got red eyes and just looks generally creepy. When you kill it the day will be turn to night. The things it will drop though is pretty decent - obsidian!

Lucky Chicken

The Lucky Chicken is similar to what the Lucky Blocks mod does. It's a one shot kill and it will drop a random item.

Item IDs

  • Fire Chicken (505)
  • Ice Chicken (506)
  • Wood Chuck (507)
  • Explosive Chick (508)
  • Lucky Chicken (510)
  • Dark Chicken (511)

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error 404 no 1 download its too old
Does this mod work?
Sorry just a glitch of my name it's mr_creative
Cool I've tried it
My dropbox says error 425.
Can I download it on a apple ipad3?
No, this mod works only for Android currently.
How do I install the mod
Here is a guide:
I'm on android, whenever I load up a mod that adds in new mobs like this, they're just all black with no real skin. Also when I kill an Ice Chicken, the water glitches everywhere and doesn't go away, even with buckets.
Do you have an internet connection while running the mod? It's needed for this particular mod.