Chill PvP – Update Freeze

This resource pack is a very Vanilla-like pack for PvP in Minecraft. I redesigned a lot of the textures with the intent to keep them still feel like Minecraft but adding a more unique style. I made this because I felt like there was a lot missing about other texture packs aimed around PvP and most didn’t resemble Vanilla.

U*Now avalible for Java Edition

These are all the textures in this pack (If I didn’t forget about them).





Outlined Uniform Ores:





Bow drawback-

Block breaking-

This pack in Action!

Please do not steal any of these textures. I spent a long time making them.

If you want to use this in a video on YouTube please send a link to this McpeDl page and mention me in the video.

I hope you enjoy!

Now compatible with Dark Mode by Offroaders123!

Recommended use (In order of how it should be enabled):


RGB XP bar

Dark Mode

Chat Bg Remover

If you have any suggestions or questions please put them in the comments! 

Thank you for all of the suggestions. They help improve this texture pack loads.

Changelog View more

v. 2.0

Added uniform, outlined ores. 

Changed the crosshair

Changed Hearts

Added lower fire

v 1.3 This is a small update, I made the pack more lightweight and added Java.


Added support for Dark Mode

Added lava, water, and nether portal textures

Added Netherite armor item textures

Tweaked wool textures

Changed breaking animation

Added Java explosion particles


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100



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25 Responses

4.67 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Michelle Oakes says:

    ngl i was going to ask if you could make a java edition version of the pack then you did beforei could ask but its missing alot of textures the armour isnt textured right, same for the glass , half of the tools textures are not there , the ores are not outlined , and thats it . I just wanna say i really love this pack since i switched to java i have misssed this pack its the first texture pack i ever used i always use default mc textures and i just wanted to see if it could be fixed

    ps: great job with the pack 🙂

  2. ZenxeiiTango says:

    This is very good! Can you just put in the gapples, enchanted and not mcpack because I like them very much. Excuse my kinda bad english

  3. can i use the hotbar on my pvp pack i will credit you

  4. ThunderRules says:

    Love this pack

  5. Goodfxgth says:

    Nice PVP pack, keep this on update

    ”sorry bad english”

  6. NotTasK1ng says:

    plz put an outline in the ore

  7. FireboyPE2921 says:

    can you fix the lag server? plz 🙂

  8. NotTasK1ng says:

    Hey i love this pack but can you make so the or is outlined. And again nice pack.

  9. TFlex says:

    Can you puta an option for show movement buttons?

  10. Perxeus says:

    Great Pack!?

  11. Theblueman500 says:

    Can i use the glass textures?

    I will give credits

    Wait it’s all comment

    Always has been

  12. Goldenassasin says:

    Hmm I really like the texture pack but I have one question does the pane glass the same as the normal glass?

  13. Nice but add the past out line to the all of th e blocks

  14. GoDucks2017 says:

    The Hive’s gonna copystrike you

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