Chisel for Bedrock Editon 1.12+

The Chisel mod is a very popular decoration mod used frequently on java edition but bedrock edition has not had access to it, until now. That’s right I have figured out a way to bring chisel to bedrock edition and it uses one of the brand new blocks the stone cutter!

On Bedrock we recently got the stone cutter in the game and when using it i noticed its functionality is very similar to the chisel from java edition so I decided to get to work moving it over. This Add-on currently adds 1,857 new blocks to decorate with and there will be many more on the way!

Blocks available to chisel now

  • All wood planks
  • All concrete colors
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Brick
  • Diorite
  • Andesite
  • Granite
  • Chisel Basalt 
  • Nether Update Basalt
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Endstone
  • PurPur
  • Prismarine
  • Glowstone (yes it still gives off light!)
  • Obsidian
  • Lava Cobble
  • Magma Blocks
  • Coal and Charcoal
  • Packed Ice
  • Quartz
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Lapis
  • Dirt
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Honeycomb
  • Red and Yellow Sandstone
  • Redstone
  • Red and Normal NetherBrick
  • Netherrack
  • Terracotta (Just the basic block no colors)
  • Factory Block
  • Laboratory Block
  • Paper Block
  • Warped and Crimson Planks

For coal and charcoal use Coal block.

Nether Update

Until the Nether Update releases officially make the Warped and Crimson planks with Netherrack and the Nether Basalt with normal Chisel Basalt.

New Blocks!

Directly from the PC mod Marble, Basalt, and Limestone have arrived. These new decorative blocks have natural generation in your world! Limestone is located underground in swamps, Marble is located in extreme hills, and Basalt is Y level 20 and below anywhere. Don’t worry though if you already have a generated world they also come with crafting recipes!




Lava Cobble

Lava cobble is obtainable by crafting cobblestone surrounding a bucket of lava.




New Connected Texture Variants

New variant blocks allow for connected textures for blocks already in chisel. Blocks with light blue name have variants!

Current blocks with Connected Texture Variants

  • Laboratory
  • Factory
  • Andesite
  • Granite
  • Diorite
  • Basalt
  • Bricks
  • Cobblestone
  • Stone

To craft simply place Chisel block back in stone cutter and variants will pop up if it has any!


Crafting is super simple as well! Simply take one of the blocks that is currently implemented and just put it in the stone cutter. All the blocks it can craft will be displayed for you to choose!

Then to craft back into base material place the chiseled block back in the stone cutter!


Thank you to the original mod creator AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN for creating such a wonderful mod and thank you to tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr, and to everyone else who has been involved in the original mod in any way. These textures are not my own I simply used them from the original mod Chisel and brought them over so bedrock users could experience them as well. 

Some other textures are from the Painterly Pack created by Rhodox and Friends. A link to the Painterly pack follows if you would like to check them out.

If you like what I make consider following me on twitter at  Twitter is the easiest way to contact me about bugs and to stay up to date on what i’m working on. Thanks and i hope you all enjoy!

If showcasing please use link for this mcpedl page do not use your own link. Also if used in any projects must give credit to original Devs from Java edition and the creator of the Painterly Pack. Thanks

Changelog View more


  • Added support for 1.16. When updating your world to new version make a backup of your world to avoid losing builds.
  • Added new Connected Texture Variant blocks.
  • Blocks that have variants are indicated with a light blue name instead of white.

If any bugs are found please dm me on twitter! Also a known bug currently is Basalt, Marble, and limestone are currently not generating in overworld so to obtain those you will need to use the crafting recipe for them.

Updated link to direct mediafire. Now easier than ever to download.

Nether Update! 120 New blocks!

  • 3 New block types Including Warped Planks, Crimson Planks, and basalt from the upcoming Minecraft Nether Update.
  • Netherbrick and Red Netherbrick have 28 new blocks each
  • Obsidian has 3 cool new blocks no picture on this page Go find out in game!

Note: Custom blocks, from what I understand, are bugged if you are in the beta 1.15 and may not work correctly. Should work fine otherwise, If you find a bug and you are not in beta let me know. 

Added 347 New blocks

New blocks include

  • Red and Yellow Sandstone
  • Redstone
  • Nether brick
  • Netherrack
  • Terracotta (just base block not the colors)
  • Paper
  • Factory
  • Laboratory

New Variant blocks!

Try out brand new connected texture variant blocks for Factory and Laboratory blocks! Recipe up above.

Changed Recipe of Honeycomb Blocks to now use Honeycomb instead of Slime blocks.

Had to change download link back to as linkvertise has over complicated download process.

Changed download link from adfly to test out another. Message me on my twitter to let me know what you all think and if this link is better.

Updated Manifest.json file to hopefully prevent crashes in 1.13.

If you still crash message me at my twitter linked under credits on this page.

Removed old links from before 1.13 update.

Added 109 New blocks

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Lapis
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Dirt
  • Honeycomb (Crafts with slimeblocks for now so non beta users have access!)

Added 132 new blocks

  • Charcoal and coal (use coal block for both)
  • Packed ice
  • Quartz

Added 57 new blocks

  • Magma block
  • Lava Cobble

Both have animated lava textures

Added ability to craft chiseled blocks back into base material. Shout-out to @Sopresh64 on twitter for making the possible a lot sooner!Β 

Added new link for most recent version for console users

  • Updated all blocks to break faster
  • Updated name of download button

Console users as a console user myself I will do some testing and try to get a download for you all.

144 New blocks!

  • Endstone
  • PurPur
  • Prismarine
  • Glowstone(Yes it still glows!)
  • Obsidian

updated link

144 New blocks!

  • Endstone
  • PurPur
  • Prismarine
  • Glowstone(Yes it still glows!)
  • Obsidian

248 new blocks added making the total 942 blocks!

Added Blocks

  • Basalt
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Andesite
  • Granite
  • Diorite
  • Brick

New Ore generation for Limestone, Marble, and Basalt.Β 

Changed how link works

New blocks will be coming soon guys! Look for them in the next couple of days!

Added that experimental game play needs to be on at bottom of post


  • Click download and you'll be taken to mediafire.
  • Have fun!


Supported Minecraft versions


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392 Responses

4.35 / 5 (186 votes)
  1. TSplatscraft says:

    Add a function that gives you chests with all the blocks from addon 1 chest 1 block category it is good by the way

  2. Nether update released OFFICIALLY like one or two months ago

  3. Finding a cool mods says:

    plsss add a stairs chiseled if you add a stair this is the best mod ever for may openyon

    bay tha way good work

  4. loven0110 says:

    In version 1.16.2, can I get some add-ons when the full version comes out? As the Microsoft team changes the structure of the add-on to version 1.16.2, we ask for a quick patch at the time of the official release of 1.16.2.

  5. Mainthedevil says:

    can u please ad blackstone

  6. Hi Rivers717! I am Working on a Minecraft Bedrock Mod Pack And Were Wondering if you would allow me to use this addon for it. I would Give Credit to all the original mod Creators as well as you in a custom UI Element.
    Thanks! Hatchibombotar

  7. Richard0182 says:

    It is a very good addon but it doesn’t work in version 1.16.1, could you fix that?

  8. Guest-6697428301 says:

    Oml! Thank you so much, I hate how bedrock doesn’t have some of the awesome mods that java has.. having this on bedrock is super cool since I’ve gotten so sick of the normal looks of items but I don’t want a resource pack because it changes everything which I don’t like.. Anyways! I really hope this works for me and even if it doesn’t work rn I still think that this is super cool!!

  9. Capablesky36 says:

    i need the addon as a zip for my server

  10. maincra says:

    Only i need one thing: chisels pls

  11. Guest-4756344646 says:

    hello there is a problem zombies appear as cubes or small blocks if you can fix it please thank you very much for your attention

  12. Guest-5854211202 says:

    Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that it’s a straight to mediafire link rather than a adfly or linkvertise link. I

  13. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    Broken, I add the MCPACK to Minecraft and it gets imported but it doesn’t show up as a Texture or Behaviour pack. I cant remove it. Broken

  14. maincra says:

    Can you make stairs and slabs of the blocks of the addon?

  15. Guest-1272628219 says:

    Its amazing

  16. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this in my modpack?

  17. maincra says:

    Only for blocks that you can’t get un the inventory

  18. maincra says:

    Sorry i speak spanish and sometimes the corrector changes the words, when i put hoy, i want to say you.

  19. maincra says:

    This is for the people that don’t know to have the blocks, all that you need its put the command: / give @s chisel: and the block hoy want. And when you get the block, you can use in the stonecutter.

  20. ZukeGG says:

    this Expert level if you want i will advertise and review it on my channel

  21. Guest-9611711717 says:

    Amazing mod, just it doesn’t work with quart. And it’s annoying because it won’t show up in the creative box to find. I need to craft it, and I can’t always have this tab open.

  22. Guest-3283223839 says:

    hi, the add-on is mcopatible with ps4?

  23. Mix_Tube17 says:

    Andesite, diorite and granite don’t work, but anyways, amazing addon

  24. joe847802 says:

    works great and also works on realms. But one thing, is it possible to make them have the same mining as other blocks? Like stone needing a pickaxe since it feels weird mining these blocks with just your fist, Anyway to implement that like the regular blocks?

  25. Guest-4355758239 says:

    Can you add a version for 1.14?

  26. Guest-3873563828 says:

    !!!!!! i liked when they show in the creative inventory !!!!!

  27. Guest-3630315244 says:

    Add chisel glass please!!!

  28. Guest-4829275095 says:

    I OVE IT!

  29. Guest-4145382779 says:

    Hey, well done for fixing it so far, i was smart enough to load up a back up before going straight to the actual world. Is the inventory issue on the minecraft side or an error in your code?

  30. Mainthedevil says:

    im sorry about this but i have 2 tell u that the blocks no longer show up in the creative inventory…

  31. Guest-5812522273 says:

    Alguien mΓ‘s le a pasado que cuando lo utilizase en algΓΊn mundo se ve borroso casi todos los bloques?

  32. Guest-2897393844 says:

    If I add this add-on to a world that only has veinminer will my world break or become unplayable also do I need to turn on experimental gameplay

  33. Chungui23 says:

    Custom blocks are not appearing in the creative inventory because it’s a bug that Minecraft needs to fix now.

  34. Guest-1735890316 says:

    i don’t know how you did it but congrats because you are i think the first add-on maker to add a new block to the game in 1.16!

  35. Nap Was Taken says:

    RIP All block addons
    minecraft 1.16 broke block addons, they wont work anymore, the blocks wont load, this has been a problem since the first beta of 1.16

    • PavelDobCZ23 says:

      They just changed documentation, they didn’t remove it or break it.

    • Guest-9391189582 says:

      The layout of the code was changed for blocks so if old versions of the add on were loaded in 1.16 world the game couldn’t recognize that there were blocks. A good rule of thumb to have when using add ons is whenever a new version comes out to make a back up of your world before loading up that way if something goes wrong you don’t lose anything. The most recent update for Chisel makes all blocks work just fine.

  36. Guest-8159771846 says:

    The blocks still wont show up even with Experimental Gameplay on

  37. maincra says:

    now, if i have a world with the addon, and i put the new version, all the blocks of the addon appears?

  38. Guest-3254128292 says:

    All blocks disapears… 😭 Update toi 1.16 pleaaaase! Thanks

  39. Guest-6934704289 says:

    My survival world is gone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. maincra says:

    I have a world with this addon but with the 1.16, all the blocks of the addon disapear (sorry of my bad english)

  41. joe847802 says:

    works on realms?

  42. SettingThingsRight says:

    THANK YOU so awesome!

  43. Mainthedevil says:

    are u gona add blackstone?

  44. Guest-3432133383 says:

    This addon is great for more building and details on them.

  45. maincra says:

    sorry for my english

  46. Guest-6690498752 says:

    Can you make can eddit the stairs and the slabs pls.? Magnific addon πŸ˜ƒ

  47. Guest-8032558163 says:

    So, this is a great addon, and I really like it, but whenever I try to input a command in chat it crashes the game? Any idea?

    • Guest-1238460216 says:

      I Think I Know How To Solve That! LOLOL IM NOT OWNER BUT IT HAPPEND TO ME!
      Turn Off Keep Inventory And Turn On Always Day, That Is What Fixed Mine!

  48. Guest-2879994106 says:

    this is actually amazingly well done, it adds loads of stuff and it really has that “modpack” feel to it. I highly recommend getting this! 10/10

  49. Guest-2246683080 says:

    In there any chances that you will be adding coloured planks? Or coloured bricks? Cause that would be cool.

  50. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Great addon!
    Maybe add brick (and circular, chiseled, etc.) variants for gold, diamond, emerald, etc.
    Quick question: Is it okay if I port this over to the Java Edition directly along with my soon-to-come mod?

  51. Guest-1964077802 says:

    Update to new block format in 1.16

    • Guest-7026882333 says:

      Hey! If you are on IOS you can download an app called Mcpe Addons. After you download the ZIP from media fire you can select open in Mcpe addons and can easily download it from there πŸ™‚ I am stupid and it worked for me!

  52. Guest-4743180486 says:

    How do you download older versions?

  53. Guest-5734133327 says:

    This is not working in 1.16,please Fix It !!!!!!!!!

  54. Guest-7950279977 says:

    Yo fam, is this gonna be made for use on realms soon

  55. Guest-5128776032 says:

    do you read the comments cuz its seems not to work can u plz fix it

  56. Guest-8616975683 says:

    Why in 1.16 beta isn’t work?

  57. Guest-5936266673 says:

    Por favor aΓ±ade los cristales

  58. Guest-4031655197 says:

    can you add the crystals in the next update please

  59. Guest-1209487749 says:

    It doesn’t work it says the zip is invalid plz fix I really want this mod

  60. Guest-4134504296 says:


  61. Guest-6948962904 says:

    is this working now on 1.14

  62. Guest-4641709376 says:

    Whenever I try to install, it tells me it’s not a valid ZIP archive

  63. Guest-7596584915 says:

    Can you fix the download link?
    The blocks don’t show up in the creative inventory, you have to stonecut the blocks yourself

  64. Guest-2715692233 says:

    Pls fix it for 1.16 beta

    • Guest-8390964315 says:

      I tried for 4 hours to get this working on my XBOX 1 S but it just wouldn’t work. Experimental gameplay is on and the files are in the right place, I don’t know what to do please help me

  65. Guest-4621063658 says:

    Some of the blocks seem to have a very weak durability.

  66. Guest-3601488781 says:

    Missing dependency with ID ‘dc128271-82a2-4b1f-811d-439cceb2dab1’ and version ‘1.1.3’.

    I keep getting this error and i don’t now what it means

    • Guest-4093443985 says:

      This is the Creator Rivers177 had trouble logging in. This Simply means you are missing the texture pack for the add-on. That long ID is the texture packs unique id number. One thing i can recommend is either making sure the correct texture pack version is installed or try reinstalling the add-on altogether.

    • Guest-7144652662 says:

      Try enabling experimental mode and activating both the resource and behavior pack when you create the world.

  67. Guest-7225823473 says:

    The Radeon doesn’t work, I can install, bug in game nothing changes

  68. 1.15 bug fixed in last 1.15 beta. We are now in 1.16 beta.

  69. Guest-2223499616 says:

    The new obsidian blocks, the portal ones, don’t really match the coloring of the other obsidian at all. It’s very annoying because other than that they look incredible.

  70. Hey, can you please give a direct link to mediafire? Linkvertise just doesnt want to let me get to the mediafire page, i waited 5 minutes when i got a white screen, the address said and i couldn’t see the rest.

  71. Guest-4374422440 says:

    It would be asome if It worked without experimental Gameplay, ti play It on realms

  72. Guest-4077603240 says:

    the only thing that works is cobblestone

  73. Anonymous says:

    i made a stronghold look more endlike with this addon and it looks great ima see if i can upload the file onto the site so you can see how great it looks

  74. Guest-6611758348 says:

    The addon itself is really good, but the link is hella not! Even with my understanding of virus avoidance and multiple extensions blocking toxic content, the link given presents me with a page that downloads a .exe file(clearly not a .mcpack, .mcaddon, or .zip file!) and has no obvious way of waiting for the real download.

    I would love to say the updated version of the addon is great, but given that the link gives me a .exe file I’m not exactly rushing to check it out.

  75. Guest-3086138809 says:

    How to downland?

  76. Guest-5756433049 says:

    Amazing addon! It is one of my favorites.

  77. Guest-2745733305 says:

    Me encantarΓ­a que el cristal tambiΓ©n se pueda modificar

  78. Guest-5067808951 says:

    Hello you can add the Fantasy Block and the Crying Obsidian from Nether Update

  79. Guest-9234823800 says:

    I love this addon, but there is one problem, i cant craft the Laboratory and Factory blocks, i tried but nothing showed, i tried to find it in creative mode, couldnt find it, im on 1.14.30

  80. Guest-3385152346 says:

    Yo. I have used this addon for a bit now. Its really awesome. But here’s the thing…
    There are no stair or slab variants.
    If it is at all possible, please make a stair and slab variant.

  81. Guest-6891746822 says:

    can you make it work on realms

  82. spammy says:

    1 , 8 5 7 B L O C K S

  83. I found the 1.15 fix! Please add this as a separate link though, as it won’t appear in the creative inventory with this fix. The blocks will work again with /give and I believe the stonecutter too if you remove the following line:

    “register_to_creative_menu”: true,

  84. Guys, remember, read the supported versions! The addon will have bugs or not even work if you’re not in the correct version.

  85. Guest-8742344178 says:

    Hi, I am having an issue. I used this a few days ago and it was working fine, but when I went to use it tonight the UI broke. Instead of getting block variants when I open the stonecutter, i get a huge list of normal blocks each with a ton of duplicates. Also if I click on a block, it shows up where the new should be and when you click it, it gives it to you even if the block is not in my inventory. I am in beta 1.15.50 or 51 by the way. Can’t remember offhand lol

  86. Guest-3830579911 says:

    Can u add this to the app addons for iOS please! It looks great and the reviews are awesome but it won’t download correctly. It says it has an invalid zip code and it won’t show up in Minecraft. But when I use the app addons it always works. So if u could, put this mod on addons bc I really want to try it out :c

  87. Best. Addon. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. User-3838217879 says:

    Hi i have an ideaa new aspects for the carpet

  89. User-5231328294 says:

    hola tengola idea de que pongas los aspectos a las alfombras

  90. User-1853100088 says:

    Can you add this more books for library plz

  91. User-2171178951 says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, it’s probably my device. It’s such a disappointment because I was so looking forward to seeing it and using the new blocks.

  92. User-5265787308 says:

    Excelente complemento, pero los bloques cincelados se rompen con la mano y si tienes un pico de eficiencia V pica a la misma velocidad que con la mano lo puedes arreglar?

  93. User-7807820312 says:

    can you add different faces of pumpkin and jack o lantern
    that would be great

  94. Mainthedevil says:

    the packed ice wont show up

  95. Mr. Stake says:

    I love this add-on; it’s one of the best I’ve used, but in the current update (1.1.2), I cannot craft laboratory blocks, nor the connected variants of them. I’m not exactly sure where I would report bugs, so I figured that this would be my best choice. I either way this add-on and thank you for making it!

  96. AntiAds says:

    I clicked the link and even the page itself warns that the shortener links have malicious ads, please remove them and put a direct link

  97. ReyRex233 says:

    you could add the crystal to have more variety?

  98. Anthony12 says:

    Por favor alguien que me pueda aclarar la duda que tengo; pasa algo si directamente actualizo este addon, no se pierden las construcciones que tenΓ­a hechas?, se mantiene todo bien?, Gracias.

  99. Anonymous says:

    lo amo ,eres el puto amo amigo

  100. robert thomas says:

    Adfly link is not working the problem is there is no “wait 5 seconds” button so could you give us a direct mediafire link?

  101. cookie says:

    It is very good addon ,You are so good.

  102. cAptive says:

    You can add the Fantasy Block

  103. cAptive says:

    You can make the French translation

  104. cAptive says:

    Yes thΓ© Factory Block, but why use Slime Block for the Honeycomb, is just possible to use n honeycomb block

  105. Dj says:

    I’m glad you updated this I will try the new update later on so thxs for making the update and if the blocks are easy to break then I would change that if I was you because some blocks should be hard to break mostly iron, obsidian and many more stuff.

  106. Perro mexicano says:

    el complemento estΓ‘ increΓ­ble pero faltan bloques me gustarΓ­a que estos bloque tambiΓ©n se puedan cambiar el tronco,el tronco sin cortesa ,las librerΓ­as ,el cristal y los ladrillos

  107. Anti Ads says:

    Amazing addon but can you put a version without ads?

  108. Pley Battn says:

    Please update the mod πŸ™ It’s one of my favorite mods

  109. Anonymous says:

    when will it leave for 1.14.x

  110. Demonio says:

    El mod esta muy bien, me gusto pero puedes hacer que el marmol y los otros bloques que agregaste salgan ya directamente en las cuevas minas o debajo el suelo

  111. Neji2004 says:

    There is a problem with the mod and it is that too many blocks of stone wall (or something like that) are generated everywhere, and it is quite difficult to remove it (I think with a diamond spike just can) if they could fix it, it would be great

  112. cAptive says:

    Hello, Chisel Bedrock is incredible, but it’s posible to add the French language of all block of the addon

  113. Neji2004 says:

    It would be good if in a future update they could make the blocks be categorized as it is with wood, fences, doors, etc.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a .zip file please

  115. Steph says:

    Mr you said we sent you a message on Twitter but I don’t have Twitter so please read and answer me … I would like you to add the melon and watermelon block of marine light, more designs for the diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, gold, iron, for ice, Honeycomb, for glowstone, for quartz, obsidianalso, that you will add more designs for the planks
    too I also want you to add the sponge, the bedrock (if only in creative), the soulsand
    , also add the bricks of the Nether, the sand and the red sand, the sand of the Nether, the glass, the redstone block, the snow, I also want you to add more types of stones, (something like Limestone), add more colors to the wood and more designs for all the blocks that are already there and that I mentioned and I don’t know … Use your imagination much more, I am what I have in mind for now
    PDT: I’m sorry if you don’t understand much, I am using a translator, greetings from πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ :b

  116. Steph says:

    Mr you said we sent you a message on Twitter but I don’t have Twitter so please read and answer me … I would like you to add the melon and watermelon block of marine light, more designs for the diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, gold, iron, for ice, Honeycomb, for luminous stone, for quartz, obsidian, too I also want you to add the sponge, the bedrock (if only in creative), the arena of souls,

  117. Ellppppp says:

    Buenas! A la hora de instalarlo todo bien pero al intentar abrir en minecraft me da error y si lo pongo modo ZIP no me deja compartir en minecraft, me podrΓ­as mandar otro link especΓ­ficamente para iOS? Gracias! VersiΓ³n 1.12.2 ios 13.2

  118. Angel CL says:

    Is there any way you can activate the mod without activating the tricks

  119. Angel CL says:

    Hay alguna manera de que puedas activar el mod sin que se activen los trucos?

  120. Dawson says:

    Pless make this available for 1.14 beta version. This addon can be VERY UESFULL for my zombie game however if you cant make it available for 1.14 beta then you might be able to make it available for 1.15 beta when it comes out. I hope so because this can be for my zombie game. Some of the wood texture can be ues as reinforce wood. If you could make a zombie survival game map then that would be great. But if you do that then make it available for beta 1.14+. You dont have to by the way

  121. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Wow man amazing work! Though the addon isn’t perfect (I mean, let’s be honest, what is perfect on Bedrock Edition?!), it is a very fun one and very useful for building. I would like it if you wanted to join my team making a survival modpack. Would be a massive honour. Hope you see this 😁

  122. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Very cool πŸ’™
    Can you add (pumpkin & melon)

  123. Rivers177 says:

    Just a heads up everyone that I do not come to this page very often so the best way to reach me about problems and bugs is my Twitter linked up above. Thanks.

  124. Fix the liiiiiiiiink says:

    Adlywill not load. I have tried everything (and I actually mean EVERYTHING) that I could find online and it still won’t load. I literally cannot use your mod because of this stupid website. Please PLEASE tell me how to fix this or send a mediafire link. I’ve been using the older version of this add on and it finally stopped working for me. This mod is pretty much integral to my worlds. I can’t build without it. Please. Think about the people that literally cannot use your product because of a broken website.

  125. Grug says:

    Adfly literally will not load. It’s stuck on “please wait”. For god’s sake, PLEASE just send a mediafire link. It’s so much more convenient. I understand that money is cool and all, but please think about people who literally cannot use your mod.

  126. Pickstone653 says:

    Can you make so that the light won’t pass through them las if they’re transparent block? This addons is cool by the way

  127. Mino says:

    the complement is great, but it would be nice if it were the same as the pc, like the connected texture and the chisel object.

    • Rivers177 says:

      Yes i wish Bedrock was capable of connected textures and making items like the Java mod. If that ever becomes possible ill update to incorporate that. Possible thing i could do if enough people want it is make new blocks that could give the connected texture look.

  128. Unterseeboot says:

    Minor bug, light goes through the blocks like they’re glass, is it possible to fix this?
    Other than that it’s amazing

  129. Sackboi says:

    I can’t even get to the download link thanks to the scum called adfly. I’ve seen the mod and its a good mod but surely theres better link to get to it that doesn’t use adfly

  130. Twingearrs says:

    Amazing addon, but since the update, it’s been crashing a specific world of mine. (that I would really like to play on again! D: )
    (The specific way it’s crashing is that it will load the world, then crash once it’s done loading. I also have an iPhone 6, don’t know if that’s relevant or not)
    I did check it with all the other addons from the same world on a *different* world where I didn’t have a previously existing version of chiselcraft on, and it didn’t crash there, then again on a copy of a world where it was already on, and it crashed; so the issue seems to be for when there’s been a past version on the world and it gets updated that way. hope this helps anyone else with the same problem !

    • Rivers177 says:

      I have asked over on my twitter for people to let me know if the mod is still crashing after the latest update. From what i have gathered is older worlds have this issue but creating new worlds don’t for some reason. If i find a fix ill update!

  131. Painfulhail says:

    Hello everyone. I believe it is not this person fault that we can’t play on 1.13. I think it’s minecraft because i did some test and other addons which add modded blocks will crash your game. Only way is to start a new world

  132. Chris says:

    Still not working on 1.13

  133. Dragolosse says:

    On ios 1.13.0 blocks not work and make me crash. (rip my buildings and some of my worlds)

  134. SolidShroom says:

    Ok, this addon is absolutely amazing and is tons of fun to build with, but the only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars is because the stone types and wood types havent been updated to match with the new 1.14 textures. other than that, i love this addon so much. just make newer textures for wood and stone type blocks.

    • Rivers177 says:

      Yes currently all the textures except the honeycomb were created by the original mod authors from the java mod, i am simply bringing those over to work for bedrock. After all the blocks are in however ill look at updating textures.

  135. super reindeer says:

    Incredible addon! I was looking for something that adds lots of new block variants for a Tuscany inspired village I’m working on and this is it! Thank you!

  136. Tobizon 1 says:

    Add chiseled glass, please

  137. Chris says:

    Still doesn’t work for 1.13 :/

  138. Pix says:

    Hello there!!! Amazing mod. Really fun to use for building and creating more detailed structures that scream β€œI’m a replica of what a house would look like in 1600A.D. France!!” Or β€œI’m something that should look like an underwater mermaid’s dreamhouse!!”. And, if I may ask a request, can you please add the Japanese Tatami to the wooden category of chiseled blocks? I know this is a selfish request, but I think it would be a nice addition to the blocks since it would fit the theme, and it would give players the ability to make Japanese themed buildings and perhaps maps as well. You don’t have to do it if it’ll be too much of a bother. Still, amazing work and thank you for porting this to Bedrock!! Instant five stars from me.

  139. Hi I'm steve says:

    Please make a version where it is the honey block for beta users

  140. Asahel says:

    Actualizen el mod tuve que desactivarlo porque el mundo no me abria

  141. Gimlet18 says:

    when will the mod work for the regular 1.13 that just came out

  142. Bithi Sarkar says:

    Add glass as well. That would be very cool.

  143. Bithi Sarkar says:

    Some of the textures are not correct. Please fix those. Otherwise great Addon. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see the bookshelf variants. Make sure to add them in the next update.

  144. Joe Mama 2 says:

    Also I forgot to say that if you are on iOS 13 just download the mcaddon, download a file manager, move the file to the file manager and it will say β€œCannot open in this app” and the options to open it in Minecraft and there you go.

    I hope this helps someone download mods on iOS 13

  145. Joe Mama says:

    Any people wondering how to work it on console just put the file in compress and add it

  146. cAptive says:

    Great but add the futura block and chiseled redstone block

  147. Arya says:

    I never seen dirt this beautiful

    Oh and yes i do like the granite to


  148. Annoymous says:

    Great Addon! I see it is sorta based on the 1.7.10 version textures… very cool indeed. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  149. Tobizon 1 says:

    Add chisel glass please

  150. Luke Zyga says:

    Hey Rivers177 I really hope you see this comment. But I am just wondering what it is you did that makes your mod work on consoles?
    There are some other mods that I am trying to get to work and I’m “okay” with this kind of but I just can’t figure out what I am not doing right or what I am doing wrong.
    It would just be really cool to have like a “modpack” of mods working on console.
    I use PC mainly but I am trying to figure it out for some friends we can all enjoy mods πŸ™‚

  151. Cody says:

    I have tried downloading multiple times but the natural generation doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have a brand new world with experimental play on.

  152. Merancapeman says:

    Any idea how to get this working for online? It consistently crashes my server.

  153. Anonymous says:

    Stop using adfly, it’s so broken.

  154. Arailian says:

    The link from the current version is not working for me. It keeps sending me to new ads but never goes to the actual download. So could you please change the link to a direct download link while I really love this idea for a mod and it would be a big disappointment for me if I was unable to play it

  155. Gtr says:

    Hey can you put slabs of all the blocks thanks

  156. Sama3l says:

    Hey is it possible to add the ability to craft stairs and slabs with the chiseled blocks ? Thanks

  157. Reaper says:

    It does not come out as a .zip on console

  158. Reaper says:

    The file does not come out as a .zip for me on console

  159. Flame says:

    Ice doesn’t work

  160. VinnieChengYT says:

    I Wonder. Can You Also Make Log Varients? And Maybe Stairs?

  161. Guinether says:

    could add doors too. Same as Pc.

  162. Samuray says:

    Sr creador soy de PerΓΊ y el enlace no me funciona por favor me puede mandar el enlace directo a mi cuenta gracias

  163. Anonim says:

    Maybe add Ore Blocks chisel

  164. Sethtony says:

    Test if I can comment

  165. Joshua James says:

    i have installed this mod and created a new creative world, unfortunatley i cannot find the 3 resources anywhere. can you help with this ? Also (in creative) it would be nice if you could organise the new blocks into folders like vanilla blocks.

    • Rivers177 says:

      By 3 resources do you mean basalt, marble, and limestone? If so marble is in extreme hills only should be on surface. Limestone is in swamps. And basalt is anywhere just deep underground around diamond level. Also make sure experimental gameplay is on.

      • Joshua James says:

        Yes ive looked, experimental gameplay has always been on. Another mod which adds ores to the game does state that its having problems having new blocks naturally generate in 1.12 but is fine in 1.13 beta maybe this is the problem.

    • Hallo says:

      I have downloaded it but where to put it like behaviours or what

  166. Thecutepanda130 says:

    Why don’t you add
    -glass (not pane)
    -and a new block (any from chisel mod)

  167. MeninoBendy_Oficial says:

    Please change the site to download. AdFly is not working for me. Try any other site but this one please …. I really love this addon, and seeing that it is always updating makes me happy, so I wanted to download this update to see the new blocks. Thanks for listening.

  168. McCommander4002 says:

    Is it possible at all to add glass to list? Or is the solid block restriction for custom blocks a problem?

  169. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Pleeaaassse add the other blocks from the mod like the factory block that would make this already amazing add-on even BETTER! Keep up the good work!

  170. dzli says:

    that is the best thing ever. loved that soooooooo much. my minecraft building are amazing. thank yaaa

  171. John Wrinkler says:

    The obsidian crate glitches. It makes it look like it’s made of wood.

  172. PatrikYo says:

    Please make blocks of ores! Like redstone block, lapis lazurite blocks…

  173. Anonymous says:

    Add chisel glass

  174. CowchMuphin says:

    Can you add sandstone to the add-on? And red sandstone as well…

  175. Bla bla says:

    When i download the pack with adds it says invalid path yada yada yada i download the console one too and it doesn’t work either please fix this problem it keep saying invaild path selected search for more games on play store

  176. NomicEXE says:

    Is it possible for you to add stair and slab variants for some or possibly all of the new blocks? It might be insane and would be impossible to do, but if it’s possible. Please add other variants for the new blocks, Thank you in advance!

  177. Emeraldkitten says:

    I know that there are quite a bit in this addon, but i see that you are using the textures (mainly) from the chisel mod (from java edition). Also, if you are, then could you next add the others
    which (you may know) are: coal, charcoal, cokecoal, mossy cobblestone, concrete (Regular), terrain diamond, dirt, emerald, factory stone, fluid stone, terrain gold, terracotta,
    packed ice, terrain iron, terrain lapis, magma, netherbrick, quartz, sandstone, red sandstone, void stone and metal (aluminum, bronze, cobalt, copper, electrum, gold, invar,
    iron, lead, nickel, platinum, silver, steel, tin and uranium.

  178. Alex says:

    Great joob but do you add futura block please πŸ™‚

  179. Julie Rinnae says:

    Yeah add a chisel part

  180. Tobizon 1 says:

    Add chisel glass

  181. Blocky Gamer says:

    This is AMAZING you should definitely add different varieties of the sea lantern just like you did the glowstone

  182. Anonymous says:

    Could you add stair and slabs plz

  183. Bithi Sarkar says:

    Also do stair and slab variants of the blocks and new blocks like quartz, coal, iron, gold, diamond and redstone and the different wool colours.

  184. Deasktop says:

    I know that u didn’t directly made this but if there is uptdates of this, will you add it?
    Do you know if they’ll make this for all blocks? Will they do stairs and fence and door variants???

  185. HaydenStars2 says:

    Amazing! Works perfectly, sometimes I crash but besides that it’s great.

  186. ProDragon343 says:

    You Should add the new blocks in the wild!

  187. Elementale Lord says:

    Andesite granite and diorite chiseling doesnt work i have experimental gameplay on and the resource and behavior packs added but when i put andesite in the stone cutter it only give’s me the vannila recipes same with granite and diorite (i think it might be and id thing because when you give your self an endesite block you have to type /give @s stone 1 1 or something similar)

  188. Bithi Sarkar says:

    Please do quartz as well.

  189. Rivers177 says:

    Ok all Console Users soon I’m going to post a date on my twitter that I’m going to try and update this post for 24-48 hours with a direct mediafire link for all of you. Be sure to keep an eye out so you all can get the download! My twitter is linked above at the end of the post.

  190. Zalaxci says:

    When the ability to add new blocks was added in 1.12, I tried to make an addon that adds some new building blocks, but yours is much better. 5/5

  191. Alesscreeper says:

    very nice

  192. xbox user says:

    i could not get this to work for xbox

  193. Rivers177 says:

    Hello all I hear you on the blocks taking too long to break I know how to fix this and will update asap. Also note the link will not work if you are using ad blockers and from what i am reading console users can’t use the links currently either.

    • Hi! says:

      Hello, would you mind making a direct MediaFire link for us console players? And also keeps repeating itself, so when I skip ad, redirects me to again, skip ad, brings me back to and on and on and on… Not sure if this is’s problem or the problem of the link.

    • Ghost says:

      I play on console, and mods are very difficult to download through things like adfly. If you dont mind, a direct mediafire link for consoles to use usually works pretty well. Although I cant play it, it looks really well made. Nice job!

    • Me says:

      Can you make it work with sandstone next?

  194. Clever idea! Don’t know why there are bad ratings, this should be 5/5!

    • Anonymous says:

      @JellyPaladin there are bad ratings because most of the people can’t download with because they’re on Xbox or just doesn’t work.
      And I don’t want to risk using it I know if I accidently click somewhere else it downloads me a virus… SO DON’T USE ADF.LY, USE MEDIA FIRE !

  195. John Wrinkler says:

    You have to make a chisel and bits mod for bedrock that would be so amazing

  196. ToastMaster911 says:

    Media fire link? Links provided are broken

  197. Bora says:

    It doesn’t, even though I click the skip ad button. I’m using Xbox ONE.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way you can break the chiseled block faster once it’s placed? It takes forever to break a block that I have chiseled.

  199. help says:

    not bringing me the download link- please give a direct link to mediafire

  200. The current version of the link says. HiddenLights

  201. Gary says:

    I love the blocks but would it be possible for you to do slabs and stairs as well?

  202. Bixitt says:

    Download doesn’t work

  203. Daedreus says:

    This is a great addon however in survival the breaking of a block takes about 10 seconds even with the blocks respective tool

  204. not telling u says:

    it dosent work! i tried v1.4.0 & im in version 1.12.0 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
    but it looks good!

  205. Brayan pajor says:

    could you add the true durability of block?

  206. teagan thompson says:

    Where Is The link To The New Updated Version?

  207. BladerPro766 says:

    Hello Rivers177 I’m your best fan please make more add-ons about mods that’s from java edition of Minecraft and please try to make *Orespawn* add-on that is a Mod from Java edition it’s a popular Minecraft mod please make add-on of it I hope you read this Rivers177

  208. Turtleloo~ says:

    This is such a great addon! I’m so glad you made this, I can now build way more things with the right blocks! You should make it so you’re able to chisel glass to make it a different texture. Just an Idea -I can’t wait to see the next update!

  209. Paltaz says:

    Sirve para xbox one? It’s working on xbox one?

  210. MrBoom10 says:

    Great Add-on!
    Are you planning on adding slabs and stairs?

  211. Anonymous says:

    Great mod that ACTUALLY works. How do you use the chisel things?

  212. vuulpes says:

    It seems like it could be great but it’s not working for me? The blocks aren’t showing up and the stonecutter won’t cut anything other than usual. I have experimental gameplay on and when I click the check on the mod it says No errors were found.

    • vuulpes says:

      It turns out this has to be used as a behavior pack meaning you can’t get achievements. It’s still a great mod but a bit upset that it’s not entirely survival friendly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course it needs to be a behavior pack, ressource packs can only change the sounds & textures. Behavior packs can change the mobs’ behavior, add blocks etc…
        PS : Can you give me the direct link for the add-on ? I don’t know how tu use and don’t want to risk using it.

      • luigidab says:

        bro that’s the deal with literally every addon inside of Minecraft

  213. YeeterPeter says:

    The link doesn’t work, it leads me to once i click skip, it leads me to another, and then it repeats forever. Please fix.

  214. Oscar says:

    Rubbish, can’t download because your link is invalkid. Try a media fire next time.

  215. Anonymous says:

    good add-on, but link not working

  216. Mad_Nick_ says:

    Hi! Great mod, but there is a problem! After the unit passes through the Chisel he ceases to break tools. At least the tree is accurate. I hope this is correct! Thanks

  217. Ryan says:

    love it. thank. Survival friendly

  218. LenaWillPizza says:

    ist not work? :c

  219. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    Whats the function command? Sorry if i didnt see it

    • Rivers177 says:

      There is no function command, just simply place your desired block you want to chisel in stone cutter and select which one you want. Current blocks are all wood planks, all concrete colors, and stone and cobblestone.

  220. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! This looks great for map making! I like how to cobblestone textures look.

  221. Dryed Hunter says:

    Is this addon or script?

  222. SuperFluffyGame says:

    THIS IS THE BEST ADDON EVER!!!! Can’t wait for updates πŸ˜€

  223. SuperFluffyGame says:

    THIS IS THE MEST ADDON EVER!!!! Can’t wait for updates πŸ˜€

  224. markgames2992 says:

    Cool add-on, it’s good for make castles or something like that, you can add or make a addon that adds vertical slabs?, That will be cool.

  225. Lenny the Sheev says:

    So will you be able to carve blocks like in the chisel mod or use the stone cutter to make tiny small blocks

  226. Charlibarlie says:

    Yes! This is awesome thank you!

  227. owenTron44 says:

    if you ever update this try granite, andesite and diorite

  228. Clarthen says:

    Why do you use only one texture on pillar blocks?

    • Rivers177 says:

      Currently I have just used the original textures and made a block for them. I was thinking about making another block for the pillar texture that flips the texture so it can be used in other ways. Is that something I should do?

  229. Raven Reviews says:

    such a great addon, however i cant seem to transport it to realms, if you have any ideas on how to please let me know

  230. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for actually giving credit. Unlike other addons which I knew took textures and didn’t give credit. I won’t say exactly, because there is a lot of them. Anyway, Great job porting this wonderful mod.

  231. Chaos says:

    as a builder I LOVE THIS ADD-ON!!! I look forward to more blocks being added but by any chance will we see stairs? my lighthouse i built could use em.

  232. Oliver Hornstrup says:

    It says it needs an additinal element with this id ‘dc128271-82a2-4b1f-811d-439cceb2dab1’ and it needs to be version ‘1.0.0’ how do i get that element do you know that?

  233. Rivers177 says:

    Forgot to say make sure experimental gameplay is turned on!

  234. Long Drong says:

    Does not work on realms πŸ™

  235. raven says:

    do i need to enable experimental gameplay?

  236. Vegas says:

    I love it!! Thanks for bringing it to bedrock

  237. SharkyTheNarwhal says:

    Thank you for making this I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and I hope you add more in the future

  238. MCPE Beta 1.13 says:

    This add-on supports 2 different versions, which is 1.12 and 1.13 (beta)

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