Chocobo Add-On (and Hamsters)

Anyone want a big ol’ rideable, tameable chicken thing? Yes, pick me! They sound super cool. And hamsters!? Well.. whatever, I guess they’re cute, so sure. I can always ignore them.

Chocobos and hamsters, in one pack, who saw that coming!


The headliner, for sure. Find these guys running around in plains (especially sunflower plains) biomes, and dark forests. Daytime only.

Some Important Things:

  • Tame with cookies (or cocoa), and you better have them ready because as you approach, they’ll approach you back – claws and beaks flying everywhere.
  • Drop a saddle on them, after they’re tamed, and you can ride them
  • A number of variants spawn, thanks to Bastee Famoso and Odarma MX for the suggestion, five base colors. They’re all dyeable (cheers Odarma MX), giving you many color possibilities (whatever 5 x 16 equals – lots!).
  • Put diamond armor on, and they’ll be immune to various types of damage (not projectile, not some others, you’ll have to try it and see, or read the json and see)
  • Speed, health and size will vary, so if you don’t find the speed or size you’re after – keep looking!
  • Not breedable. Two reasons: 1. I’m lazy, and 2. these beasts, like all great things, should be hard to obtain. Mainly because I’m lazy.
  • They jump like nobody’s business
  • Healable with most types of seeds and cookies (because cookies should heal everything.


Find them in the cutest Minecraft biome – Flower Fields. Actually same biome as Pet Pigs.

Some Important Things:

  • Cute
  • Cute
  • Very cute
  • Tameable with cookies (only)
  • They will bring you something when you wake up
  • You can sit them, leash them
  • Lots of different variants, and sizes
  • They will fight for you!

All of our packs here!
Our Youtube channel here!

To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

Changelog View more
  • Added more variants and made them all dyeable (thanks to Odarma MX and Bastee Famoso for the suggestion).
  • Changed spawn locations for Chocobos to be plains & forests (thanks to Odarma MX again).
  • Fixed the untameable adult hamster problem.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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21 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-5234919181 says:

    Since the chocobos help you fight. What would happen if I’m playing with a friend and said friend accidentally hits me or the chocobo?
    Asking because I had a tamed wolf. My friend accidentally hit it and it started attacking her nonstop.
    Will this also happen with chocobos?
    Thanks so much!

    And for those wondering, it does work for 1.16! I’m playing with chocobos in my own server right now 😀

  2. Guest-6532018953 says:

    compatible with 1.16 ????

  3. Guest-1754030137 says:


  4. Guest-4466498585 says:

    Esta Genial el addon💥💯 Me gustaría que puedieran tener abilidades. Tipo que el chocobo pueda dar pequeños saltitos en el agua o en el aire. Y que se desbloqueen con niveles o algo así. ESTARÍA MUUY GUAY!! ✌👍

  5. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Me gustaria si los hámster fueran más pequeños y bonitos ;-;

  6. Pruged_Batty says:

    Hey, absolutely amazing mod absolutely love it,, I added it to a survival world full of the mods produced by you like your dinosaurs and big cats .

    I know it may be a lot to just ask but could maybe your next mod be something like tamable dragons or a gun mod where you can shoot bullets out of a gun.
    My friends won’t get off my back about these mods and I’ve found only your mods are reliable for me so it would be sick if you did this

  7. Guest-2211513775 says:

    How to make them sit? I can only see the ride option.

  8. odarmamx says:

    You have an extra }, on the chocobo spawn rules JSON file that causes chocobo doesn’t spawn naturally, i fix it for my Realm and i change the biome for the FFVII chocobo original habitats (forest & plains) with those small changes (fixes) your addon works amazing in my Realm, great mob, great behaviors, but maybe the chocobo will look cooler if you use a more saturated yellow like #dcbf5b for body and #cf6c2d for the beak and white for the sclera in the eye, it would be amazing if you make them dyable just like your direwolfs. Great mob bro, really cool and amazing job 👊😎

  9. LemonySoda60432 says:

    This is awesome! I can ride into town with my hamster gang while riding a chocobo!

  10. Guest-6573813796 says:

    Awesome! I like brachiosaurus!!!! I hope mno will make it☺

  11. Guest-7289462197 says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!READY TO DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!

    • Guest-3971304073 says:

      Wow me too!!!!! UwU me and my cousins is fan of you mno!!!! Plsease notice this!!!! We already subscribe to you guys!!!Please notice it mno and we keep downloading your addons! It’s aswesome!!!!We just want brachiosaurus!I hope notice and make that addon!

  12. Guest-6564950671 says:

    Los chocobos ya exiten en un addon, y los hámsters están chidos

  13. Guest-9657549031 says:

    idk but those hamsters look THICC

  14. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Nice, but as Guest-2104875620 says hamsters look like small capybaras or big ginea pigs

  15. Tus diseños son extremadamente tiernos UwU

  16. Guest-2104875620 says:

    the hamster are more like capybaras or a big guinea pig XD

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