Chocobo Expansion (Update 3.3.7)

A new add-on that adds new items to the game and the most interesting is a new creatures such as Chocobo and mog vendor. All this will help the player to better and more efficiently, explore the world of Minecraft, as well as its individual parts and places. New Entity is presented in several types and each of which Chocobo has its own unique abilities.

Please note that these creatures do not change anything in the game exept vendor they add Horse saddle and armore item but they are expensive!! 

Let us consider with you all the types of these creatures that are presented in 5 different colors: 


  1. Green: the most powerful creature in the world of Minecraft. ( Jungle biome ) 

2. White and Yellow are generally not so strong , it is easiest to tame them. ( Plaine & Cold biome for white ) 

3. Red: This creature can also jump 22 blocks up. Can use a nether portal. Adds player resistance to fire. (Mesa Biome ) 

4. Blue: receive damage from falling from a height, but have the ability to run on water. ( Ocean biome )

-How to tame Chocobo? 


In order for the player to tame new creatures, he should use a special fruit called gysahl. The player can make soup to get an additional effect. 
This fruit is sold by a special Mog trader. You can find them in the different biome, in other places there is very little chance that you will meet him, but still, it is possible. 

-How to tame Mog? 

The player to tame Mog just need Diamond gil and diamond block when Realms, when they are tamed they follow onwer, u need to put wieght on the slot 2 of equippable item for they stop follow us!

Mog Vendor Full version

1. Pink: Mog Farmer sell gysahl. 
2. blue: Mog Economy they are different way to get gil. 
3. Green: Mog Cooker sell all type of food of this addons. 
4. Orange: they get rendom trading tab.
5. White: Mog Utility sell all item needed to controle tamed entity.


Realms  : use normal vendor tab, but ill looking to personalise it!

Chocobo control items 


-Full Version 

1. Breed: gysahl red 
2. Follow owner: gysahl of same colors too the creatures 
3. Heal: gysahl green 
4. Chested & saddled: use chocobo saddle 
5. armor: Chocobo armor (they add 10 healt to entity)

-Realms version 

1.  Tamed: white and yellow use carrot and others golden carrot 
2. Breed: golden carrot 
3. Follow owner: golden carrot 
4. Heal: golden carrot 10 healt 
5. Chested & saddled: normal saddle 
6. armore: horse iron armor (they add 10 healt to entity)

Mog control items (Tamed mob behavior is in beta) 

-Full Version 

1. Chested: Chest 
2. Become Chest: wiegth Kg (Locked chest)
3. become hopper: hopper 
4. Follow owner when vendor: Diamond gil 
5. Heal: Chocobo Curry give 20 healt point 
6. tamed: Diamond gil

-Realms Version 

1. Chested: chest 
2. Become Chest: iron block (Locked chest)
3. become hopper: hopper 
4. Follow when vendor: Diamond block 
5. Heal: golden carrot give 20 healt point 
6. tamed: Diamond block

-Types of Soups: 

1. Green: Adds a speed effect for 15 seconds. 
2. Red: fire resistance for 15 seconds. 
3. White: the ability to see at night for 64 seconds. 
4. Yellow: slows down the fall for 15 seconds. 
5. Blue: It gives you the ability to breathe underwater for 128 seconds. 
6. Curry: regeneration for 4.5 seconds;Steak / Wings: Just to restore character saturation.


List of mob they give gil in loot table

-pillager , witch , vindication_illager , skeleton , zombie , zombie_pigman

Choose your version directly

-Choose directly what version you want on Behavior add-on option

-as same for active and désactive sound with resource pack option


Realms Choose a version dint work on official because they reset when load map (issue fixed)

Make a backup of our world when your install this add-on i don’t have any responsibility about loose and crash they can cause! Remember this addons are in beta and they have chance to give any issu!


Changelog View more

- Worng file linkes on Mog fixed update( sorry it's my adhd fault  :/ )

-Mog equipable item bug fixed

-Mog tradering table issu fixed

-Chocobo invulnerable issu (Fixed)

-Add realms version because choose option reset when map are loaded (Fixed)

-Manifest erreur and description ( fixed )

-Chocobo stop move animation issu ( Know )

-Add locked chest beh in mog description

Ill looking to add more animation later but actualy im so bussy with new project and fixe they actual issu !

-Remastered and rewrite all the add-ons and fixes all know the issues

-sorry if any issue ill fix it quickly I don't really have time to test lots this content!

-add zip file to ios/android app

-Add zip file to main link

- missed (Realm vertion) Link fixed 

-Add description how use chocobo in Realms ! Installation Details

-Add zip file link

-Issu dint work on realm(Fixed) Use realm version worked !

-Issu some unbalanced behavior about running speed and jump high (Fixed)

-Issu lama vendor dint spam not fixed IL looking to add Mog entities to replace actual vendor that will fix it!

-Issu Blue Chocobo dismount and run far away when jump un wather are not fixed ill looking for that too!

I'll have fix some mistake on my description, it's my first publication and ill do better for next time!

- I'll have remade texture and Chocobo model and add gil - emeral to a trader for increase compatibility with others add-ons!


-Download Chocobo_Expansion_Addons_Pack file 

-enable expérimental gameplay  

-select and activate the behavior pack and the resource pack will automatically be activated !

-/fonction chocobo for get item in creative

-Choose what version you want use directly on add-on option see the end of the description

Thx  @TheEnderAnimations to Endercraft Studio For icon and main screen and thx to @𝕬𝖜𝖊𝖘𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝕯𝖚𝖉𝖊 ❄ share my  Chocobo Skinpack

-you can report bugs or give some suggestion to improve this addon on my discord server and support my twitter

-Note: this is a beta version there's a possiblity for bugs or crash your game, we recommend to make a copy of your world before activating this add-on 

Discord: https://discord.gg/rqJRmck

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lezargv84


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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67 Responses

4.36 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. anonimo says:

    the download is fine but when I enter the game the eggs are black and there are no chocobos or mog or mounts, how can I fix it?

  2. Lezargv says:

    I was make mistake when add file use mu wesite for use verssion 3.3.7 ill add tomorow!

  3. Arex says:

    Could u do a more cave mobs addon were there tamable and more cave mob enemys and monster only and tamable cave creatures and ore monsters and maybe a cave boss cause minning in caves gets boring sometimes and it needs to be fun

    • Lezargv says:

      i like this ideas but actualy try biome generation addons and yea i have plan to add entity and other spanwable contenent!U can join my discord if u want give ur ideas about what u want i can think at all sugestion!

  4. Allier says:

    It works, although I cannot set it to realms as the slider resets upon saving.

  5. Anonymous says:

    says something is wrong with the manifest

  6. Arex says:

    I just realized I put 3 stars in accident sorry heres five stars

  7. Arex says:

    You are a hero I wish many mod or addon makers made realm versions of there addons since it needs experimental gameplay which realms dosent allow thank you so much for showing how much you really care for us

  8. Tobias says:

    Are there any specific zones in which they spawn in survival mode. Or do i have to get the egg?
    I have it in realms and i have the option tu use eggs butid rather go hunt and search for them.

  9. Alee says:

    When I try to breed the chocobos in realms, their offsprings doesnt function properly (when i try to jump, i get dismounted instead). I noticed that only the chocobos found in the wild are the only ones that work as intended when tamed. This add-on is super useful and fun, i hope this gets fixed!

  10. Anonymous says:

    what do we trade the chocobo traders with??

  11. Mario says:

    Whats the name of the saddle?

  12. Anonymous says:

    When I receive the plant, can I plant and grow more after?

  13. Will says:

    Muy bueno pero me parece una estafa que el vendedor me venda la fruta roja a 65 hill si el el conjunto solo llega a 64

  14. ffeidjejjwjwdjvsyeggedgtwdgtdwd says:


  15. Acotax says:

    When will you do the flying function haha

  16. jinobi060 says:

    The message after importing says not a valid zip archive, is there any way to fix that? Thanks

  17. MakiTazo says:

    Doesnt work for servers

  18. Lezargv says:

    Texture is remastered and Chocobo are fixed about yellow take Fallen damage green are so slow and white jump rate is too low I am looking for fix blue dismount when jump Under water and run far away! (After that ill take a Realm version of Adonis with just Chocobo and golden carrot for tame it though they cant get any item because the experimental gameplay are not active!that look as like light version of official addons!

  19. Anonymous says:

    cool to see an ff creature in minecraft lmao

  20. Anonymous says:

    Como se montan?

  21. Sebas says:

    Can you make the trade come back with the original wandering of the game? due to this mod there is no longer

  22. Penitent one says:

    that thumbnail tho , great addon

  23. TheEnderAnimations says:

    You’re Welcome!!! Why didn’t you use my renders? I worked hard on them

  24. Anonymous says:

    great addon

  25. Final Fantasy Fan says:

    *Victory Fanfare*

  26. Franco says:

    It’s only works at normal world, but at realms, it’s doesn’t

  27. Agustin XRT says:

    It’s ok but could you make the chocobo more tender ?

  28. Arex says:

    Hey can u make a way were u can tame them with normal mc berries and fruit cause realms dosent allow experimental gameplay

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