Chocobos Addon

The Chocobo is a fictional animal in the Final Fantasy game series. It’s basically a giant bird which has a similar look to a chicken or an ostrich. You can tame the bird and use it for riding. It’s very fast and is unaffected by fall damage. And let’s not forget that they look really cool too and exist in 7 different colors!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 22 July, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Chocobos are friendly creatures which can be found in most biomes as they replace pigs. You can tame a chocobo by feeding it some Gysahl to tame it. Gysahl is a food item which replaces carrots. Also the carrot crops have been replaced by it.


The main usage for a chocobo is to use it for riding. It’s very fast and it’s really the perfect animal to ride if you ever need to get away quickly.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the animal with a saddle. Then long press it again to ride it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the animal with a saddle. Then right-click it again to ride it.

It can jump much higher than a horse and it isn’t affected by fall damage.


The chain armor has been replaced by a chocobo armor. The only difference is the texture design.


Chocobos are very friendly and are quite similar to horses. This means that they will never attack anyone and that includes hostile mobs.

If your chocobo ever is hurt just feed it some Gysahl to heal it.


Put two chocobos together and then feed them some Gysahl and they will soon start breeding.


General Information

  • Friendly
  • No fall damage
    •  Wild
      • Tameable with Gysahl
      • Baby
        • Health: 3.5 hearts
        • Drops: some experience points
      • Adult
        • Health: 12.5 hearts
        • Drops
          • 0-1 raw chocobo
          • 0-4 feathers
    • Tamed
      • Rideable, place saddle then ride it, control with iron sword
      • Baby
        • Health: 5 hearts
        • Drops: some experience points
      • Adult
        • Health: 15 hearts
        • Drops
          • Non-saddled chocobo
            • 0-1 raw chocobo
            • 0-4 chocobo feathers
          • Saddle chocobo:
            • 0-1 raw chocobo
            • 0-4 chocobo feathers
            • 1 saddle


  • Added Gysahl (replaces carrots) (can only be tamed / bred with this item)
  • Added Golden Gysahl and Gysahl crops
  • New custom item names
  • Chocobos can be healed with Gysahl
  • Rideable similar to horses
  • Faster and jumps very high
  • Storage container (27 slots) when saddled
  • New sounds
  • New UUIDs
  • Works with the latest Minecraft version


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource packs:
    1. Black .McPack
    2. Blue .McPack
    3. Green .McPack
    4. Pink .McPack
    5. Red .McPack
    6. White .McPack
    7. Yellow .McPack
  3. Activate the behavior pack and resource pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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100 Responses

4.26 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Tiny Dragon says:

    I love this addon but I’m not going to download it because I dont want to have to control it with something can you make it where you dont have to control it with something

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awwwww so cute!

  3. Gamer120000D says:

    Please update it

  4. Transient says:

    Fixed version here:
    – The v2.0 release was messed up. All the chocobos would appear black and some of the files had the wrong names (eg. white imported as red).
    – It’s a ZIP file, so install WinZIP if you’re on iOS (iPhone / iPad). Install each mcpack one at a time.
    – Don’t forget to uninstall all the old/bad ones first.
    – BTW, for those asking, you can only have one colour active at a time. Whichever is at the top of your resource list will be the one that takes effect.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can we download more than one?

  6. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so it doesn’t replace carrots
    IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!

  7. Aminecraftplayer says:

    Make a legendary Godzilla addon please gona

  8. Joshua Winship says:

    You yes you I’m talking to you editor all the chocobos is black fix this pls I love blue but now its black so fix it

  9. dinomelo44MC says:

    i’m not sure what i have done wrong but its just a black pig

  10. Joshua Winship says:

    Chocobos are black fix this

  11. saltyshake says:

    Hey uhm every time i use the addon the chocobo shows up black with red eye’s yes ive tried using diffrent texture’s of it like white or pink but it stills show’s up black, Am i missing something if not please fix.

  12. Ad fly sucks says:

    I downloaded the green pack put the first one i spawned was black

  13. MinecraftGirl says:

    Its so great just one comment; no matter which recource pack i download its black.. Also when i feed two chocobos at once they dont breed..
    Over all great addon! I made a review on my youtube channel Astrid Ella. Check it out!!

  14. Sunshineeee says:

    I love the addon but none of the colors seem to work for me. The chocobos always are black and I want to change it. I’ve tried to get yellow, pink and red. They all end up black. I also tried black hoping that maybe it would turn into some other color but for my all I ever get is black

  15. MicroGalaxy109 says:

    This is a good addon. One think that can drastically improve it, is using horses for the Chocobos instead of pigs. This will allow you to have every color in just one texture pack. I can’t wait to see any other packed you make and if you take my advice on this one!

  16. Firewing&Snowy says:

    I have a problem I wanted the blue skin I downloaded it and added it and spawned a chochobo and I was the BLACK skin I checked the pack it said blue chochobo this is super weird but great Addon tho

  17. Aliss says:

    Mine only had the yellow colors even though I downloaded the generic pack. They also can’t jump and can’t stop while you’re riding them.

  18. Pendrake says:

    The Blue pack contains textures for the black one. I wanted blue :/

  19. Terra says:

    Is there a possibility that Gona can add different colors and have them have various abilities? Please, let me know!

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad that no one actually looks at feedback on an addon once it’s been updated, cause the updates often include bugs but no one ever notices… I’d be nice to have a blue chocobo but all of the textures are for some reason black 🙁
    If anyone sees this pls fix

  21. Joe says:

    All the resource packs have black chocobos!!

  22. hedgiehuffles says:

    Love it but I installed pinks and they’re black

  23. CJessica says:

    Could you possibly change the chocobo to replace horses? That way there can be more colors instead of choosing one for a world. I love this add on but I want more than just one color per world. 😊😊😊😊

  24. Andromedax says:

    I put a saddle on a chocobo and now it follows me and I can’t figure out how to take the saddle off. I also don’t want to put it on a leash because I want it to sit. Does anyone know how to take it off?

  25. Raul 5259 says:

    I have a problem, all textures of the chocobos are black 🙁

  26. Vassall89 says:

    Was a great update but like the others the resource pack it’s not working only black ones spawn in the world and once the choboco it’s tame there’s no way to leave it in one place that’s sucks

  27. Sam says:

    I don’t why, but resource pack seem to not work with me. I mean coulours don’t work. Every resource pack I use make chocobos black. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?

  28. Alyaaa says:

    No matter what colored texture pack I apply to the world, the chocobos remain black. Also the texture pack for the white chocobo is labeled as pink… Can you please fix these?

  29. DankMemes says:

    I downloaded the blue one but I got a black Chocobos. Love Gona’s Addons btw.

  30. GoopyGamer says:

    I love it, but I cant seem to figure out how to take the saddle off. When its on I cant lead or sit the Chocobo so it follows me everywhere and its almost impossible to keep it from dying when going into caves and places of the sort.

  31. Snake101 YT says:

    Could you make an exorcist addon where there are ghosts(husks) and you can only kill them with a cross by right clicking it because they have tons of health? It would also be cool if there was a tux and ghost rags(armor) To? I hope you use this!

  32. Ashlyn says:

    I just downloaded this on my Minecraft PE version and the only ones that are spawning are the black colored ones, why? I’ve tried fixing it, but nothing works. Not even going into different biomes.

  33. Maid says:

    I don’t have textures for birds they are only black with red eyes and I put blue or yellow it doesn’t work

  34. Ben says:

    Omg someone please make a my little long addon please

  35. Foxgamerteev says:

    Give me a #CUTE oh and if u are a popularmmos fan u probably know he did this for hide and seek I’m a fan! :3

  36. TJ says:

    You should add this to Jurassic Craft

  37. Chocobo-Wolf says:

    PLEASE make them dyeable like in the “Colourful Mutant Wolves” addon. That would be AWESOME. thanks!!

  38. Jenna says:

    You should make it a rideable shulker. Change the modal the you could dye it any color you want!! It would be cooler!

  39. HoRiz0n says:

    Tip to eliminate the ability to only have 1 color in game at a time-/\-give rabbits the ability to be riden with an iron sword and the model of chocobo and have each different Rabbit Pattern be a different Chocobo Color. Also works since different Rabbit Patterns (Chocobo Colors) spawn in different biomes making players explore to get different patterns (colors). Also Rabbits (Chocobo) breed to where there is a chance to get the pattern (color) based on the parents patterns (colors). Boom problem solved! (Unless there are other issues that I dont know about in minecraft pe/win 10 preventing this)

  40. OPOLO says:

    Cute!! Can I have the texture pack for the armor only please?

  41. RandomPerson says:

    You should make the chocobos replace horses, so that the speed will improve and so we can have more of a variety of colors. Other than this request, this addon is awesome!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Get the pink one, IT FLIES!

  43. Chocoboqsejdej says:

    Everyone! Get the pink one even though if u don’t like the color, /I don’t / but, ITS FLIES!

  44. MayCemberCroft says:

    Instead is it replacing the pig can you pleas mak it replace the chicken pleas!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Is it suppose do to be extremely slow?

  46. MrMeowzzz says:

    Can you make it so that they can sit down with a saddle on? Also its hard to control it without stopping. Great work, I love the design and this is my favourite addon so far!

  47. IDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe says:

    I’ll Stop Bothering You Now! 😌 😆

  48. IDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe says:

    Or am I just missing the way to take the saddle off or something? 🤔💙💚💛💜🤔

  49. IDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe says:

    *Saddles On 😂

  50. IDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe says:

    please fix this!

  51. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Great addon! Please update to be able to make them jump. That would make this so much better.

  52. Macka pacca says:

    So what are youngoing to be working on now?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Can u get coloured chobocos cuz ldshadowlady coloured hers?

  54. Anonymous says:

    I am confused it does not work

  55. JadanD24 says:

    I like it, but in pocket you can’t ride them properly. They don’t listen to you when you try get them to move.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I liked. But the skin have a bug. Only a big, fast and tameable PIG

  57. Indy says:

    Thanks for this add-on!!!!

  58. Redstonerobot says:

    Nice add-on. Could you possibly get in touch with the creator and ask if he could add step assist to the tamed chocobos while you ride them? It is quite annoying when they get stuck on a small, one block hill.

  59. ShadowCat says:

    I can’t figure out how to use it. The chain armor is still chain armor and I can’t find the chocobo spawn egg. (i downloaded the blue one)

  60. Rakadj says:

    Can you make something to change ocelot ?

  61. Fred says:

    Hey , nice addon can you make another dinosaur addon like stegosaurus or triceratops

  62. Anonymous says:

    Nice addon can you make a pocket creature but a addon pls

  63. BuggyPig says:

    Plz more dinosaur Addons 😃✔️

  64. holuvavo says:


  65. Dave says:

    Where to find them? or how to summon them

  66. Paradiscal says:

    None of the textures in gona’s addons belong to him:
    Chocobo mod – Chocobo Addon
    Mo’ Creatures – Amazing Mobs Addon
    Mo’ Creatures – Wyvern Addon
    Fossils and archaeology mod- Various dinosaur addons

    If you want more proof, just ask, but it’d be nice to see some credit to the original mods.
    (For concept, textures, model, etc.)

    • Editor says:

      Hi Paradiscal. I am pretty sure that Gona have created the 3D models himself. I do not deny that there are similarities between the Chocobo PC mod though. But it’s not the same models if you compare them closely.

      As long as he didn’t copy any code / models from the PC mods I don’t know if it’s necessary to give credits. I mean, most of the time when we create things we are inspired by someone else.

      I really want to give credits where it’s due, just not sure if that’s the case here.

      Anyways, I would love to get some feedback from you / anyone else on this matter.

      • Paradiscal says:

        I think there are some differences, although the Chocobos seem to have the same texture, although the others I listed look to still be correct.
        Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

        • Editor says:

          I have talked with Gona (the creator of this addon) and he gave the following reply:

          “Hi, thats not new, there ara always someone complaint.. I have the permission of clienthax to port Chocobos, Its obiously not my idea, but I had to make everything from zero, since nothing of PC is compatible with pocket, not even textures, as they present rotations that distort its use in pocket, I did not even use his color palette, although I could, since I own the permissions.
          On amazing mobs I only inspirate on the MoCreatures Manticore and Ent, but I did not use its texture, I just wanted to do something similar and I took the color palette to Manticore (the ent its the same of MC log and leaves), if you compare them they are totaly differently.
          I use the models that people do in DeviantArt as a base to create my dinosaurs, taking the color palette because you can not even download the texture, they are just images.
          And wyverns, I dont know, yeah I try to make similar to PC mod, but the texture and model they not are even close to PC ones..

          I had a problem a few months ago in MinecraftForum because a moderator thought I had stolen textures and models, thanks to another moderator, which took time to thoroughly review, reopened my post.
          I know there will be people complaining about everything permanently, it is part of the affair..”

          / Gona (

  67. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    when can gona make an addon that replaces sheep and when you die it has different textures? That would be very useful! or i could edit this and put the model of the pig and then…

  68. AqmalPutraAlbani says:

    can you make mythical staff or monster add-ons Please Gona

  69. Jaylon says:

    Can u please make more dinos

  70. Unstoppable says:

    I agree with Buggypig.PLEASE make a godzilla Addon.

  71. BlameDonaldTrumpForEverythingGuy says:

    I love it u made a very good add on

  72. BuggyPig says:

    Can u make a Godzilla Addon

  73. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Great Add-on, anybody want to make a Recourse Pack that changes pumpkins into spy goggles though? Please?

  74. Jaylon says:

    Can u please still make more dino addons please

  75. PrestonNotGarvey says:

    Plz make more mythical creatures

  76. Daniel says:

    Awesome gona keep up the addons and gona please make mods please

  77. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Are these the same colors as the PC ones?

  78. Fire Hunter YT says:

    A pig?

  79. Fire Hunter YT says:

    What’s itt replace?

  80. Aqua says:

    Like it 👍

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