Published on December 27, 2021

<Christmas Event 2021 - [Winter WonderCraft - Christmas Music Quest]>

Christmas is upon us and you want to have the best one ever. You will need to travel around your world looking for Candy Canes to give to Santa in exchange for Presents, For every Candy Cane you give Santa he will give you a Present to open. Most of the Presents contain basic Vanilla Item, Like Armour or tools, But if your really lucky you may open a Music C.D. There are 8 C.D's to collect, eachone will play a different Christmas sound, You can also find Gameboy Color Games to collect or Trade you doubles with the Children in exchange for a C.D.Experimental Gameplay is required to play this add-on 


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

The addon needs a candy cane gun that nice elves use
they are now neutral and fight naughty elves and monsters
Also throwable present grenades
Santa Claus holds these to fight monsters