Christmas Event 2021

🎅 "On the 12th day of Christmas my Modder gave to me.." 🎅 

Get in the holiday spirit with MCPEDL's Christmas mod creation contest 2021! 

The winners have been announced! - Check it out HERE

🎄 Contest Timeframe & Rules 🎄

Timeframe :

Accepting submissions starting December 10th, 12PM CET, until December 22nd 12AM CET.  Any submission before after that point will not be accepted for the contest.


  1. Submissions should fit the general theme of Wintery, festive theme of Christmas.
  2. One Submission Per Creator/Team - We want your very best! :)
  3. Submissions must be compatible with Minecraft 1.17.1 and up.
  4. You may not submit content that is not your own. No Porting from Java or Dungeons editions either.
  5. Third party dependencies such as libraries, frameworks, APIs are allowed. Your project will be accountable for any issues caused by your dependencies. You are also required to disclose all required dependencies when submitting your project through our form, and make sure you attach an authorization if needed to the submission itself.
  6. Teams are allowed. There are no limits to the size of a team, and participants may contribute to multiple teams. If a team submission wins a prize, the team is responsible for deciding how that prize will be shared amongst its members.
  7. Submissions must be uploaded to MCPEDL before the submission deadline, and pass MCPEDL's standard project review. 
    Participants are encouraged to upload their projects as soon as possible, as this review process can take some time to complete.

🎄 How Is This Going To Work? 🎄

Step 1 : Create your Christmas themed mod (Addon, Texture pack, Skin pack, World)
Step 2 : Submit your Mod, using the title template of <Christmas Event 2021 - [your title here]>
Step 3 : Submit your contest details in this FORM

Please make sure that you follow all the steps correctly!

🎄 Deciding The Winners 🎄

- Submission phase ends on December 22nd 12AM CET
-  A panel of judges from the MCPEDL team will review the submissions and decide of the finalists
- The final voting will be made by judges from the creator community
- Winners announced by December 31st

🎄 What We're All Here For.. Prizes! 🎄
Prizes are in USD. Redeemable through PayPal or Amazon Gift-Card 

🥇 1st Place - 750$ 
🥈 2X 2nd Place - 500$
🥉 3X 3rd Place - 300$

There will be 3 additional 50$ winners which will shine in these categories : "Most Aesthetic", "Most Useful", "Most Original"
These prizes are awarded based on specific criteria and may be awarded to any eligible submission including one that received a top 3 prize.