Chroma Key Add-on

Chroma Key Add-on adds three types of chroma Key to your Minecraft, the blue, green and red chroma. This Add-on can be used to make epic thumbnails for YouTube, or a video clip in Minecraft, etc.

What is the Chroma Key?

It is an audiovisual technique that consists of extracting a color from an image or video to replace it with another image or video, with the help of a computerized editing program.

This Add-on is made for people who really understand photography, and know how to handle these things. So if you like Minecraft and you love photography, let me tell you that this Add-on is perfect.

Below you will see a demonstration of this Add-on, and its crafting

Chroma Key blue:


Chroma Key Red:

Chroma Key Green:

Changelog View more

I have been investigating the cause of the texture pack error but I have realized that it is something that does not matter

A new download link was added through adfly

added a new download link, and fixed blue chroma crafting

There is nothing for an hour, wait for future updates

Green chroma Key crafting now works

At the time of crafting the green Chroma did not give you the block.


Once the Add-on has been downloaded. I will have the file with a file manager, and select Minecraft. You will then open the game and it will be imported automatically.


Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

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  1. RobertX says:

    I already know my friend, the problem with Adfly is that it is one of the worst shorteners there is when it comes to giving the payment since I must reach $ 100 so I apologize for what may have happened.

  2. KnobleKnight706 says:

    This addon is amazing. It is very useful, and makes thumbnails and title a whole lot easier. The only problem was, whenever I tried to download the addon, it kept redirecting me to random sites (You won a prize, your phone has a virus, download VPN now, etc) After about 15 minutes I got through. Maybe you should consider using instead. It’s much easier and more safer.

  3. So underrated.
    This is SOOO useful! Thank you man!

  4. Thepopcornguy89 says:

    On extraction, it gets stuck on manifest.json (68%) and when i load minecraft, the resource pack is there but the behaviour pack is not

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