Chroma Selection Box

Chroma™ Selection Box, not affiliated with Razer.

Want that fancy looking selection box from UltraMax Shader but doesn’t want the whole lag (and not working/crashing stuff) it bring? Well this pack is exactly for you then…

Selection box color changes overtime.

WARNING! Due to pack manifest update since 1.13, this pack does NOT support version 1.12 and lower.


Supported Minecraft versions




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37 Responses

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  1. Guest-9857458058 says:

    Worked really well until Render Dragon was added. I have no idea how to fix so could there be an update to make it work in the RTX beta?

  2. Guest-4495628524 says:

    the idiot in the comments can’t figure out how to use anything but media fire lol

  3. Guest-6258846479 says:

    Not work in 1.14.60

  4. Guest-1366248168 says:

    Olmuyor lütfen yenisini yapın

  5. Guest-3880714434 says:

    Seriously? Onedrive?? And I can’t even figure how to get the mcpack

    • johnstonj79 says:

      If you need to find the mcpack, it is the file with the blank page on it. (or the first one.) If you can’t figure it out, just click on them, they don’t download until you press the download button.

  6. Leyland1007 says:


  7. Lanz says:

    So I’m if ur dumb turn on outline selection wc

  8. zapthefox says:

    hey can someone make a white version of this? ultramax shader doesn’t work for me I would love it if someone made a white selection box

  9. pls make a 1.14 says:

    Please make a 1.14 because it will be cool

  10. Ryan McLaughlin says:

    1.13 Just a bright white outline, no chroma or colour changing effect.

  11. Ryan McLaughlin says:

    Use a normal download like mediafire. This OneDrive thing won’t work for me.

  12. Brad says:

    When I activate the texture pack there is no outline is there a user error or is this just a problem

  13. XlynxX says:

    thanks, i ported this pack to 1.12 and it’s working fine for me

  14. none says:

    Great! It works

  15. Sans_palys says:

    I love it

  16. Karl marx says:

    Make suported 1.14

  17. K3nnyZ3r0 says:

    YES! Thanks man! I asked for this and you delivered!

  18. Necronz says:

    It doesnt work for 1.14

  19. Elia Moharer says:

    This is incredible!!! I remember asking you a while ago for it, I separated the selection box from the original shader but it wasn’t compatible with VR, thank you for this!!

  20. Pls Fix says:

    Pls Fix The Chest, Trapped Chest And Ender Chest Cause When I Put A Chest The Chest Is Invisible Pls Fix , TY

    • LOCK says:

      Wasn’t that a bug in version cuz that’s the time there is that bug you said that makes all types of chest invisible

  21. d6b says:

    This looks really cool, but the download doesnt work 🙁

  22. SharpStar says:

    can i use/put this to my texture Pack?

  23. David says:

    It works for Windows 10 Edtion?

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